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  1. Speaking of Balotelli though, I know I said he's dreadful, but I admit that I haven't really played him that much because I hate him in real life and end up selling him by January each time because of said hatred. He's probably really good for you guys, but I just can't stand him. I remember doing the same for Suarez in '13.
  2. I have tested my tactics a number of times with success in the league, but for some reason, I never, ever seem to win the Champions League the first try. It's starting to frustrate me because they're normally games that I should be winning but keep falling short. I have, however, learned a few things so far in this version: Rickie Lambert is an awesome false 9. Has everything needed for one and collects goals and assists like a world class player. In one of my test saves, he scored 35 goals in the league and 11 in the Champion's League because of Sturridge being out long term and Balotelli being basically, well, rubbish. Raheem Sterling as a striker is not recommended. Not because he's poor in that position but he is a much, much better player out wide. The definite weak point in the team is definitely the centre backs and the goalkeeper (Mignolet). For a goalkeeper who was so good in 13 and 14, he has completely turned to crap now. Also, Sakho, who was probably one of the best centre backs in FM12 and 13 is in the time where he just isn't good enough as a world class centre back anymore. Also, Lovren is terrible, his low composure and and average speed doesn't really make him that good enough for the team. Skrtel has been, funnily enough, the strongest of the three but is still expendable. He has high wages and is turning 30 soon so it's probably best to cash out on him, or turn him into a club icon, but his Dives into Tackles PPM means he concedes too many fouls and yellow cards if you are playing a more defensive tactic. Suso is incredible, no matter where you play him. Out wide, as a centre attacking midfielder or even as an advanced playmaker in the CM spot, he is outstanding. He develops into an absolute monster after the first season if you play him enough and is well worth keeping a hold of him instead of concentrating on the likes of Coutinho or Markovic. The only player I have consistently signed is Eder Alvarez Balanta, who I'm sure a lot of you have signed as well. He sadly has a fixed PA on this version, but he's probably the best centre back in the game to sign, no matter what. Other really good players to sign are Odegaard (if you have the add-on), Alex Sandro and/or Lucas Romero. My tactical set up for now, is still a work in process. I have changed from the wingerless tactic I posted before to a flat 4-1-4-1/3-4-3, depending on the opposition and match situation. But I'm not posting anything until it's concrete.
  3. I'm currently considering the idea of retraining Sterling as a striker as well as some of you guys. He has great poacher attributes, but still needs some work on his finishing. That being said, I have Josh Murphy who is English and will play mainly as another back up striker alongside Lambert, with Sturridge and Balotelli starting and Sterling rotating in a striker role now and again when either of the senior strikers need resting. The reason I'm doing this is that I find that Suso is amazing in an AMC position as either a Shadow Striker or a Trequartista. During all of my test runs so far, he has been the star player, he even got 5 goals in a Champions League game (against Celtic, I believe). I would 100% recommend you guys to at least try him out in some way, because he was really good in FM14 as well but a lot of people tend to sell him.
  4. I have the entire weekend to myself and most of it will be used to go into what I call my "advanced" stages of tactical testing where I play 10 games with 5 teams and see how it performs. It's going to be a long weekend. I forgot to mention that, sorry.
  5. In all honesty, I'm still in the testing stages of the game. I have a specific formation, but I don't have everything that I want yet and have been playing over the pre-season games and trying to fix any flaws that I notice. I have played competitive games, and have been doing very well, but not really being challenged yet, but I've restarted so I can get Martin Odegaard into my team. My formation however, is going to be something like this, with no team instructions for now, just opposition for when I'm in a game. I would like to point out however that a lot of people have been conceding a lot of goals from crosses which is irritating (it's happening to me too), but I'm going to start Tight Marking and Show on Weak Foot as opposition instructions to the wide players and Closing Down - Always for strong, great in the air strikers that seem to be scoring in such a situation like this.
  6. I wouldn't be worried about Tielemans' transfer fee, Nicko. He has such a high potential that you probably got the high end of that potential and he's going to end up becoming incredible for you. By the way, if anyone is interested, Martin Odegaard, who is due a trial at Liverpool is now in the game, you need to download him from the Steam Workshop, but it's not that much of a hassle.
