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  1. I honestly can't wait to see what the squad will be like in FM 18.  Not only the first team but the likes of Woodburn and especially Alexander-Arnold hopefully getting massive CA boosts.  Harry Wilson might be get a boost back up after an amazing season in the Under 23's. 

    I really do prefer bringing through the youth at the club rather loaning them out, as evident with my squad of 25 I have been using in my first season;


    Gomez, Lato, Alexander-Arnold, Ejaria, Ojo and Woodburn have all had regular time from the bench and starting spots in cup games, and are all developing very well. 

  2. On 30/05/2017 at 17:18, oneronaldo said:

    Considering your lot was the 4th highest scorers in the league, I wouldn't say its purely defensive prowess that won you a title. Incredible season really.

    In fairness, the team only failed to score in five league games, two 0-0 draws, two 1-0 losses and a 3-0 loss.  That's thirty three leagues games that we scored in which are here;


    I didn't even notice how high we were in the scoring, 59 doesn't seem like a lot at all. 


    Thanks everyone, it's quite honestly one of my best FM achievements so far and definitely my best save in a very long time. 

    Promoted into the first team are the following two players;


    Souleymane Niang, who will be a back up/rotation option at AML/Advanced playmaker.


    Jaouhar Gasmi, who will provide cover as DM/Ball Winning Midfielder as I look to sell on a couple of the old guard who aren't good enough anymore.

    And finally, here is Valentin Schmitt at the age of 17, who is in the process of being my highest paid player at the club at £17,500 per week. 


    What a man.

  3. a0e022d7f27c0d2a8b598215a1210287.png

    And the miracle has happened!  Three seasons, two promotions and now a Ligue 1 title.  A fairytale that would eclipse even Leicester City, I simply can't believe it!


    It is quite honestly down to the defensive capabilities of the team.  PSG outscored us by a huge amount, but all that doesn't really matter when a team full of consistently decent players can band together.

    PSG were simply awful this season however.. They had 95 points last season and 90 before, both tallies would've been comfortable title wins this season and even Lyon threatened to overtake them at multiple points in the season. 

    There is no doubt that Louis Souchaud is my player of the season.  He was so incredibly reliable that I never ever thought about rotating him.


    Honorable mentions go out to Oumare Tounkara, who scored 21 out of our 59 league goals  but ended up being terrible inconsistent in the latter half of the season and I'm thinking of replacing him with Etienne Lecomte as my number one striker next season.


    As for the clubs, we managed to get a league cup as mentioned before and ended up defeated in the semi finals against PSG.  Once again though, it appears that we are penalty shoot-out specialists. 


    Next stop is the champions league!  :lol:

  4. So youth intake seems to be very much the most exciting part of the season for me..  every year so far (which is only two, to be fair), I have had at least a couple of players who look like they are future first teamers.  Lecomte last season and Menard, Laraki and wonderboy Schmitt all already in the first team. 

    I got this message when I pressed continue and it was music to my eyes to say the least;


    Best of his generation, aye?  Well lets see how good he is then..

    Not bad at all..  great starting attributes in Reflexes, Aerial Reach and One on Ones.. Potentially best of his generation?  Too soon to say, but at least there's a third goalkeeper in the squad.
    Lets have a look at the rest then, shall we?


    Oh..  oh my dear god. 


    His high finishing just screams to be retrained as an inside forward.  Extremely balanced starting stats and a nice personality.


    I don't play with AMCs but he has some amazing starting attributes.. will be trying my best to turn him into either a winger or a centre midfielder.


    Unless that 1 determination changes, he will never make it at the club.  Will be getting tutored as soon as he is able to. 


    Bloody hell.  Why wasn't this bloke touted as the best of his generation?  Mentally sound, professional personality and is in a much needed position at left back. 


