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  1. Coutinho is great in my game, but I can't really play him too much because of Suso being in his position and Suso is just amazing. I have tried everything to stop him from leaving for Juventus but he's having none of it so I'm stuck. I might be a little cheeky and offer him out as part of a deal for Pogba. edit: Nevermind..
  2. He's just getting a couple of suspensions at the moment for Fulham (who he was loaned back to), I guess that's better than injuries though.
  3. I'm liking the look of Patrick Roberts as well, actually. How is he looking in your game attributes wise, Glenn? You seem to be pretty far ahead so I'm curious.
  4. Yeah, I have a tremendous amount of 4 - 5* potential at my club as well. It's only the first six months, but it's looking pretty good in terms of talent. I'm still sad that Sinclair, Flanagan, Rossiter and Ibe don't have the World Class potential that they could've had last year because they were incredible in my save. edit: You may see a couple of players who have lower wages than originally began with like Markovic. In his case, it's because SI's amazing "scouts" think that he's on 75 grand a week when that is a complete load of arse but if I'm wrong and it is his actual contract, I will gladly change it back.
  5. He won't even stay if I win anything. He wants to go as soon as they bid for him, which seems unlikely at this stage. Shame really, he's considered a World Class player and is my undisputed starting AMC. Another player who wants to leave is Joe Allen because Manchester City have been sniffing around, but all I have to do is win the Premier League and he'll shut up about it.
  6. Oh no, I mean, I keep the fluidity the same (it's always very expressive), but the mentality changes from counter, control and contain depending on the opponent.
  7. In all honesty, it would be rather useless to show a tactical set up because I change the roles and instructions around so much. The only thing I'm keeping consistent is the formation, as I change around the roles to suit the player in that position.
  8. January update now and things are going exactly how I want them to. 20 games in 20 won and almost averaging four per game. We are dominating the scoring charts as well, with Balotelli finally finding his way through after a terrible first few games that prompted me to transfer list him in a rage. He will rotate indefinitely with Sturridge all season as I have just sold Lambert and will use Jerome Sinclair as my back up striker. In the Premier League (Results), we have got a lot of the difficult games out of the way already, these include: Man United Away (3-2 win) Chelsea Away (3-0 win) Manchester City Home (2-0 win) Arsenal Away (3-0 win) Another highlight of the season was a 5-1 destruction of Everton, where things just kept getting better and better as the match went on. The table above shows not many surprises elsewhere, as the top seven are the ones you would normally expect to be in there. In the Champion's League, we had a little blip in the form of a PSG draw, but I wasn't too worried, at that point we had won the first two games comfortably and only a disaster would have us avoiding to win the group. I tend to play a more defensive set up in the Champion's League, especially against the two bigger teams. I try to score 2 goals and then go on the defensive, containing and keeping possession to maintain the lead and it works very well. In the Capital One Cup, I have been experimenting with formations and tactics, as it's a pretty easy competition, getting drawn against Premier League relegation fodder. Player highlights so far include Balotelli who has 16 goals and 5 assists in 10 games (8.50 average rating), a tally that I could only dream for from him in real life. I don't play him that much either, but I have the feeling that I should start doing so. Another highlight is the incredible Suso who, in the Winger (Support) position, is just absolutely outstanding. No need for fancy roles for this guy, he just does the job in pretty much every game that he has been involved in and he is the only player that I refuse to take off the team sheet. I have my eyes on an English central midfielder to replace Gerrard who I will not be extending his contract past this season. He'll probably retire, but I don't care all that much because he flat out refuses to take a pay cut from his £140,000 a week wage. I'm aware that he deserves that wage, as he is a legend, but in game, he just quite simply doesn't play at all. I think that in the next season, I will develop Jordan Rossiter like I did last year into that replacement, he has been doing very well on loan out to Leyton Orient at the moment and I can see him slotting into the first team when he's ready. Before a leave, a couple more screenshots:
  9. Coutinho is making shouts about going to Juventus and I may as well let him go because Suso is blowing him completely out of the water in his position. I could potentially get a good £40 million for him so I'm just going to wait until I get an offer. Joe Allen also is wanted by Manchester City because he's playing superbly. I would sell him, but I have no real reason to because he's getting plenty of game time. I could however, get around £25-30 million for him which would be amazing, as Jordan Rossiter is going to be a direct replacement next season. I'm nearly in January and I will be posting my progress, but just a little hint - it couldn't get any better than it is right now.
  10. Hey pal, I've just realised that I've gotten another message from you and I'll give you a message as soon as possible.
  11. This result will give a message to Bayern, who we have up next. We were only 2-1 up at half time, but I aggressively told them that it wasn't good enough and they got a kick up the arse and destroyed them.
  12. Romero is extremely versatile, he's great in almost any role in the central midfield and defensive midfield positions. Personally I play him as a Central Midfielder/Attack and he's amazing for me in that role.