  7. With the version being fully out, I'm comfortable enough to play the game seriously now. I've spent the past ten hours or so pondering on transfers, in and out and figuring out who I can sell and how much for. So far, I have: Glen Johnson to Spurs for £17 million Lucas Leiva to either PSG, Barcelona or Arsenal for £20 million Jose Enrique to Arsenal for £10 million. Kolo Toure to any mid-reputation team like Sporting CP and West Brom for £550k Fabio Borini for £11 million to Benfica. I also have Skrtel in consideration but that leads me to having to buy an extra centre back when really, I could just wait for QPR to get relegated and buy Caulker. My main transfer target is Alex Sandro of FC Porto who, I believe, is able to leave for around £18 million and I'm also looking at Ricardo Rodriguez as a more defensive option, but I don't really like his poor dribbling and speed.
  8. Having a look through the editor and it seems a lot of the youth players from last version have been downgraded to -8s, Sinclair, Rossiter, Wilson, Ibe which irritates me beyond anything.
  9. I always play against lesser teams in pre-season to get their match fitness and morale up and I do tend to whitewash them all BUT, I have never seen anyone score over 6 goals let alone ELEVEN before.
  10. Name: Panas Armenakas Position: AMC/CM Age: 15 Club: Udinese Value: £475k Sale Value: ? Won't sign for you straight away because he's just joined the club. Work Permit Needed: No, because his second nationality is Greek. Potential to be a world class player, looks really good. Could be something special this year.
  11. It's possible to sell Glen Johnson at the beginning of the game for a very decent amount. I've gotten £17 million from Tottenham for him and don't even really need to buy a replacement. I will of course, be playing as Liverpool but will also be mourning the loss of the defensive winger role.
  12. Always prioritise on these things when I'm squad building: First team player, rotation and back up in every position Same nationality as club over foreign players when making transfers Either under 23 or over 34 with low wages and good tutoring personality.
  13. I think the thread is so dead because it's so close to FM2015 now. I mean personally, I have abandoned all attempts of a serious save and been editing the hell out of my save, but obviously that's not really something to post with on here. Speaking of FM15 though, it looks superb. There's a 27 minute feature about it and I'm really excited. One thing I'm hoping in that version though is better English left backs!
  14. Oops, sorry that I overlooked your post before, but it is. It's heavily modified in terms of player and opposition instructions, but the formation and roles is a good basis for it.
  15. I'm not even sure anymore. I never have any bad luck with injuries, it's always my back up players who have the long term injuries. I might revisit this save though, I have a two week holiday in October (just for some time off) that might get me a couple of seasons in and see how it goes from there.
  16. I'm officially at a standstill with this version and Liverpool as a whole now. I thought it was going to be challenging, but I'm 15 games in, won all 15 games and have only conceded a single goal. I've done something that's making this game far too easy and I really am trying to find out what, so I'm going to do a few tests with this tactic with other teams and see if the same results come back, because this is ridiculous. For now however, I'll see you guys in the 2015 thread.
  17. Suso was monstrous for me. As a left sided defensive winger, he scores and assists for fun. I don't know what it is about defensive wingers, but they seem to be extremely effective at both roles of defending and attacking. He even scored 4 against Barcelona in a 7-1 smashing of them in the Champion's League semi final and got the man of the match in the final against PSG. This time around, I'm trying my best not to hoard youngsters from around the world because I have a feeling that I will not use them in the near future. I had a lot of potentially star premier league players in my youth system last time around but I just couldn't see them getting into the first team because my squad was young enough anyway. So I think the transfers I make this season will last me until Gerrard retires, because at that point, Sheyi Ojo should be a good enough replacement for him and I should have a couple of top class players coming into the club from my youth system.
  18. I sold Canos for £15 million in the second season to Schalke when he didn't even play a game for us - just loan deals. One player to look out for especially though, is Suso. I kept him out on loan to Almeria where he flourished and then loaned him out to Granada who somehow made it to the Champions League semi finals after finishing second in the league and Suso's attributes just shot up astronomically. I really miss that save now, some of the players were incredible.