  5. I've had a couple of the young ones this season asking to leave for big clubs and I've essentially told them that I'll get them champions league football.  Will be quite an exodus if I fail to qualify. :lol:

    I always get really attached to FM players..  I've had some incredible regens in the past, including a player who was a model citizen at the age of 20..  it just always tends to be the players who I start playing at 16 that I get extra attached to because they're so young and can develop an incredible amount.

    Speaking of youngsters, I've just been given an incredible offer for one of the class of 17/18... He looks the business at 15, but I do have plenty of right backs as it is.



    Not going to protest..  It's straight up cash after all.

  6. c51b685b43091b105e6e81dcee1ba28f.jpg



    After the 3-0 loss against Lyon, I changed it up almost completely differently.  Gone are the work the ball around the penalty area and shoot from anywhere, we are with the big boys so we are playing smart, aggressive attacking football with a solid backline. 


    Will we win the title?  Oh heavens no.  But we sure hell are going to give it a bloody good go.

    and finally, here are a few of the key young players that I have bled into the squad this season.  All sixteen/seventeen years old, all dying to give it a good go;


    He has come from absolutely nowhere and I never thought I'd be giving him first team football, but during the pre-season, the assistant manager kept starting him in friendlies and kept performing well, so I decided to play him off the bench... well that didn't really end up lasting because his current ability ended up eclipsing the older members of the squad and now he's a first team player.  Oops.  :lol:


    When I gave him his debut last season, I knew I had some special with me.  He lit up the league in very disappointing collapse for the side and his attributes absolutely shot up. Already 4* current ability at 17, he's got a great career ahead of him and is most definitely a future international.


    I'm kinda disappointed that he chose Morocco over France, but it does make a lot of sense considering the gulf in goalkeeping talent that France has.  I gave him his debut against Guingamp after Souchard was injured for a couple days and I decided to take a shot, with Pillot being still injured.  Going to probably sell Pillot because he's on 3 grand a week and make him my back up. 


    The golden boy of the save.  By far the best player in the team current ability wise and it is almost scary how good he will become in a few years time.  He's only missed the one game this season through suspension and after changing his role to support, he hasn't been booked since.   It's honestly a blessing that I have such a great player this early on in the save.

  7. be4a814e1d5b52365255bbbb449bc9d9.png

    Couldn't have had a better preparation for the season ahead.  Some fantastic wins against some reputable sides and some very good income as well.  I also added a nice little tournament in just to celebrate a monumental promotion, because.. why not? :D

    This means that our finances are looking really decent right now, but I'm afraid it'll probably be downhill from here unless we get some great cup runs.


  8. As the French season has ended in fantastic style for the neutrals, it has really gotten me back into this save, where Amiens' promotion has inspired me to give this a proper crack.  Small clubs in big leagues has always been a great interest of mine, and Amiens personifies this.  I was in the city during Euro 2016 and it appeared that they never really cared about their team, but I sure hell bet that has changed now.

    Meanwhile, La Berri had a very good season as they got promoted to Ligue 2 after finishing in second place, narrowly missing out on goal difference to a tiny little club called Quevilly-Rouen.


    On 19/05/2017 at 14:58, Jellico73 said:

    Congrats.  It tooke three years of asking and new ownership to get mine.  

    And I feel you PSG pain.  I posted their starting XI a  couple of years ago, I think the sum value if their players was more than the value of my team at the time.


    They have just added Franck Kessie for £34 million, Pol Lirola (yeah, me either) for £18.25 million and Renato Sanches for £67 million.  Bringing their total spending to £142 million for the season, with an income of £92 million (being an £88 million sale of Verratti to Manchester United the main source). 
    Meanwhile, these are my transfers..  £2.1 million out to very average teams.  The incredible contrast in teams really fascinates me, however.  It reminds me of the likes of Bournemouth in the Premier League or Eibar in La Liga in terms of stature.



    On 19/05/2017 at 22:17, john1 said:

    Wow! What an achievement! Knocking out PSG in the cup :cool:  Schmitt looking brilliant and hope you can hold onto him!

