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  1. I'm going to be a bit more brief this time around because I'm tired and there's not much to say, other than developmental stuff. Business as usual. I would say I'm disappointed with any sort of aspect of the league, but let's be honest, it can't be any better. Dominated the offensive stats. Results (1) (2) Domestic Cup Results Player Stats Sterling is by far my favourite player to ever grace this game series. What an amazing set of statistics. For anyone who wants to know, definitely play him as a supporting winger of some sort instead of a inside forward, he absolutely tears teams ap
  2. Barcelona had a nightmare in terms of suspensions and injuries and I don't really feel all that impressed about winning. But a win's a win, and I'll definitely take it. edit: This is their squad. Why the hell was Hernandez on national duty over the bloody Champion's League final? Absolute madness.
  3. Don't sell Hendo by the way, if you can play him correctly he can be an absolute dream of a player.
  4. Real Madrid at home and they have their big scary players back. Decide to play 4-2-3-1 with two CMs as BWM/D, Suarez as a shadow striker, the wide men as wide target men and of course, a false 9 up top. The result? The same as before, actually.
  5. Long Throws is seriously the most useless attribute in the game. He looks superb.
  6. Coming into the Semi Finals of the Champion's League, the first tie was against Real Madrid. When I looked at their squad, I noticed one thing: THREE of their main players (Casillas, Ronaldo and Aguero) were banned/injured (along with Modric and Jese). I was a little optimistic but then I remembered that this is Real Madrid and they have steamrolled their way to this stage. I decided to play a deep 4-4-2, with a half back and a ball winning midfielder in the defensive midfielder positions and play a control/rigid game with short passing, low tempo and basically carry the ball around the pi
  7. Finally drop points. Southampton away, with a 1-1 draw. Still unbeaten in 105 games. Yep. Right side as a Defensive Winger/Support.
  8. So as a little experiment for this save, I decided to take up the Sammarinese nationality as my main nationality, to see if I can get some players from that nation and turn them into world class players. This is the first Sammarinese player I've gotten in this intake and he may look average, but he's probably the best player in the nation.
  9. Personally, I would keep him. I have all throughout the saves I've had on any version where Hendo was at the club and he was superb. Here he is for me in April 2015, tutored by Gerrard for half a season:
  10. Always had good experiences with Ter Stegen, but I always used to buy Ron Robert Zieler.
  11. Missed this before for some reason, but well done Glenn. I've seen in the past that you've struggled in the first season, but that's great work.
  12. Seriously dumbfounded on how good Sterling is in this game. What a season he is having so far. Currently 24-0-0 95-13 at the moment. Doesn't look like we'll be giving up the title anytime soon.
  13. 4 points behind top with home games against Man City and Chelsea left to go.. #daretodream.
  14. Wow. I think Suso is going to be a first choice winger for me next season.
  15. This was a nice surprise. And this. Imagine this team of the year in FIFA 15? Two in a row for Sterling.
  16. He looks monstrous. Very nice to have that type of attribute set up for a striker. Nice one. I'll download that tactic and have a play around later. Also, upload some screenshots anyway! The FM-Base lot love looking at the tactics screen despite the fact they'll download it, but it'll be a good preview for them.
  17. I'm unsure about technical attributes. I think that's down to individual training and game time more than anything. Tutoring does affect hidden attributes, I've found. During a couple of test runs early on in this game, I used the in-game editor to test out if there were any significant changes in the hidden attributes and there certainly were. I made that mistake the first time around. and the worst thing of all is I had Sturridge tutor a few players and he gave them the "shoots with power" PPM.
  18. This post pretty much explains it in a couple of sentences. Plus, I couldn't put it better really. Personally, it's true for me as well. When I asked Suarez take Sinclair under his wing, his attributes absolutely shot up, for example. But either way, tutoring is very beneficial if the tutor is of a very high reputation and has great determination and a great personality (perfectionist, model professional, born leader for example.) I don't know if this makes much of a difference or not either - but if the tutor has a lower determination than the tutee, then it's mainly a waste of time in
  19. I'm sorry, that was a mis-judgement of typing. I meant mental stats, lol.
  20. I can't wait to see how he develops. Post him up though! I love looking at regens - there doesn't seem to be many outstanding ones that I have come across in this version of Football Manager. Maybe I haven't been looking around much. I'm dying for a good keeper in my youth intake sometime soon. I have Ryan Fulton as my only back up and he doesn't really look all that good.
  21. Into December 2014 in my save and I would like to share some younger players with you guys. Tutoring these players help a huge amount, I would highly recommend keeping the likes of Suarez, Lucas, Gerrard, Sakho, Agger around because they are all superb tutors. I do wish I had screenshots at the beginning of my save, but I guess people in this thread know by now how they are at the beginning. Jordan Rossiter is my favourite youngster so far. He has played 40 games in two seasons, as a back up to Lucas and he has performed very well. He has been tutored by Lucas and Gerrard all throughout h
  22. Perfect result. I was under the impression that the Champion's League Group of Monaco, Dortmund and Atletico Madrid was going to be terrible but I have 2 wins in 2 so far, no goals conceded.
  23. I can't either, Welshace but I did it by accident because for some reason, it was preset when I started a new game and I forgot to uncheck it. Got some really tremendous staff in because of it, but I might release them and bring in real staff.
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