  19. You know, I'm rather tempted in selling Lucas and then buying Carvalho. He has a very decent CA upgrade on the LFC Marshall update (well deserved too) and looks very much similar to Lucas. Only issue is that he's probably going to cost more than I can sell Lucas for, which I hate. Chirivella didn't really develop that well for me and he never got injured, I just wasn't really keen on his physicals. Technically though, he developed brilliantly but Lucas and Rossiter still kept him out of the team the first time around. I love Rossiter though. I played him as a back up player in the first season whilst Lucas was tutoring and well, you know how he turned out. I'll probably keep Lucas (he's only 26 at the start! I just realised that.) and do the same there. That is so tragic. Sinclair was one of my most important players in that save. He developed so well and was very rarely injured. I think he had a very low injury proneness and a decent natural fitness too.
  20. Anyway, for now I'm not going to advance past the first day off the game until I'm fully prepared, which includes staff overhaul, tactics and transfers decisions. For my tactics, I'm only going to use three for now. The first one is my baby, the tactic that has brought me so much success in the past: My second one is a new experimental formation that I'm trying out. It's possession based but maintains a defensive core. This is purely inspired from wanting to recreate the England 1966 formation but incorporate modern day roles into it. My third one is a tactic I will only use when I already have the lead. It will be heavily focused on man marking and closing down and keeping a lead or clean sheet. It's a little less ridiculous than the formation I had before, where I had five at the back and three defensive midfielders and then two forwards. I'm not too keen on Balotelli at all as a false 9. I really think that selling him at the beginning of next season. Lambert, although rather old suits the false 9 role perfectly. He's a playmaking forward with all required attributes at 15 and over (has 15 finishing and 17 heading too, which is great) and can also be on set pieces. I might actually use him over Balotelli for these reasons, and have Sturridge and Borini rotating on the left striker side. Markovic and Lallana are decent additions to the team, but their defensive attributes are woeful, which is expected really as they are all out attacking wingers. I have however, not noticed much difference when using Coutinho in the defensive winger role and he actually flourished in that position. Emre Can is the addition to the team that was very much needed - another **** kicking ball winning midfielder who has great work rate, bravery, strength and defensive attributes to play alongside the more creative midfielder who in this case, will be Gerrard and Henderson rotating. Although I'm still mourning the loss of Jack Robinson to the second worst club in London (you can probably guess the first ), the addition of Moreno and soon addition of Jetro Willems (for just £8 million) is easing that pain a little. Jon Flanagan has a small upgrade and Javi Manquillo will be tried out this season before I actually pay £5 million for him, but I can see him doing pretty well. I am also mourning the loss of a vice captain and one of the most loyal players in modern day football in Daniel Agger and not even the acquisition of a player of equal ability in Dejan Lovren can ease that. His loss also means I will only have three centre backs after I sell Kolo Toure. I have this sorted as I will sign Eder Balanta for £7 million who is a potentially world class player. Four centre backs may not be enough to some people, but I've been fine in the past with just four. For the goalkeeper spot, I'm going to buy Khune to challenge Mignolet for the #1 spot and also attempt to sign Jack Butland and have him tutored by Khune and he will eventually be my #1 goalkeeper as time goes by and I attempt to sell Mignolet/Khune in a couple of seasons.
  21. You see, I was thinking of doing that but Lucas is definitely a superior player. He's a great tutor and he is technically and mentally superior to Schneiderlin. The other options I have found are William Carvalho (who has a decent upgrade in this database), or a much cheaper option in Claudio Yacob. Then there's the option of selling Lucas anyway and using Jordon Rossiter (who now has 100 CA) as back up to Emre Can and Joe Allen, which will give the squad a more homegrown feel and bringing in an older tutor for Rossiter who has a better personality to tutor him with since I'm using Gerrard to tutor Henderson at first (I recommend this to everyone, Henderson becomes incredible after half a season because of it)
  22. With this database, I'm really trying to figure out who to sign without overloading my squad too much. I have a potential wonderkid, a replacement for Agger, a new back up goalkeeper and a new left back to challenge Moreno coming in (Manquillo signed permanently for the £5 million tag). I'm not even sure who else I need? I was thinking of cashing out on Lucas early this time, but he's a really good tutor and was very good for me that last time around.
  23. Yeah, I have a tonne of 4* + potential players, a lot of 4.5* potentials too. I've started a new save, but I will make basically the same transfers (maybe add a couple more in), but the only difference is that it is the absolute latest transfer update (with Blind and Falcao at United etc.)
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