    It's my first step to global dominance.. beating PSG's reserves' reserves team.  :cool:  He's signed his new contract at £1.2k/week!  And since then, noone has even sniffed at him.  My next goal is to keep 2017/18 academy player Etienne Lecomte at the club, but sadly he's another March birthday and it's really tiring rejecting bids of a measly £2 million for clear talent. 

  9. Well since I'm incredibly annoyed, this end of season post won't have a lot of substance.


    (the final game was a 2-0 away win against already relegated Belfort, by the way)

    After I finished ranting and raving about the side, I went onto beat Red Star 4-1..  but after that, something really, really bad happened.  In the space of two weeks, I had five training injuries which crippled my squad and without some of my key players, the tactics I were playing just.. stopped working.  We didn't even finish with the highest amount of goals scored!  Nor did Tounkara finish as the leading goalscorer, nor did any of my players get in the top three assists. 
    Souchaud did get an amazing 22 assists but I personally think it could've been more if he didn't get injured for three weeks.. My back-up was pretty dreadful and I was almost tempted to play one of the reserve goalkeepers. 
    One big positive however, is that I was finally able to give Valentin Schmitt his full debut and ended up playing 9 games, getting a goal on his league debut and 2 assists. 

    I also gave Guillaume Menard his full debut as both of my right backs were injured and I must say.. I think he could be in for a few starts this season. 


    As for this forthcoming season, I have noted a few points that I happened upon when looking through the Ligue 1 sides;

    • PSG have assembled an absolutely ridiculous squad of world class players.  Huge fees from all over the place including £82 million for Icardi, £72 million for Pulisic and £40 million for Jordi Alba.  That team that I beat in the cup last season?  Not even their second string side as a vast majority of the players were in the reserves. 
    • We are only spending £120k per week on wages, that being after the wage increases..  in comparison, 7 players from Monaco and 12 players from PSG earn more individually.  That figure will probably chance as I have some staff improvements and contracts to handle, but it won't be very noticable.
    • To keep up my finances, it looks like I'm going to have to sell some players.  Throughout the pre-season I will be looking thoroughly into selling some of the players who are now far from good enough for Ligue 1.. But one at a time really.  :lol:


  10. logo_berrichonne.png

    January - March Youth Intake 2017/18 Season

    So, I'm back at least. :) I've been working a lot so playing this save has been very sparse, I tend to play one or two games and get rather tired but I'm getting there.  :lol:
    At lot has happened in the two months at La Berrichonne. 



    Seven games played, eight goals scored zero conceded.  An absolute defensive masterclass from the team now puts us 11 league games without conceding.  It is honestly safe to say that we will get promoted and in very surprising style.  I play with flat back five and two defensive midfielders when playing away or against stronger sides and it has been working absolute wonders. 

    Other highlights are my attacking players, with the likes of Tounkara and Boukari proving to be very important to the team with goals and assists everywhere. 


    In one of the most important games of my save so far, I managed to keep Lyon at bay and beat them on penalties which means I have a nice quarter final tie.  After advancing, I ended up drawing National side Créteil-Lusitanos.  :)

    I would like to end this post on an even higher note... my youth intake.



    The star himself.  There's an obvious glaring weakness in his game which I will be addressing immediately.  6 finishing for a striker?  Get out of here.  Luckily he's young and I can train that attribute until I'm happy but he still looks like an amazing prospect. 


    This guy is the only other decent prospect out of the intake as all the others may gave high potential, but they are particularly rubbish starting attributes wise. 

    and finally, here's an update on Valentin Schmitt, who is almost ready for first team football when he turns 16 at the end of the month..