  13. A quickfire trio of goals in the 11th, 14th and 19th minute got us to a great start. We held onto half time despite relentless attacking from Chelsea. In the second half, I completely changed my tactic, dropping down Coutinho (then Gerrard after Coutinho got tired) to the CM/AP position, made Henderson and Romero ball winning midfielders and contained for the rest of the game. A bit cheap, but it worked well and this is by far the best performance of my save so far (probably of any save I've had on this version actually). (If people don't like these single match reports, I'll stop them)
  14. Tested for the first time this save and all was well until they got 3 goals in 3 minutes without me barely getting a chance to even change anything. Was willing to accept the draw until Suso scored in the dying minutes of the game! Delighted with that.
  15. Just going to share a few things since I've finished the pre-season and August. At the moment, I'm really happy with the way things are going. Everyone in the team is fit, goals are plentiful and overall I'm having a lot of fun with this save. The main highlight so far is a 3-0 home win against Southampton where we were defensively solid and took our chances really well. I'm trying to rotate my team as much as possible as well, keeping everyone happy whilst keeping consistent. In the fixtures, you may see the Champions League fixtures.. well, our group is quite the challenge. Bayern Munich and PSG are going to be extremely challenging, especially considering the first two games against them are the away games. Red Bull Salzburg are average, but they are certainly one of the better fourth seeded teams in the groups. Finally, the transfers. I've been really busy and I'm very much satisfied with who I have bought. Every player apart from one (Savitskiy, as he couldn't get a work permit and is out the door for three seasons unless I can get a successful appeal) are in my plans, present and future. I'm also satisfied with getting the fees I did for some of the players that I sold. Skrtel's transfer has a few dodgy instalments in it, but it was worth getting rid of his wage and bringing in Balanta as his direct replacement, who is probably my favourite player in the entire game. I also loaned Tielemans, Roberts, and Vallejo out to get some game time because they're all young, talented and giving them first team games is a lot better than having them play every now and again in cup games. That's all from me.
  16. Although this is only the first game of the season, I am absolutely delighted how the team has performed. Especially Lucas Romero. In this game, he is playing as a Central Midfielder (Attack) and he covered the most ground, made 11 tackles from central midfield and completed the most passes and topping it off with 2 really nice looking assists from over the top through balls.
  17. Yeah, I was thinking that I could just wait until Origi comes back next summer, sell off Balotelli no matter how well he does and replace his spot with Origi. Volland is a really good shout and is the best out of those you have mentioned that I'm looking for because he's hard working and extremely versatile. I'll see how the first half of the season goes, though. I always try to keep a profit when I'm playing the game in terms of transfers and I would be breaking the bank for Volland.
  18. I kinda feel that I'm short on the striker front. I have four (Sturridge, Balotelli, Lambert and Sinclair) but with one spot in my tactic, but I still feel that the depth in that department is not there, especially considering I'm not keeping Balotelli around for too long. So I have Sturridge, who is incredible in this game and will probably retire with the club, Lambert, who is really good but ageing and the promise of Sinclair to back things up in case things go dire.
  19. Just a small update before I start the season - in order to get the best out of Raheem Sterling and Suso, I have now put my wide playmakers in the advanced winger position in the main tactic and in the last pre-season game, we destroyed Sporting Lisbon 6-0 with a full hockey-style substitution rotation at half time. Really confident with the squad I'm assembling but there seems to be something missing, which I will address before the transfer window closes.
  20. Following up on this and the quoted post, I have Lucas Romero on Half Back in the DM position and despite his lack of height and creative ability, he is tremendous in this role so far.
  21. Extremely, haha. Like I did last version, I used a certain tactic as a basis for my formation. When I was testing I realised a few of things: Two advanced playmakers as central midfielders work extremely well together. The wide playermaker in a less advanced role is awesome. It basically works like the defensive winger in 2014, down to the advancing runs in front of the striker(s). The False 9 role is overpowered as ever. I change a couple of the roles in bigger games, like having the two wingbacks on defend, the half back as a third centre back (stopper) and one of the wide playmakers as a wide midfielder instead. Coupled with the a set of instructions that are more defensive than possession based and it tends to work quite well for me.
  22. So I think after a month of testing tactics, I'm finally going to start my first proper save with Liverpool. I'm only going to load up five nations: England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. This will maximise the performance of the game speed but also give me all the players that I really need as I very rarely sign South America based players anyway. I have built a tactic that works for me, based on a formation that I always wanted to use but was too engrossed in the 4-2-4 monstrosity that I had in FM14. I will only post the formation because the instructions get changed all the time. It's a habit in this version, it seems. I'll probably be back in a little bit with transfers and such.
  23. Yeah, it often makes me wonder if I had a world class striker on my side, on how many goals/assists Suso would actually get in some test saves. The highest he got was 14 goals and 35 assists from the inside forward/support role on the left side, but it still made me think that he should've gotten more because it was Lambert and Sinclair up front. That being said, I might sign him for another club like Man City or Barcelona where they have Aguero and Messi as strikers and see how well he fairs there.
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