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  1. 1 minute ago, Andy1979 said:

    You say game breaking bug but Nail Ennis scoring 62 league goals is normal in championship and 32 in prem. League one striker,don't you find that a bug? Or is it just me that thinks thays not right.

    The bug was not being registered in the Europa League despite winning the FA Cup.  Ruined everything after that.

  2. On 10/03/2021 at 19:33, Mackem742 said:

    Sunderland AFC season 1 summer transfer update

    Transfers in and out


    Very happy with the transfer business done. Ive strengthened the entire squad and cleared out the players who didnt want to be here.

    Fixtures so far


    Happy with the start, the only blip being the Carabao Cup defeat to Huddersfield but its a competition I wasnt expected to compete in and it was just an added distraction to the main goal of promotion,

    League table so far


    Good start, transfer window is now over and Im happy with the squad. Main rivals and favorites for the league Hull are already 5 points behind so im fairly confident.

    that's a tremendous transfer window!  I never really understood the rules but is it 5 loan players in the matchday squad or overall? 

    On 11/03/2021 at 15:03, Mik_Fe said:

    After Winter Trasfer Window, 4-2-3-1 is the best formation for Sunderland? or 4-4-1-1 have the most equilibrium?

    Can I have some helps for tactic?


    This is how I line up if you want any inspiration. :)  But I always go for 4-4-2 of any variation regardless of save. 

  3. 3 hours ago, Mackem742 said:

    Fantastic effort, Ive just started a new save on the winter update. Only played a few games so far.

    CC Huddersfield (H) - Lost 1-0

    PJT Carlisle (A) - Won 3-1

    L1 Bristol Rovers - Won 2-0

    I really want a good striker though so I will have a look at Pellegri, I know he has been popular on recent years games but I havent looked at him on this years game. 

    Disclaimer - On my game I boosted finances from 500k to 900k because of the recent takeover in real life. I could have added millions into the pot but wanted to keep it semi realistic for the level we are at.

    In my experience Pellegri isn't much of a goalscorer but is great in a support role and gets tonnes of assists and creates loads of chances.

    Have a look in the loan market when you're in League One though, there won't be many strikers you can buy who will be good enough to make the jump up the Championship.  I've seen Aaron Connolly on the loan list at the beginning but already had my five loans for the squad.

    That's fair enough, I wish they implemented the takeover but I understand that there was a cut-off date for the update.  You'll soon be able to sell two clauses for Logan Pyre and Hugill. 

  4. Started a new save after the Winter Update and I think I have broken the game already.  :lol: 

    I managed to bring in three top quality loanee players and a free transfer whilst getting rid of the high earning, ageing deadwood..  I wanted the weekly expenditure to below £130k/week and have succeeded.. Only spending £120k a week but still second in the spending which is understandable considering I would have to literally gut the team to get under £100k/week. 

    The results are, well, I'll just show you this picture: 


    We haven't conceded in ELEVEN games in the league and managed some respectable results against bigger sides in cups.

    A brief look at the player stats more in depth shows how dominant we are, but we don't have much of a goalscorer because of rotation of my strikers who I like to keep happy.  Ross Stewart and Pellegri rotate the Advanced Forward role whilst N'Lundulu and Wyke rotate as Target Men, just to keep everyone fit with the huge amount of games at the beginning of the season where we have been forced to play 23 games by the end of November!  

    Looking absolutely unbeatable at the moment and long may it continue. :D

  5. On 08/02/2021 at 01:43, njmackem said:

    I know I am late to getting into this game this year.

    Picked Ennis up on a free transfer when I got up to the Championship. Scored 52 league goals as Sunderland finished second behind West Brom (totally tanking it in the Premier League but ho hum)

    Ennis ended up scoring 62 league goals for me in the Championship and 37 in the first Premier League season that we came second in.  He's genuinely incredible. 

    I had to end my save due to a game breaking bug, but I might revisit when the transfer window update is released as there'll be no more Danny Graham stinking up the joint. 

  6. 38 minutes ago, emil_sbn said:

    Hey also playing as Sunderland for the second time now, last save was fmt 19 on my ipad and that one was a very fun save! 

    Almost done with the first season and leading the league for almost the whole season except the first couple of games. The last games we have dropped some points due to a tiring squad. My fault for not rotating enough I guess but just wanted to grab that promotion and now we have with some games left to play. 

    My lineup most of the time were:


    O'Nien     Willis  Flanagan  Hume

                  Dobson  Power

    Gooch            Maguire         Mcgeady


    Playing with gegenpress so choose Flanagan over Wright/Xhemalji because his pace is much better compared to the two others. And he and Willis is averaging well over 7 in average rating. 

    Also signed Hinds on a free transfer because none of the others had the pace I wanted upfront and he so far has scored 20 goals. 

