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  1. Although I trust your judgment because your tactics in the past years I've seen you post have been incredible; are defensive minded wingers vital for the DW position? I'm asking because there aren't many you can really sign, unless you retrain wingback players (Alaba, Corchia, Kyle Walker). How effective would say, a player like Lorenzo Insigne, or Callum McManaman be in such a role, despite the awful defensive positions? (Using the players as examples)
  2. Although I don't play that much anymore, just got the news that Jordan Rossiter has been called up for England.. He's only 17 and doesn't turn 18 until March! What a moment it will be if he gets his debut.
  3. I have Balanta already and Doria is now at Sao Paolo and they are asking for £27 million for him. I mean, there's Kyriakos Papadol(etc.) that I could buy who would also be an amazing tutor, but yeah, it's sentimental really.. I have always been like this. I remember in 2011's version, I refused to sell Nené from PSG because he was my favourite player in real life at the time and he ended up staying there until he was 37 on £85k a week but he still played kind of regularly and was a great tutor, I just couldn't get past selling him.
  4. Arguing about grammar on a forum... Jesus wept, get a grip. I think I might revisit the save for the weekend, got plenty of time off and the sort, just need to get back into the swing of things I guess. As I started pre-season again, I have been debating on whether to sell Agger for £15 million. He's on £80k/week and didn't get many games last season, but he's an above average tutor and asides from Gerrard and Sturridge, he's my favourite player in real life.
  5. He's worth £56 million! I'm actually kind of disappointed that I didn't get more than that, I offered him out for £80 million haha.
  6. So I'm pretty much back and still just on the end of the first season because I felt I rushed into the other update. I have decided to sell Suarez for £65 million instead of selling a much younger Coutinho. That's pretty much all that's changed in terms of outgoings. I'll elaborate later.
  7. I personally think that in a DM position, a halfback is almost always the more effective option for a side like Liverpool until you have a world class side. Having a halfback means that you basically have a third centreback (with a bit more roaming around positions) which is really helpful for many situations. If you are confident enough in using a Regista however, Gerrard is incredibly well suited as one and so is Lucas because of his poor strength but above average creative attributes.
  8. I'm not happy with the way I handled things in the pre-season for the start of the second season. I feel like I rushed it because I wanted to get on with the season but I have a lot of new players who are still trying to blend into the team. I also forgot to resign a couple of staff who I really should have, and I didn't even find any replacements for them. In terms of transfers though, I'm satisfied, but I am going to start my game again from the last time I saved it before starting the second pre-season (I always do it in case I mess up).
  9. Speaking of which... Coutinho had an attitude with me and wanted a new contract. I gave in at the end but then I saw his contract demands and I just decided to sell him. He had a very average season for me and Lorenzo Insigne outshone him by a mile. I currently have Borini and Harry Wilson as back up and there's no way I was going to pay £185k/week for a player who is more than likely going to be on the bench for a lot of the season. This transfer is also my second highest ever sale behind the £113 million I got for a regen in my The Strongest team in FM12.
  10. Posting my transfers now because I have no desire to sign anyone else unless I come across a high potential regen centre back. Luke Shaw and Ward-Prowse was a season's work in the making, I unsettled them in the end and they got transfer listed so I bought them. Ward-Prowse will be back up to Gerrard and Shaw will rotate with Santon. Verratti is replacement for the outgoing Henderson who I could not resist checking out to see if I could sell him and PSG came in with this awesome offer. He's on £92k a week over there now, a lot more than he wanted in his new contract and I decided to let
  11. Alright lads, I need your opinion on something: Coutinho is currently under a £46.5 million bid from Manchester City and I'm very tempted to sell him. What do you all think? To help with deciding, I have including his attributes and his stats over the past season: The reason why I'm so hesistant on selling him is that he looks pretty amazing and fits into my team very well, but Lorenzo Insigne outshone him last season. Although now, I will be playing in the Champion's League, do you think I need quality all around? I have no replacements in mind (maybe Shaqiri but Coutinho is way b
  12. If there's no bids done from other teams during the summer, wait until January, Turmania.
  13. LFC Marshall's update - I made a couple of changes myself in the ingame editor, but they were mainly for players who I will probably never buy. (Gotze, Reus, Matic etc.) I might have a look into doing that actually. I'm currently trying to get it so the team scores more goals, so I'll probably spend most of my pre-season looking at ways to improve on that. I'm glad it's working so well though - I know that some tactics work for some and not for others. But that's great news.
  14. Youth Development Analysis In this post, I am going to highlight how some of my most promising players have developed over the past season. My first player is Jordan Rossiter: Probably my favourite development story so far is the development of Jordan Rossiter. When I sold Lucas, I had in mind that Blaise Matuidi would be my starting half back alongside Gaston Gil Romero. Well, Gil Romero couldn't get a work permit so instead, I decided to try out Rossiter as a backup player. The results, are incredible. He has been tutored by Matuidi for two (one ongoing) spells now and I think he
  15. Alright, I may as well have my end of season 1 post here now. Be warned, this is going to be an extremely in depth post, so it will be quite the read so bear with me. I will include a couple of pictures for those who just want a brief overlook of my progress. League Results 1 Results 2 My team destroyed the league. The highest points tally I've ever gotten in the Premier League in all of the Football Managers I have played - and this is the first season. Although the team didn't score the most goals, compared to what I have seen, I do prefer having a defensively solid team over any
  16. It's currently April 4th and we have a game against Sunderland (19th place) and this came up in the backroom staff meeting. I think it gives you an idea on how good I'm doing. edit: Nevermind, Man United drew away to Aston Villa so we are now champions. Going to play a very rotated squad (including giving everyone 10 games to get a champion's medal) from now until the end of the season.
  17. All there in the picture mate - no individual settings made. The one thing that I suggest doing, which I haven't really implemented yet is to have the false 9 to be told to mark tighter. It seems to bring a CD out of position and the ability to break into a counter attack. Else than that, not much else to say.
  18. I may as well join in with my game that I'm currently playing and since it's the October international break in my game, it seems to be the ideal time to do it. I was very busy in the summer transfer window as I felt that the team needed a little shaking up. Pugliese, Gauld, Souttar are very talented youngsters who I have loaned back out to give them some vital first team experience and all three seem to be developing very well. Will Hughes is an old favourite of mine from FM13 and looks to be just as good in this game. Timo Horn is a back up to Mignolet, but I will be giving him a
  19. Ah yeah, I almost forgot about his updates! I'll wait it out then, a lot better than attempting it myself since I would only be focusing edits around EPL players.
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