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  1. Yeah actually, you know what? Coutinho as an ST and Suso as a CM would be a better choice. Thanks for that. The funny thing is, the striker spots are probably the only spots that I feel that I don't really need anymore starters in. Apart from the wide men, I have Sturridge, Balotelli and Lambert to start, Sinclair as a potential development project and Origi coming back next summer. Although he is a great suggestion, Origi is in the same potentially world class bracket as Munir is and I don't see the point in spending the money when I have what I need already.
  2. Yeah. I only loan players out if it's in the transfer agreement now. I learned from my mistake when I had messages coming back almost every week about players being played out of position. :thereshouldbeayawnsmiliehere: edit: I finally started my new game last night. I have been creating an entirely new tactical set up for this time around. I have decided to play a 4-3-3 with wing backs, a DM and three strikers. Two deep lying forwards on the "flanks" and a false 9 in the middle. I will be retraining the likes of Sterling, Markovic and Suso as strikers, Coutinho as a CM and Henderson possibly as a right wing back. I have tested this save in league games throughout the night FIVE times. Ten games each time, won an overall of 38, drew 6 and lost 6. I'm so far impressed as it's a completely new tactic and not a template of another tactic this time around. As for transfers, I'm still undecided. Like, really undecided. I have a problem with the right back and left back spots especially, but I'm going to sleep on it now. I'm knackered.
  3. I was thinking more about the future really. I have decided to unsettle him to see if I can get a decent transfer fee for him. Barbosa is far from good enough for a rotation option sadly. The search continues. Well the thing is, I'm trying to sign players who I haven't signed before (apart from the obvious two of Balanta and Lucas Romero) and I haven't signed Gaya yet. Alex Sandro is great, don't get me wrong though.
  4. Yeah. I was thinking that it's pretty steep.. it would in fact be personally my most expensive transfer in this version across any saves I've had. I might try and unsettle him though.
  5. Although I'm not playing as them, this question is related to Valencia still. Would Jose Luis Gaya be worth the investment if I activate his release clause (£25.5 million) at the start of the first season? Just want to really know how you guys have faired with him.
  6. Can I ask anyone's opinion on if they think I should activate Jose Luis Gaya's minimum release clause of £25.5 million? He's potentially world class and can play rotation already for Moreno. He won't ask for much wages either, I'm just moreso concerned about the fee because it will be the most I have spent on any player in three versions of FM.
  7. Hahaha. I'm exactly like that. I think in the last version, I almost rage quit because I was beating Bolton 8-0 and they scored twice in the dying minutes of the game.
  8. I'm not going to play as a new team. As much as I would love to, I'm just pretty much drawn to Liverpool now. I think this time around, I'm going be smarter in the transfer market and not overload the team with wonderkids like I was doing the last time.
  9. I normally only ever play as Liverpool on FM these days because I know what exactly I'm doing with the squad. Valencia looks really interesting though, as do Atletico Madrid and Villareal.
  10. So my first game crash of this version happened earlier today. Couldn't salvage a thing because I always delete back up saves after the end of each session. A bit stupid on my part, but I did only make it to February.
  11. I sold Balotelli for £53 million to Bayern but I'm regretting it now. I need to set my personal differences aside in real life for clearly top class players.
  12. I might just revert back to my old save for now. I'm clearly not ready for the type of game I was going for in this version because there are just too many players that I want to keep on signing.
  13. The only players I ever buy for profit are bosmans. I do at least try and play them to see if they're going to fit into my team though.
  14. Although I'm thoroughly enjoying my current save, I'm really tempted to try a Youth Challenge attempt of Liverpool, recalling all loans at the start of the season through the editor, not allowing any transfer windows for other clubs for the first half season and concentrate on developing my players instead of replacing players left, right and centre. I did this in FM11 with great success, where Andy Carroll, Luis Suarez and Lucas were up and coming players. I also almost did it in the last version, not making a single transfer for two seasons but then changing my mind because of the perfectionism that I tend to have where I want the best in each position for my squad.
  15. Some of the spending you guys do is absolutely crazy. Not in a bad way, don't get me wrong. I just never could sign a player even for more than £30 million let alone 90 millions euros. And 300k a week! Sod that, my highest earner after Gerrard is 100k a week and he's my key striker!
  16. Just won 6-0 away in the Capital One Cup with this team against Brighton. Suso scored a hat trick from the central false 9 position. All three strikers are roaming around the area and Moreno got 3 assists in that game from the LM position. Just an example of how much I like to experiment around on this game.
  17. I'm almost tempted, because of Jake's mentioning, to retrain Henderson as a right back (more specifically a right wing back) but I kind of feel that he might be wasted in that position.
  18. That's amazing. Having a creative lone striker can be so effective and it's obviously working for you. I never even thought of using Coutinho as a striker even though he has amazing false 9 attributes (my favourite striker role). The 3-6-1 formation is a very interesting formation. I remember using it a couple of times in FM14 the shape and style of play is sometimes amazing to look at and very effective, but I personally don't think I really got it that right because there was still a lot of leaked goals. At the moment, I'm playing a very unorthodox style of play from what I normally play as. It's very attacking and rather risky because I love possession play and clean sheets but it seems to be working very well. In the left attacking midfield spot, I have played Suso in almost every single game and he just amazing. He almost like the creative striker from your tactic but in the AML position and the things he does on the pitch are nothing I have ever seen before. I wish he had better vision and work rate because he could probably be a perfect false 9, but I'm more than happy with him where he is, that's for sure.
  19. That looks like a really unique set up, Jake. Henderson as a wing back is something I tried in FM14 and had great success with. I do like the idea of bringing Sturridge out wide and having a more creative midfielder retrain as a striker because that way, one of the best roles in the game - the False 9, is utilised to the most effectiveness.
  20. It could be. I play my right sided full back as a complete wing back with OIs which give them a lot of creative freedom. They basically pass around the right flank into the central players and always grab at least 10 - 15 interceptions per game. Think like how Cafu used to play but a lot, lot less graceful.
  21. Flanagan currently has an average rating of 7.86 over 22 games and McLaughlin has an average rating of 8.01 over 14 games but for some reason, I still seem to think that position is out of place. Maybe it's good to have a distinctly average player in a certain position, brings down the weekly wage bill that's for sure.
  22. I'm thinking of buying a potentially World Class right back to fill in my right back spot because it only seems to be the only spot where I need to fill. But Flanagan and McLaughlin are doing a pretty good job as it is. But that being said, Danilo is a perfect signing because he knows English and is potentially world class, but he hasn't really played much at Porto due to injury and I don't know if I want to risk that right now. I'm only in February of the first season (because I very rarely play these days, but I have ten days off in a week's time) and I already want to restructure my entire squad because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to this type of game.
  23. I love Lallana. He's mainly a back up to Coutinho, but I'm starting to play him more because of Coutinho's wanting to leave and he's playing really well. The only reason I would sell him is when he starts to age or if he wants out of the club.
  24. Sule looks great already, and he's absolutely massive so that's always a bonus. I do like the look of him a lot though. As for Mitrovic, I think I got the better end of his random PA and Origi has the worse end of his random PA, as Mitrovic has the potential to be a world class player on mine and Origi doesn't. He's really just a replacement for Balotelli though. Strong and fast and ready for the first team. I just wish I could get his work rate and team work up.
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