    One worrying thing is that it looks like a takeover is about to happen and that they want to bring in another manager if they are successful. 

    So far a very fun save! 


    18 minutes ago, Ronaldo Beckham said:

    That happened to me loads of times when I was Sunderland on FM2020 but it come good in the end as I had a tycoon take over so fingers crossed the same happens to you.

    Stewart Donald was sold up by October in my first season.  Only taken over by a local businessman though, and got £5 million transfer budget for getting promoted so been relying on frees and bargains. 


  7. Finished my first season with Sunderland and absolutely stormed the league, managing to win 41 times. :D

    My best signing has by far been former FM wonderkid/legend back in 15/16 versions; Donis Avdijaj who I managed to sign on a free and got 26 league goals alongside Grigg's 23. I managed to get rid of the high earners so I was able to sign a few players in to get by the salary cap.  

    I've played two games in the Championship so far and Niall Ennis for £475k is already looking like the signing of the season :eek:

  8. 4 hours ago, Mackem742 said:

    Yeah Dobson was the only player that stayed with me on my rise to the Premier last year, he was worth 14mil at one point :eek:Once I started to bring in some better quality players he dropped down the pecking order though and had to let him go for 6mil.

    Dobson lasted 9 seasons for me where I was an established Champions League winning team.  Ended up retraining him as a libero and stayed there until I decided not to renew his contract :D

    3 hours ago, Nozzer said:

    If you judge on real life performances you'll get rid of almost everyone!  Although individual performances aren't helped by how dull we are under Parkinson.  What are we like as a squad and how are the youngsters?  In particular Hume, Neil and Diamond

    Neil Diamond ( :D ) both look great prospects and so does Jack Hackett and Brandon Taylor.  It's worth giving them some game time in the cup games at the very least. 

    Hume hasn't changed all that much from last year but seems to be at least decent in this league.. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, Mackem742 said:

    Did you have a mass clear out too? Because of the wage cap limit. Ive got a fair few Id like to get rid of but Im judging them on real life performances :lol:

    You kinda have to it seems.  Managed to offload the big earners like Leadbitter, McGeady and Wyke and brought in players for half/a third of their wages. 

    I wanted to get rid of Dobson and Grigg because they're rubbish but Dobson is actually really solid in this game! :lol:

  10. Currently playing as my beloved Sunderland and I'm doing rather well :)



    League has been an absolute cakewalk so far.  Have been playing a high pressing, possession based tactic.  Had some fantastic wins including a 2-1 home win against a near-full strength Chelsea side in the cup.


    I managed to offload Wyke, Flanagan, Watmore and Ozturk and brought in quality  cheap players including Ricardo Ferreira who is an insane player at this level;


    Max Power is also absolutely mental for League One, I play him in the Mezzala/Attack role and he dominates everything;


    Sorry if this is a low effort post, there's really not too much to report when playing in the first season as Sunderland.. Anything less than total domination in this league with the resources you have is very much a failure. 

  11. On 21/09/2018 at 14:29, steff13 said:

    as for me (my plans for FM19):


    1. Metalist 1925 (Ukraine) - new born team from Kharkiv, which continues traditions of old team Metalist. Just my local team, which I play in all FMs

    2. FC Dnipro (Ukraine) - finalist of Europe League 2015 now plays in Ukraine Amateur League (4th tier) because of financial and license problems

    3. FC Sochi (Russia) - renovated Dinamo SPb team, which was rebranded after moving to Sochi. Beautifull warm city, big modern stadium - all facilities to make a big club

    4. Neftci/Sabail/Sabah (Azerbaijan) - long-term leader of Azeri football, which is having bad times now, or two new clubs from capital city with interesting squads and perspectives. Will be interesting, for sure.

    5. Pyunik/Lori (Armenia) - Armenian championship was finally increased from 6 to 9 teams. Will be interesting for taking a team with big traditions (Pyunik) or a new club, which concentrates for signing young african players for re-selling.

    6. Lokomotivi/Saburtalo (Georgia) - both teams are focused for developing their home-grown players, so they have good youth facilities. 

    7. Taraz (Kazakhstan) - also team with good history, had given many good players to kazakh football, now playing in second division and hoping to get their positions back.

    8. FC Riga (Latvia) - russian owners solving a very hard task of making a big team in Latvia. And, IRL, they're close to the needed result. 

    9. Flora (Estonia) - playing for this team every year. Estonian championship is quite interesting and unpredictable. 3 ukrainian stars on loan will help to make a good performance.


    1. Feyenoord (Netherlands) - my favorite club for more then 15 years, so I've played for them every year since 2002

    2. B36 (Faroe Islands) - also playing for them every season. I like this country and their football

    3. Derby County (England) - also one of my favorite team for many years. But I don't like playing in England, so my saves for them are usually short.

