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  1. Now that 20.4 is out, I want to start a new save and I hoped to set the starting day in 2020, but looking at nations/leagues that show this option, I can't choose it because it's unavailable to select. Am I doing something wrong or what else?
  2. After the update, it's actually working even with background pictures packs (players and stadiums). This is the situation at the moment - Modified: probably the bottom part of the screenshots misses (my mistake, the skin is wonderful) Sorry, I don't know that stylized stadium/seats was a standard, I've never used FMT. The stadium pack contains only Italian stadiums, it's 72 Mb and you can find it here http://www.mediafire.com/file/sn6ve0osz6scppj/Sfondi_-_Stadiums.zip/file
  3. Yesterday ok, this morning the game crashes. It's the skin, because when I remove the YACS.fmf from the Skin folder everything goes back to normal
  4. The Subscribe button doesn't work?
  5. Hi Bossland, just downloaded and - WOW - it looks great. I've only one question: stadium pictures are showed only as backgrounds in the club homepage/profile or they should be showed also in the little window inside the panel (the one with the stadium name, etc.)? Oh, by the way: in Italian Serie A, all the clubs have a sort of stylized stadium in the little window, while only Juventus have the typical FMT seats. Thank you for what you've done. P.S. do you have a twitter account?
  6. This is exactly what i need, the FMT attribute boxes in the FM default skin (dark, if possible). When all things are set done, would you please explain how do you do it and/or enable the download of that panel? Unfortunately, I'm less than zero with xml. Thanks in advance, xtsh.
  7. Is it possible to install only the player panel? The attribute boxes in FMT style are what I really need in FM19 (to see attributes is getting harder and harder, even changing colours)
  8. Lucas, I'm not English, so it's possible that I've misunderstood question and/or answer, but my impression is that Figo wants to know if it's possible to get the typical attribute boxes of FMT in the FM skin and what to do to get them. If I'm wrong, I apologize in advance.
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