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  1. I've got over 600k unspent in my weekly wage budget but my Key Player wage allowed maxes out at 105k which is hampering my efforts to bring in star players when they become available. Is there any way to get this to be increased by the board?
  2. Has anyone had any players saying they want to leave for specific clubs without any indications that the club named is interested in them? As Man U I've had Janujaz and Blind wanting to go to Juventus/R.Madrid respectively before any bids came in but they were listed as interested clubs, figoured they'd noticed the interest. But then I had Lucas Romero (signed in 1st season) saying he wanted to leave for Bayern Munich when they hadn't submitted a bid or even shown up on the interested clubs list. I've looked at his agent and it says "is known to prefer his clients remain at their current club" so unless that's inaccurate I can rule out money grubbing agent trying to engineer a move, he doesn't have a preferance for Bayern / Germany in his profile and I ended up selling him to Barca as he complained about me not wanting him to leave (without there being any bids for him!) to the rest of the players. So yeah, are players getting tapped up on the sly? I can't think of any other reason why he'd specify wanting to leave for Bayern when there's no indicators at all that they're interested in him.
  3. Do you 'cheat' at FM?

    I normally have 2 games on the go: - One pure. - One where I shamelessly cheat. My typical methods of cheating are to give Newcastle a ton of money, top of the line training facilties, a brilliant back room staff and 4 youth players with max potential (1 GK, 1 DC, 1 M/AM RLC and 1 ST) based off of myself and my flatmates from uni. I used to use a scouter tool as well to find the best regens but stopped doing that a few years ago as I could do almost as well with a decent scouting regime. I only start the cheating game after I've done a couple of pure games and the youth players only have maxed out PA not CA, they need to develope for a few seasons first. This has lead to some interesting situations where one or more of them didn't develope that well due to poor loans or injuries (or all of them the time I messed up setting how injury prone they were). A couple of years ago my star striker broke his foot and then broke his leg in his 3rd game back, out for an entire season and that just crippled him, never reached his potential. I have save scummed a couple of times but only when I felt justified, namely when I'd already played and won the match but lost the result due to a crash or power cut before an autosave, so I'll reload till I get the result (or one close) to how it happened the first time.
  4. Would really appreciate the option just to go "You only want to move to get more money" to players trying to engineer a move away to a moneybags team like PSG or Monaco. Twice this season in my Man Utd game I've had players who I'm trying to persuade to stay call my ambition of winning the Champions League 'unrealistic' and 'a false promise' when in my first season I was runner up and then won it last season. Or give the option to call them out in the press conferances or journalist questions. However it's done I just want a way to call a player a money grubbing whore (or maybe something more palatable like 'mercenary') rather than having to just put up with them leaving. EDIT: Just noticed that you can now give players a parting comment in a private conversation before confirming the transfer. That would be a nice place to have a "Enjoy your cash whilst my team wins everything you greedy punk" statement.
  5. And I thought my 2000-1 odds were big.
  6. Oh god yes scouts can be wrong. The situation that really highlighted this for me was a few FMs ago when one said a youth player had the potential to be "a lot better" than Lionel Messi. All my other scouts said he could be a decent premier league player, but that guy kept on saying he was going to make Messi look like a chump. I let him go at the end of his contract.
  7. What's the strangest name (named for a person or otherwise) you've seen in Football Manager. Right now I have Real Madrid playing at Milner Park, named after their greatest player James Milner. Now I'm from Leeds and a Newcastle fan so I think James Milner is awesome, but Real Madrid picking him as their best player ever?!
  8. In my 3 games, England, Italy and England again.
  9. I think if any German player has had a fake version of themselves in the Germany squad then that counts as them being declared for thier nation. Check the germany team for a player that's got his stats.
  10. I run FM10 in windowed mode and do other stuff, normally surfing web or watching DVDs. Has occasionaly led to me missing making a substitution if I've focused on the film/program I'm watching. I once tried an ultimate multitask of playing FM10, grind some rep on World of Warcraft and watch Top Gear on iPlayer at the same time, ended up making my head hurt.
  11. coolest player tricks on fm

    Had a player dribble past 2 opponents and blast in it. What made it a trick was a glitch that made the ball appear about half a yard behind where it actually was, so it looks like he was doing stepovers the entire way and then cast a spell on the ball to make it fly straight through the keepers hands.
  12. Would Fabien Barthez be classed as 'sweeper keeper' or just 'eccentric and made mistakes'?
  13. I tend to have 2 games going at a time, 1 pure and 1 where I cheat like a bitch (My self and some friends added as super players, use FMRTE to scout out good regens). The cheating game tends to go on longer and be more fun.
  14. I tend to have youth coaches for 4 reasons: 1- Established coaches with a good reputation tend to only want to come to my teams as first-team coaches. If I get a few of them in and lose some regular coaches then I'll need youth coaches to pick up the slack. 2- I might have decent coaches but they might not have a good enough "working with youngsters" rating. 3- The aformentioned scouting knowledge issue. 4- Sentimentality. If I have a player that's been with the club for a while retire and become a coach then I tend to hire them as youth coaches. If they turn out to be good, sweet, if not, it's not much of a loss, most of the time I have plenty of spare coach allotments from the board . And I don't know if any of these are in the game at all but I like to picture the old experienced player helping out the youngsters and the fans being happy that club icons and legends are still at the club in some way.
  15. New Idea - Scrap Fixed PA

    Don't forget that CA/PA isn't the be all and end all, they limit the total amount of stat points the player will have but which stats those points go into is also just as, if not more important. In my 'cheating' game, where I use FMRTE to find all the best players, I've had 2 190+ PA players fail to develope into effective players due to poor mental and hidden stats, and could have a 3rd on the way with my 197 PA striker having good tech and mental stats, but not a single physical stat over 13, including pace and aceleration both on 9. On the flip side I have a 170 PA winger regularly providing just as many goals and assists as my 2 190+ wingers, because although he has a lower PA he has developed the vital stats for his role. With focused training, players which may be just 'good' can become 'world class' in the current system.