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  1. If only we were this good in real life. Sturridge got the golden boot, Sterling young player of the tournament.
  2. Yep, that seems pretty much the standard 3-5-2. You could retrain Coutinho as a F9 because he has really good attributes for that role. Just work on his finishing too. Call me crazy, but you could also retrain Jordan Henderson as a right CWB to add a little versatility in that role, as it is kinda difficult to find a fitting player from other clubs.
  3. I haven't touched any of the Liverpool players because I'm obviously playing as them. I did accidentally remove Suarez's ban when I was checking for his new CA/PA, but I just didn't play him for five games.
  4. Yep. From the top of my head, he has changed a lot of the players in general in all of the top european leagues - Reus, Mandzukic, Hazard, Suarez, for example, getting significant boosts. With the Liverpool team, Henderson has 20 in stamina and natural fitness and is now around 165ish PA (as an estimate). Else than that, I noticed that most of the changes for Liverpool are identical to those in the .3 patch. I also did a couple of changes myself to some players - Nemanja Matic, Blaise Matuidi and Negredo having a decent improvement, destroying Ashley Young and Tom Cleverly ( ) but else th
  5. Yeah! When I looked at it this morning I was like.. "well.. that's almost the same as the actual tactic." I would be interested in playing around with a possession-type tactic too. I just sold him for £11 million, hah! Probably because I'm happy with Mignolet and I don't think I could've gotten any better than £11 million, considering Reina is now 31 in game. I also got a transfer offer of £82 million for Suarez. Which I soundly rejected because he's staying with the club until he retired/wants a new challenge.
  6. Warning: This is going to contain a lot of text and a lot of links. So after an incredible and almost invincible season I have had quite a few questions on what I did. Well this post will explain (almost) everything. First off, I will show you my player screen: From this screenshot, I realised one thing that has not happened before: Every single player has an average rating of over 7.00 except Fulton but he played no games. Even rotation players like Joe Allen, Luis Alberto and players like Jordon Rossiter had a rating over 7.00. In goal is the obvious, Mignolet, who was upgraded i
  7. Just played the last eight games in one sitting today. Took about four hours, which is sad considering I already won the league but I wanted an invincible season so I spent a lot of that time trying to develop a back up tactic for when some players are tired and I need a defensive midfielder instead of two and also a more attacking tactic to completely destroy teams in terms of possession and results. Obviously I got it. FA Cup final to play and I'll give some insight on how I played this season out. edit: The way I play this game is, before every game, I save it. Then play it and what
  8. I'll have an in-depth review of my season (including tactics) at the end of the season (currently in mid-April) I don't have any time to upload any screenshots because I'm currently working, but I used this tactic as a basis. Maybe tweak it a little by using lower tempo instead of higher tempo and adding be more expressive. Again, I'm sorry I can't go into too much detail with what I have tweaked, but the above is the basis that I worked on.
  9. Almost thirty straight wins in the first season with no transfers.. Can't go wrong with that. The dropped points was a 1-1 draw with Man City away. edit: Won the league on the 29th game, concentrating on getting all my players up to league appearances now.
  10. I'm seriously doing something right in this game, but I have no idea what. I have had a few private messages lately asking for advice, but there seriously isn't a lot of advice I can give. My team have currently played 34 games and have won all 34. That does include cup games, but the form that the team is on is something else, and I'm almost scared to post the screenshots in case I get accused of cheating if I decide to post on other sites.
  11. Mayke of Cruziero is very solid for a right back. Same with Sebastian Corchia, who has always been my go-to right back for a lot of teams in the past few versions.
  12. Ojo is an attacking midfielder/winger in real life, so the change from a striker is correct. But I don't get why he's a central midfielder either. Thank heavens for the ingame editor to correct things like this.
  13. Wow. despite having an amazing start on my current save, I'm tempted to start a new save because of how amazing some of the players look for Liverpool now.
  14. Haha oh no, that tactic I showed is a terrible defensive tactic because of all the space in the middle of the midfield. Yep! Funnily enough, the instructions between the two tactics are very similar if you look back. I got to 9 in a row but then I had the misfortune of playing Man City anyway. Next stop: Immovable force achievement!
  15. I think I'm in love with this tactic. I have used it as a basis for making my own (same formation, use of defensive wingers) and have come up with this: League table at the moment is perfect really (70 scored, 8 conceded. Got the park the tank achievement): I made some changes to the personal instructions to stop the yellow cards coming in from my full backs and ball winning midfielder, it doesn't do much to the tactic, infact, it has kind of improved it. All in all, thanks very much for another tremendous tactic, Mr Hough. You're a complete legend.
  16. I'm sorry, I deleted that tactic when I was migrating computers because it wasn't saved anywhere, it was just made for that match. But the other two instructions were exploit the middle and hassle opponents. If you were to make a tactic like that for a long term sort of thing, I would put the trequartista in the lone striker role, a shadow striker behind and a box-to-box or DLP/Defend in the central midfield position. For anyone interested in the tactic that I am using, it is this tactic, but I have done a few personal changes which probably don't make much of a difference anyway (DLP/D to
  17. Oh, I know. He's having a stormer of a season for a 16 year old so far. His attributes have absolutely shot up because of game time and tutoring by Suarez.
  18. Never had this happen before - it was a full game weekend too. The result was a 8-1 win against Hull.
  19. On an unbelievable winning streak at the moment, thought that was going to come to an end against Manchester United. Decided try something completely different and used counter attacking football with offside trap and a defensive back five (Lucas as a half back is basically a third centreback, it's a really good tactical role) Ending up doing this..
  20. I'm currently using this as a basis of my tactics at the moment. Same formation, fluid philosophy instead of rigid and counter/contain on away games and some different shouts. When I get home, I'll post my tactical set up, I'm currently at work. In all honesty though - I think I'm just lucky this version. I had a sensational season with another tactical set-up earlier, and that was with transfers, but this seems to be an even better save so far, albeit using a pre-made tactic as a basis, but I never "plug and play" those tactics because I test thoroughly for flaws in them during pre-seas
  21. Finally conceded after 14 consecutive games. Thankfully, it was a 5-1 win against Spurs.
  22. I just use LFCMarshall's update in the meantime. He's done some ridiculous upgrades though, like 20 stamina and natural fitness for Henderson (although deserved) Just got the Park the Tank achievement with a default squad. Martin Kelly is keeping Sakho out of the first 11 at the moment.
  23. Alright, I'm currently doing a youth team challenge with Liverpool (basically no incoming transfers) and I was thinking, what should I do with Reina when he comes back to Liverpool? Mignolet is good enough to be my first team 'keeper until a world class regen comes through the ranks at some point (which is unlikely for a long time, because it never happens to me ) but with Brad Jones being the only viable back up until Fulton develops, should I keep Reina until his contract runs out at 34 and use him in rotation, or sell him?
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