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  1. I'm still playing FM2012 and had the exact same thing happen to me. One season I win the league with Austria Wien playing great football, the next season we suffer a narrow defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League qualifiers and suddenly everything goes to pieces. I went on a run of 10 games without a win and ended up sitting one from bottom with the same players that won the league just a few months before. I resigned and moved to Hibs, where I went another 10 games without a single win. Resigned again and moved to AA Gent. They had a poor team but I managed to lead them to a decent 5th place finish. Over the summer I improve the squad as much as I can and get sacked after 12 games with a record of W4 D4 L4, not exactly terrible for a team expected to finish in the top half. I then signed for Besiktas and now I've gone 10 games without losing. You will read plenty of stories like this in the career threads. It's not always an uninterrupted romp to glory and the reasons why aren't always that clear. I don't know what the exact mechanic in FM is but I just put it down to having lost the dressing room. It can be incredibly frustrating when you've built a good team and you were going places, but recognizing when you've lost the dressing room and knowing when to move on is probably part of what makes a succesful manager. In any event, right or wrong, this isn't new to FM2013.
  2. When I try to imagine how this goal would be scored in reality I see the goalkeeper diving into feet. Every time. I guess this is what a lot of people have trouble with. The engine does a great job of showing your team surging forward in numbers and the other team backpedalling and never really getting the situation under control. But then the immersion is broken by the totally unrealistic behaviour of the keeper. It doesn't invalidate the goal as the striker would have a good chance of evading the challenge and putting the ball into the net. However what we see is a player walking the ball into the net past a goalkeeper who appears to be stuck upright and on rails. This will presumably get better as more animations get added in.
  3. The Dreaded Awful Challenge Animation Sequence

    No. And it's happend to me 3 times in 8 games in my current godforsaken season.
  4. I'm currently managing Austria Wien but my contract status shows I'm unemployed. My contract offer is still sitting in the club's transfer overview and apparently the compensation to my old club hasn't been payed yet. I can't find any indication as to how and when this matter will be resolved. Anybody else encounter this ? Any clues as to what will happen ?
  5. It might be worth seeing if some of your players won't take a wage cut. Offenbach was losing buckets of money as well but a lot of the players took substantial wage cuts. I was able to knock a fair few guys back to half or less of what they were making without any grumbling. I only had to get rid of two who didn't want to budge. Went from €403k when I arrived to €230k now. I'm looking to get it below €200k. I don't know what conversion rate the game uses from € to £ but it looks to me like you're on a tiny budget, which makes your promotion all the more impressive.
  6. Can I ask what experience level you started at ? I'm in my third season of trying to get out of this league with Offenbach. I'm really impressed that you managed it first time with a very similar team.
  7. I was just about to start a thread about this very subject. It was already a problem in FM2011 (the first one I played). If you start your career on the lowest rep level you'll still be held back by it 10 years and multiple promotions and management awards later. That's ridiculous. Your previous activities should only matter for the first 3 years of your career tops. After that you should be judged on your career as a manager (silverware, win ratio, financial management rating,...). At the moment I'm managing Offenbach in the third tier of German football. It's a ******* for enhancing your reputation since there's no cup and no managerial awards. Every single player in my squad says he can't get motivated by me because of my low reputation.
  8. Starting from the bottom

    See, they're starting to get under your skin :-) Woking are a big club in the BSS and in FM2011 you could turn a profit. Not sure if that works in FM 2012 where every club is losing money by the bucketload...
  9. Starting from the bottom

    I discovered FM last year with FM2011 and Woking were my first ever club. Took them to the Championship in 5 action packed seasons. So the Cardinals are special to me, don't let them down ! :-)
  10. Thanks for the replies. Well I've only played about 10 seasons in a single career save on FM2011 so it may well be that I haven't cracked it (the corollary is that I have watched every single match in full). I'll admit that throw-ins aren't a big priority when I'm working on my tactics. It's definitely the least annoying of the things I brought up. But now that you mention it, another thing I've noticed is that defenders get a big bonus when heading the ball. And by defenders I mean the team who are playing in their own half. The closer a player gets to his own goal, the more likely he is to win a header it seems. You often see the same players going up against each other at corners and the winner is almost invariably the one in whose box the action is taking place. Has anyone had any luck with playing 'man mountains' up front ?
  11. There are some ME quirks in FM2011 that really bug me. I probably won't have time to check out the demo in the near future so I'd be grateful if anyone could tell me if the following niggles have been addressed : * Attacking throw-ins being completely useless. If the throw is past the 18 yard line it just gets lobbed randomly into the box and usually results in either an attacking foul or - less often - a penalty. * Players trying to give the ball back to the player who took the throw but knocking it past him into touch. * The defending team clears a corner and the ball gets picked up by the attacking team again, who send it back out wide to the corner taker. The player who took the corner is always offside, no matter how far he's run back onside. * Players (usually full backs) 'dithering' the ball into touch. * Wonky free kicks in the middle third of the pitch. E.g. given straight to the opposition or playing a team mate straight into trouble.
  12. I don't know why you can't do the half time team talk when you're on a touchline ban. Surely you're not banned from the dressing room as well ?
  13. FM Careers Forum Discussion

    Is that why the thread got locked ? I knew you'd be out of there before me.
  14. We continue to have remarkably similar careers. After 12 games I'm in 15th now. I'm aiming for 50 points and that target seems a long, long way away.
  15. Guess you're starting to understand why I'm looking to leave Woking now. Tried to go to Brentford. They thought about it long and hard but turned me down because of the compensation again. Looks like I'll have to be jobless in order to have any chance of going to another club. So I think I'll struggle through the season and then just let my contract run out. It's frustrating to watch matches now. I can see my team are working their socks off. We generally dominate games, especially early on, but struggle to make things happen in the final third. Then we get hit by one or two flashes of brilliance from an otherwise invisible opponent and find ourselves with a mountain to climb by half time.