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  1. I guess I'm overreacting a little. I have never purchased agent owned players before so I didn't understand how the hell the agent was getting so much.
  2. Agent ownerships are ********. I just cancelled a transfer for Barbosa of £9.75 million because his damn agent wants £15 FRIGGIN MILLION. I guess I'm sticking with what I have in terms of strikers.
  3. Just a heads up that Jose Gaya is now available for £13.5 million. I realised this after I saw Chelsea had bid for him and he chose us over then.
  4. Currently laying the foundations for my long term save until FM16 comes out. I'm basically going to write down most of my notes but in..well not note form. 1.) Create a scouting system where I can possibly get 75 - 80% scouting knowledge as soon as possible. This will be done by hiring as many scouts as possible and sending them on roaming assignments. This will probably be a good way to bring in bargain basement players and develop them for profit. 2.) Create the best training and coaching set up as possible. - Team Cohesion, very high, match tactics in preseason, balanced low, match tactics in general season. 3.) Create an entirely new tactical system. I won't reveal anything about this because I have found that different people gain different results and I don't want to be responsible for ****ing up someone's game. 4.) Outline of transfers: Out Glen Johnson - terribly high wages, average player. - £110k/week. Brad Jones - useless. Kolo Toure - high wages, ageing. - £70k/week. Dejan Lovren - high wages, not good enough. - £70k/week. Jose Enrique - simply not good enough to start, prefer a younger option. -£55k/week Lucas Leiva - high wages, better alternative (Lucas Romero) - £75k/week. Adam Lallana - high wages, too many players in position. - £75k/week. Although will assess player with game time in current season - retrain as CM? Fabio Borini - simply not good enough - £35k/week. Mario Balotelli - downgraded, terrible work ethic, complains a lot, hate in real life (I seriously wrote this down ) - £100k/week. Rickie Lambert - ageing, not good enough. -£50k/week. IN Jack Butland - £4 million. Great English rotation goalkeeper Jeronimo Rulli - (?). Main transfer target. Eder Alvarez Balanta - £5 million. Potentially world class central defender. Marquinhos - £3.1 million. Potentially world class central defender. Gonzalo Piovi - Free. Great, young potential play Lucas Romero - £9 million. Probably the best all round midfielder in the game available at his age. Youri Tielemans - £10 million. Potentially all time great. Gabriel Barbosa - £8.75 million. Potential world class player. Player developmental plans: Andre Wisdom - first team rotation centre back. Tutored by Skrtel/Sakho. Tiago Ilori - loan out for two seasons, sell on for profit. Ryan McLaughlin - loan out for season. Assess development. Jordon Rossiter - "New Steven Gerrard" project. Treat like a first team rotation central midfielder/defensive midfielder. Tutor, develop using PPMs. Sheyi Ojo. - Currently out on loan - upgrade to 98 CA to reflect current first team situation at Wigan. Harry Wilson - develop at club. Ryan Kent - develop at club. Joao Teixera and Luis Alberto - keep out on loan, assess development. Future money spinners. Divock Origi - Don't like in real life. Assess development. Jordon Ibe - First team rotation AML/R. Jerome Sinclair - develop at club. Phew, that's a lot of typing.
  5. I 100% feel comfortable exploiting those bugs because at the same time you can get potentially world class players like Lucas Romero and Eder Balanta for similar prices. Players, whom like Marquinhos, Digne and Butland can slot into any team as either rotation or first team players. However, I probably won't buy Marquinhos or Digne (definitely Butland though, as he's English) because they will more than likely want really high wages, considering they play for PSG. I don't particularly need Digne, as Moreno is better and I can bring in a cheaper alternative (free, in fact) in Gonzalo Piovi who has similar potential and will play as a rotation option at the club. I'm very hesitant on Marquinhos. He's potentially world class, but he doesn't really look that much of a commanding centre back that I prefer.
  6. I have started my new game with the PA changes and the new update, but I have also taken off the loans for Ilori and Wisdom because I want to concentrate on developing them instead of loaning them out. Not going to buy many players in this save. Probably the two obvious choices of Balanta and Romero, a back up goalkeeper and a rotation/young left back. I'm going to attempt to turn Jordan Rossiter into the monster that he was last year and eventually make him the new Steven Gerrard (or the new Jordan Henderson, as Hendo himself is the new Gerrard. ) Not just that, but he's potentially one of the best defenders in the world in real life. Bizarre how he would be listed for so little, I wonder what happened in the develop process for that one.
  7. That's true. He does look a lot more well rounded and those physicals are pretty great. Although turning him into a striker is going to be a lot more difficult now. Another thing;
  8. That's ridiculous. His scouting report now says he's a 4* current ability player now, instead of 3.5*.
  9. I'm pretty sure his finishing, crossing and long shots all have been downgraded. I could be wrong though.
  10. Can someone confirm my suspicions that Sterling has been upgraded, but his technical attributes have been downgraded a little? I'm pretty sure it's the case but I don't have a previous save from the beginning of the season.
