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  1. Mehmet Ekici. Turkish/German. 30 year old CM. Free Agent Only drawback is his stamina which is 5. Composure 17, Vision 16, Corners 16, Crossing 16, Free Kicks 17, Long Shots 16, Passing 16. Good Championship player Vedad Ibisevic. Bosnian/American/German. Striker. Bit old at 36 but has some great stats. Good Championship and Lower Premiership player. Thomas Amang. Cameroon. 22. AMR. looks a good prospect and is a speed merchant 18 pace and 16 acceleration. Currently Championship level but can improve a lot.
  2. Paul McGuinness Ass Man sometimes joins championship clubs.
  3. Adam Dougui at QPR has Tunisia as second nationality. It should be Algeria. He has just been called up or an U18 training camp for them.
  4. Zolt Kamár, 25 Hungary MC/AC. Plays for Dunajska Streda in Slovakia. Top championship player and very cheap. I signed him for just £190k which was my opening offer.
  5. Go to Scouting page, then click on shortlist. There is a drop down menu on the right of the screen with an option to load a shortlist. Should be there.
  6. Osman Kakay at QPR has a rating of "unconvincing" for the centre back position yet he played in a back three last season a few times to good effect. I think his rating for this position should be improved.
  7. I'm pretty sure Switzerland is treated as a EU country for the purpose of work permits. Same with Sweden.
  8. Moha (AML) at Slovan Bratislava will cost around £2.5 million
  9. Click on start editing then click on the player's nationality under his date of birth and it allows you to change it.
  10. If you have the in-game editor enabled there is an add nationality option
  11. Lamine N'Diaye. Italian/Senegalese AMR free agent. Good for lower leagues teams. Only got 8 for finishing but in 11 games for me at Palermo Serie D has scored 11 goals with 7 assists and 5 POMs.
  12. Moha, Moroccan AML with Spanish second nationality playing for Slovan Bratislava. Some very good stats including 17 for passing. Very good championship player costs around 2.5 million.
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