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  1. I think 12 was perfect. Hopefully with some tuning to the 13 engine FM14 will match it. I went back to FM12 for a while but giving 13 another go now.
  2. I will find out if this is a case after playing FM12 for a while. If I still can't enjoy it then clearly the issue is personal, but from what others are saying I don't think that's the case.
  3. Every year there are a whole heap of posts on these forums as people complain about the latest iteration of Football Manager, and how they're going back to the last version which was, of course, better in every way (funny how this happens every year. Nostalgia is a powerful thing.). And every year I roll my eyes, writing these people off as bad losers, or just as the type who has to complain about everything. However this year I find myself joining their shameful ranks, as FM12 downloads in the background. I've really tried with FM13. I tried different approaches, started new games with different teams, looked at the tactics forum, tried other's advice. And sometimes I do well and sometimes I don't, but either way I just get the impression that it's all random. I get the impression that I could have the greatest team in the world with the best tactics, or the worst team with terrible tactics, and the result would still come down to the flip of a coin. So sorry for this rant, but I'm going back to 12 for the time being. I have some unfinished business making Aberdeen a continental force.
  4. There is nothing wrong with your English, I wouldn't even know it wasn't your first language. Everyone's talking about this from the buyer's point of view, but from the perspective of a cash strapped club it would be beneficial to negotiate the sale of a player who has agreed to leave at the end of his contract. Get a small fee (or the option to release him early on a free) and you can get him off the wage bill!
  5. Haha brilliant. Good example to everyone: If you're going to have a moan, at least be witty about it.
  6. This. I'm always badmouthing whoever is in charge of Rangers, regardless of whether I'm even playing in Scotland.
  7. Unsaved, quit and re-played games? No, what's the point? Wore a Manager like jacket or tracksuit for a big game? I've worn my Aberdeen shirt when managing them before. Had a conversation with yourself on the toilet like you were being interviewed about your team? Yes. Not answered the phone as you were so immersed in a game? Yes. Kicked your cat after a loss? Smashed a few mice before. Had a massive argument with your significant other directly resulting form FM? I'm afraid so. A bad FM run puts me in a foul mood, and anyone who dares to reason that it's "only a game" is getting snapped at.
  8. I just want to say kudos for playing Football Manager at 68! It's an admirable thing to keep up to date with technology, I'm 21 and I don't understand any of these things.
  9. I've been playing as Aberdeen for several seasons now, building up a team that can challenge the Old Firm and even go on a bit of a run in the Europa League pretty consistently. However last season we were consistently awful, players who were quality in previous seasons played like they'd never seen a football before. I was expected to challenge for the title but finished in the bottom 6, and was knocked out early on in Europe and domestic cups. Only a few big victories at the end of the season (after there was nothing left to play for) saved my job. Cut to next season- with no major signings- and I'm back where I ought to be, challenging for the title. So has anyone else experienced such a one-off terrible season? I know it happens the other way sometimes!
  10. I signed a young German regen on- I thought- a free transfer. When he came I realised there was £550k compensation, my whole budget as Aberdeen. That was a few years ago, now I'm much more careful!
  11. Hold on, I just have to get this out the way. (Slams head on desk.) Right, the team selection page is normally sorted by "picked" and then "position". This is the default view as it is sensible and easy to use. However I just accidently clicked on some other field, causing to be sorted by average rating. Now I can get it to be sorted by either "picked" OR "position", but after having the picked players in order it is just random. How can I get it back to normal? Please help, I'm very distressed about the whole thing.
  12. I can't help thinking he should have just been removed from the game considering what happened. I doubt he'll be in the official FM13 database.
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