    Can't bloody wait.  :applause:

  11. logo_berrichonne.png

    October - January 2017/18 Season



    With work getting in the way of everything at the moment, I haven't had much time to really play lately so since I've had a day off today, I have been able to play all the way through from October until the New Year.  I'm having an incredible amount of fun with this save now and everything is going to according to plan.. which may be a bad thing if we're getting promoted too early.  But the squad are playing with an amazing amount of consistency, with nine straight wins in the league and only conceding two goals during that period.
    A massive surprise in the league that I have found is Caen being absolutely dreadful and ASM Belfort not being rooted at the foot at the table.  They are definitely one of the smallest sides in Ligue 2 in recently memory.


    It's seemingly the usual suspects for the best performances, but a key omission from this side is Sana Altama, who is out for five months with a broken foot, a huge shame because he's our best Box to Box midfielder.  Boukari is thriving in the AML position as an advanced playmaker, and Tounkara is continuing to be our key area for goals.  So much that I have extended his contract until 2021, so he is going to be here until he retires, essentially. 


    A lot less penalty shoot outs this year in the cups.  None at all actually.  :lol:  Still plenty of away games however, which seems to be quite a trend with this club.   I did discover very recently that in the French Cup, if the team is two leagues below their opponents they get to play at home.. which is a very nice ruling actually. 


    and finally, we are a bit buggered with finances.  PSG are going to destroy us so a run in the French Cup and promotion are our only hopes of getting something going. 

  12. The most I've got a bid so far was like £250k from Sevilla and like a third of that was if they won a cup..Get bent.  

    I'm hoping that when this particular player starts playing at the end of March, he will vastly improve and be ready for Ligue 1 if we go up because the  squad are far from good enough right now.  Two seasons from the National league is honestly going too fast and I kind of don't want to get promoted now. :lol:

  13. logo_berrichonne.png

    August - October 2017/2018 Season

    Things are going far better than I expected at the moment.  The team are playing with an amazing amount of confidence and morale is still very high from last season and the pre-season.  We are currently top of the league and two points clear of second place with a good amount of top teams played already (Guingamp away, Brest away, Havre AC away, GFC Ajaccio away and Caen away) and so I'm pretty confident.  I doubt that the league form will be this consistent however, as the injuries are starting to mount up, as well as suspensions... which I honestly need to address somehow. 



    There have honestly been no standout players apart from Souchaud so far.   Tounkara is getting a decent amount of goals but he's honestly not much special but is definitely our best player alongside Boukari. 

    As for the cup(s), we aren't getting anymore penalty shoot outs but both the teams we have played are Ligue 2 sides and have bloody Nice in the third round away.  So goodbye that cup run.  :lol:


    On a final note, I'm rather amazed that I have managed to keep ahold of my star youth intake player.  I've had numerous bids from the like of Marseille, Sevilla, Watford and I rejected every single one because they were pathetic.  He's still 15 and won't turn 16 until March but as soon as he does, he's going to be straight into the first team. 


  14. 2d57f05a3eae012791620105f843997c.jpg

    In the spirit of now being one step closer to the big boys, I reckon that a slightly more defensive formation should allow me to strangle out games after getting a goal or two.  I'm still not sure about the mentality, but I will always keep the team shape at Fluid. 
    In the first game of the season, we are up against our fellow promotion winners ASM Belfort, who are probably going to go straight down..  they're far worse than we are.   Then we have recently relegated Caen, who have this ridiculous player leading the frontline;


    It's going to be a long slog this season, and I hope we consolidate with a mid-table finish.

  15. logo_berrichonne.png

    End of Season Report - 2016/17



    Around about the March mark, we were already promoted which meant I could be a little more relaxed on my squad selection.  What I didn't realise was though, was that the game seemed to go all out for my head because before the US Concarneau game, I had four training injuries, one of them being Souchard, who I basically had been relying on so I was stuck with my back up goalkeeper until the last game of the season. 
    I was still in no way worried about my league position because Belfort and Chambly were pretty rubbish as well.


