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  1. Hi guys, Haven't been following this release since 2013. I found it hard to get into 2013 as it had a feeling that you never knew what was going wrong with your team when results were going poorly. Was just wondering if the general consensus is that this has been addressed with this version? Appreciate any replies!
  2. Managing in Wales is hard. I'm unofficially trying Gundo's European Adventure challenge in FM13 and I'm having a similar problem with you. I'm managing Barry Town and to cap the problem attracting regens, I can't even win the league to get Champions League money and become Professional as Bangor City got there before me. TNS and Bangor are now the Celtic and Rangers of the Welsh Premier League, signing all of these magnificent English youth rejects, while I can't sign anyone better than I already have. It's a tough spot!
  3. No. Because what is seen on the pitch is a representation of the statistics running in the background. The players aren't really kicking the ball in a gameplay sense - so therefore the ball isn't moving realistically. When you see a ball being kicked, all that is happening is that it is using all the relevant stats such as the passing ability of the player, etc and then calculating whether it was successful or not. Also, as has been said before, the 3D graphics are a recent change brought in to appease those that wanted 3D graphics. Therefore style over substance.
  4. For all issues about the ball not moving correctly, players, etc... The graphics are a REPRESENTATION of the match run by the simulator. If you want realistic ball physics, etc you can buy this game called 'FIFA'. If you want an indepth simulator of tactics, squad makeup, etc then that is what Football Manager is for. The match simulator is by far much better than anything else out there and much better than previous management games I've played (Anyone remember Kevin Keagan football manager? ) Substance over style anytime.
  5. I've only had one tycoon takeover of my club, and maybe seen one or two takeovers. Seems rare to me... Ahhh, Newcastle united with Hulk up top....
  6. Off the ball stat is 11... In all seriousness, as others have posted don't worry too much about the graphical portrayal of the match. It's not 100% accurate and I don't think it's supposed to be 100% accurate. It's supposed to give you a visual representation of what is going on, not an exact blow by blow account. Think yourself lucky, the first football manager game I played (Kenny Dalglish football manager I think it was called for the C64) had 3 or 4 animations for scoring a goal or missing. That was it...
  7. I do it for important matches now and again.
  8. Wow... Someone brought this thread back from the dead... I think the best thing to come from the answers in this thread is that now I use a lone striker up front and and AML and AMR!
  9. Sounds very familiar, Giggles. Sleep is a stern Mistress.
  10. I'll exchange winning in the virtual league for signing Gervhino in reality, but thanks.
  11. Heya all. I'm busy procrastinating, got an essay due in a week so of course I'm doing the best thing for that - playing Football Manager 2011. Managing Newcastle, 2015-2016 season. Ashley was bought out by a sugar-daddy a few seasons ago, won the Premier League last season and attempting to hold onto my title this year, though after a strong first half of the season I am now struggling for second, with Arsenal surging ahead. Top scorer is Hulk, with about 36 goals over all competitions. So a little disheartened, can't see myself winning this season but ah well, shall try to keep going as long as I can during the night.
  12. At the moment I'm playing a poacher (left side) and deep lying (right side), both right footed. I'll switch them around next match, see if there is any difference.
  13. Awesome. I am probably quite an anomaly, having not played or been interested in football at all and only becoming interested through football manager, so these little basics sometimes miss me.
  14. Hey guys, Just a small question about positioning and strength of feet of strikers. I have two strikers up front in a 4-4-2. My best striker is the one on the left and I'm playing him as a poacher, but he's right footed. Does it make much difference? Would he play better on the right hand side?
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