  11. This, basically. You can access the editor through steam in the "tools" option of your library.
  12. 165 each. In fact, I have increased all English youngsters that have a PA of -8 to 165. But that's because I'm English biased, not Liverpool biased. I have decided not to start again because I had a very good pre-season. But a clear out in the next summer is definitely needed. I also have Suso out on loan, which may be weird because I'm a huge fan of him in the game, but, with the squad as large as it is, there's no real space for him so in the next summer. Among the players I want to clear out are: Assaidi Aspas Luis Alberto Coates Jose Enrique - all expendable Skrtel - aging, high wages but also a great tutor which is why I haven't sold him this season. May even let him stay at the club just as a tutor. Lovren - he is awful for me. Coutinho OR Markovic - both wonderkids, both can go for ridiculous money. Lambert - expendable Balotelli - horrible attitude. wants first team football already after not starting 3 games. Paves way for Origi.
  13. I am (once again), starting again because I have felt that I have bought too many players and won't be able to utilise the talent that I have my disposal which was the reason why I raised the PA of so many of the youth players in the first place. Everything else will probably stay the same, I just need to be better with decision making.
  14. On that note, that's a really good price for Origi. That being said, I can't wait to try him in the second season which is why I'm not going to be buying any strikers for the first team this time around. I'm trying my absolute best not to overload the team with players.
  15. I have done this too. It gives me the real chance of getting a good core of young players to develop at the club instead of relying on buying a vast amount of players. I have also given Rossiter and Sinclair the same PA boost. Anyway, I have resumed playing as Liverpool again after a few tactical tests with various clubs and I'm really happy with the results I have gained. I also feel that this time around, I have a lot better knowledge for Liverpool in this version, including who to buy and who to sell and how to keep everyone happy. I have chosen not to set Gerrard for release as, to be honest, I couldn't bring myself to do it.
  16. Yup! Balotelli was having a nightmare of a game, so I subbed him off for Munir (Sturridge being unfit) and he completely whitewashed them. To answer your other question by the way - the tactic really isn't that defensively secure yet, probably because a lot of my defensive players are still developing, but once Balanta, Flanagan, Piovi and Manquillo are fully developed, I'll report back.
  17. A truly world class performance for the opening game of the season. Suso got four assists as well. My tactic is set up like this at the moment: (Overload, Very Fluid) Although it's a very aggressive tactic, it still is pretty defensively solid and the wingers run absolutely riot, dealing long, low passes to the striker in very good positions. Sturridge's withdrawn position tends to draw a centre back out of position and he is more than fast enough to run past and score from deep. Same with the wingers - the full backs are drawn out of position because the wingers cut inside, retrieve a pass from the overlapping team mate at wing back and destroy defences. It's a very similar outlook to what I was doing last year but with two strikers. It's not a tiki-taka style tactic that's going to get you 60% possession per game, but it's effective.
  18. BoobyBlah, the mainly reason why I think my other save was corrupted was because I played on it the night before when drunk and I used task manager to end the game instead of exiting out. But in that time, I signed Paul Pogba to come into the club for £40 million and something like £87 million over 48 months. Yeah, I really like the look of Vallejo. I bought him in my last save but loaned him out straight away, which I regret. Romero is amazing. I'm currently considering having him as my starting box-to-box midfielder because of the way he has been playing in pre-season. At the moment, I have one tactic that I have been trying out and it looks to be working very well now that it's fluid. And I would post a screenshot but for some reason, Gyazo is being a pain in the arse. Again.
  19. Unda is a potentially world class goalkeeper from Osasuno who I unearthed. Missing transfer outs are Glen Johnson to Real Madrid (), Lucas to Arsenal and Borini to Spurs. I have Odegaard coming in the winter as well. Vallejo is a back up centre back, potentially star premier league player. Balanta is the obvious new starting centre back. Munir was bought on recommendation. Will play easy league games and cup games. Unda is my new back up 'keeper Piovi is a potentially star premier league left back - rotating with Moreno. Romero is a starting DM, potentially world class. Will rotate at DM with Can and Gerrard. Traore is cheap as all hell and I will probably rotate him with Sterling and Markovic. Tielemans is a potentially world class CM - will rotate with the BBMs. Ruben Neves is a potentially world class DM/CM who I will rotate with the DM and CM spots. I'm pretty happy with the new squad depth of the team. They will all play a part in the league this year, but I'm also going to try and develop the likes of Rossiter and Sinclair if possible. I'm projecting to let Gerrard run out his contract if he doesn't accept a back up role at the club and let him retire and also projecting the sales of Balotelli (replaced by Origi), Lambert (not needed) and Lallana (not needed) next summer. After that, it's possible I won't make a single transfer until I need to replace Mignolet when he ages, but I will always look out for English under 16s to fill up my youth team with. I'm undecided on my tactics at the moment, whether I want a 4-3-3 or a 4-1-4-1 as my tactic to build the squad around, so I won't post anything of that yet.
  20. Did he sign a new contract or something, turmania? His release clause at the start of the game is a straight up £17.5 million.
  21. You know what? I'll buy him. I haven't tried him yet and I definitely don't mind taking the word of others. I actually just realised that he's only 18 as well, I didn't even look properly before. I thought he was 20/21.
  22. Victor Wanyama Ruben Neves William Carvalho Take your pick.
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