    4. Aris/OFI/Iraklis (Greece) - strong teams in past, two first are newly-promoted to the Highest division in season 2018 and third has promoted from Third division. So, it'll be interesting to get them higher.

    5. Tromso (Norway) - the team from the biggest city beyond the Arctic Circle


    1. Paxtakor (Uzbekistan) - strong team, interesting big league and playing in Asian Champions league - I had some great saves for that team in the past

    2. Persepolis (Iran) - same as above, but also better finances and reputation to sign star players and updating facilities

    3. Istiqlol (Tajikistan) - leader of Tajik football, always having the best players in league, good foreigners - good chances to win AFC Cup and qualify to Champions league

    4. Dordoy (Kyrgyzstan) - same as above, but harder. Also two advantages - increased league (now 8 teams) and some naturalised players from Germany, who are usually agree for transfer to Kyrgyzstan

    5. Altyn Asyr/Kopetdag (Turkmenistan) - both clubs from very closed country, with full prohibition for signing foreign players. The first is young and ambitious and second shined in Soviet Union, was dissolved and renovated two years ago. The main problem is absence of real players

    6. Qingdao Jonoon (China) - famous team, which plays in Third division now. It's interesting to get them to the top, there're much money, but imperfection of reputation system makes the task very hard

    7. Boeung Ket (Cambodia) - grand of the South-East Asian football - good squad, interesting championship, many third-party cups

    8. Lao Toyota (Laos) - same as above, but harder

    9. Yadanarbon (Myanmar) - team from the legendary city of Mandalay (remember Robbie Williams's song?) - one of the strongest in the country. Big challenge to push Yangon United from the podium

    10. Home Utd (Singapore) - played for that team in FM05 first time, every year after that. Just a habit :)

    11. April 25 (North Korea) - as in Turkmenistan, for the bravest :)

    12. Erchim (Mongolia)/New Radiant (Maldives)/Three Stars (Nepal) - wanna play there very much, but the research is afful. So, waiting for actual database for these countries...


    1. Pyramids/Al-Ahly/Zamalek (Egypt) - the first team is very rich and second/third are grands of African football. Good research, big stadiums and traditions - will be interesting for sure

    2. Raja Casablanca (Morocco) - the same as Al Ahly/Zamalek

    3. ASEC (Ivory Coast) - team, which brought up many strong ivorian players like Gervinho, Yaya Toure, etc

    4. Costa do Sol (Mozambique) - I like this country, also , for example, it's possibility to make realistic transfers of portuguese/brasilian players

    5. Green Buffaloes (Zambia) - now playing for them, very intertaining championship. 38 games (+ Cup), more then 100 points, more then 150 scored goals, final scores like 8:0 or 7:1 - I'd like to make it one more time in FM19


    1. Las Vegas Lights (USA) - one more intertaining club with Freddy Adu in attacking line.


    1. Fuerza Amarilla (Ecuador) - just for beautiful name :)


    1. Auckland City (New Zealand) - also playing for them every year. Also a great possibility of participating in Club World Championship.



    Such an amazing post.  I do wish a lot of these countries were default without having to unlock in editor 

  12. 8 hours ago, MontyOnTheRun said:

    This thread is about discussing football manager - not the games that Liverpool play IRL.


    I hadn't watched tonight's game yet and you spoiled it for me. Thanks mate!

    Since a majority of the posters in the Liverpool threads are actually Liverpool fans, we tend to post about Liverpool IRL as well.

  13. 17 hours ago, MontyOnTheRun said:

    No offense mate, but your Liverpool thread should never have been created! It's mainly a cut and paste job from Wikipedia. Nothing personal written from you that would inspire a person to start a Liverpool save. What's even more shocking is that you've had since 9th of November to adjust the player assessments and give your thoughts on the squad - still there is nothing! It's like it was somehow prestigeous for you to be the one to create the Liverpool thread... it's not prestigeous when what you create even a 12 year old could do better.

    I appreciate the need for having a Liverpool thread so that people can discuss their Liverpool saves. However, there already was a thread on Liverpool in this forum section (albeit not an official thread) and you could have left the discussion there until you were ready to make a proper Liverpool thread. 

    This year's Liverpool squad in FM has got so much promise and excitement with the new players, and the young talents that have finally been rated properly by the Liverpool researcher. Not to mention the fact that they're now back in the CL!

    You have over 1000 posts on this forum and should probably think about quality ahead of quantity... this especially goes when you're creating official threads that people will have to look at for over a year!

    Next year I'm creating the official Liverpool thread and I don't want to hear any moaning from you about it. Capiche?!

    Just who the hell do you think you are? :lol:

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