    An excellent cup run really capped off my season however.  We ended up losing to PSG who frustratingly put out a full strength side.  But nonetheless, the extra money and experience for the side was excellent and I'm very much proud of such a good run so early on in the save.


    I originally forgot to screenshot the Youth intake which is a bit stupid considering.. well this is a youth only save.  :lol:  But we managed to get some bloody good gems.  My favourite being this bloke who I will be promoting into the first team squad next season;


    Some other highlighted players include;


    I really want to keep him around mainly because he was born in Chateauroux.  May retrain him as an advanced playmaker.


    Already has a very good PPM at the age of 14.  Could become a very important player in the future with some amazing mentals already.


    A future first teamer. Will attempt to get him tutored as soon as Traore is back from injury.

    The most disappointing thing of all is that I didn't get a single striker in the intake.  I only have four at the club and I'm starting to think that I will end up with a strikerless formation when Tounkara and Goba leave the team.  But I honestly shouldn't be complaining, what a bloody intake! 

    All that is left now to do is plan for Ligue 2.  This is how it ended in Ligue 1 by the way:


    Ligue 2 finished like this:


    Lens were at one point very much in danger of being relegated which wouldn't have been nice.   Huge shock that Amiens might be getting promoted and quite a shock that Clermont Foot were promoted too. 

    I have noticed that the 20th placed team got a massive 40 points and still were relegated.  I honestly don't remember a team in real life getting such a high points tally and finishing bottom.  I might look into that actually. 


    Anyway, it's been fun.  Thanks for reading.  :)

  16. 15 hours ago, Jellico73 said:

    In my USL Dunkerque save I played La Berri more than a few times, and now they are my best affiliate club.  :-)

    Good luck going forward, will be following this to see how you do as a youth only project.



    In fairness, if you weren't already playing with USL Dunkerque, I would have probably done so myself because they are the closest team geographically (that I can think of) from my favourite club RC Lens. 

    15 hours ago, Keano16 said:

    Very good start, walking the lesgue. 

    Absolutely.  I expected promotion but nothing like how it's ended up.

    8 hours ago, Benjoe said:

    Coupe de la ligue should be changed Coupe de la penalty shootout!

    Okay.. I'm returning to the hole from whence I came, but good start to the season.

    :D It's nothing like I have seen before.  I think in every single game, I've aimed for going for penalties after the opponents get a goal back so I set up shop and hope for the best. 

    It almost happened in the game against Monaco as well, but they scored a late goal in normal time.  Maybe next year. :D

    I have actually just finished the season so an update is coming soon.  I have had way too much fun that I honestly didn't think about updating. 

  17. logo_berrichonne.png

    October - January 2016/17 Season



    It has all been very straight so far for the team.  They are playing great football and a vast majority of the players are finding themselves in very consistent form. The large squad means that I can play and rotate all the time and the quality of the team won't drop and that's very important for me to be able to do.  Tounkara is currently leading the goalscoring and average rating charts with 13 goals and an average rating of 7.45.  Louis Souchard also has a very respectable 10 clean sheets in 18 games and is being pursued by numerous clubs. 
    Another really good player that I haven't mentioned yet is French-Chadian midfielder Sanaa Altama who for all competitions has the highest average rating and some very nice passing and defensive statistics. 


     For the cups, I have already seen the ridiculousness of how we are playing but finally got beat in the League Cup by Monaco.  We were ahead at one point though! 
    In French Cup, the team have reached the 10 round without seeing a higher league side and I'm really happy about that because it gives me a chance to play more of the back up/rotation options and it's all been pretty much routine wins for now. 


    I have also increased the junior coaching budget, more wage budget and are now going to be having a senior affiliate.  I very much need one because the club have started to hemorrhage money.  I really hope that I will also reach the latter rounds of the French Cup.  That combined with a promotion will do wonders for the club.


    My next post update will be after the youth intake day which is march 1st.

    Thank you for reading.  :)

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