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  1. Yes. At the qualification phase of Champions and esp. EURO cup a lot of teams from Soviet championship play vs each other. Interesting and difficult, as the Ukrainian teams will be considerably tough for Skonto.
  2. Thank you, comrade! It is rather simple, but I also managed to do this only last year. Maybe it was not possible with earlier manager versions. A) When you move a team from one country's competition to another country's competition, both Country and Based country are changed to that new one. What you need to do is to return "Based country" back to the country of origin. B) Now there is a difference: a) if a country has a championship supported by FM (active without the update) - it will be overridden by your update (marked with a triangle) - you do not need to make additional changes here. b) If it is not supported, by default FM tries to fiil the places by clubs with the corresponding "Country" paramerer. What you need is to leave in that country zero clubs with such parameter (copy them out to an inactive division). Then FM has no other clubs but those with "Based country" that are chosen from your championship. So it inserts them. Yep.
  3. Please, move my topic http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/243654-USSR-Championship to the editor download forum and add [FM13] to its title as I cannot change this myself. TIA
  4. No. 2 Russian teams qualify to the Champions cup and other 4 to the Euro cup as well as 2+4 Ukrainian 1+3 Belorussian and so on. And all of them play in the same championship. And if they do well and the country's euroscore grows the number of teams will increase. I didn't change anything in international cup rules. I just made the update compatible with them. Oooups. It was a last click mistake. Now the file is corrected and reuploaded. Try it anew.
  5. No, the national countries except for The USSR (Russia) are meant to be unplayable. As for the cups, there are five competitions: Soviet cup for all 498 teams. Soviet league cup for premier ans second tier teams. West, Central and East regional cups - for second to fourth tier teams. And of course the Super Cup between the Premier League and Soviet cup winner That is a lot already. I also plan to submit a new update version adding inter-season friendly competitions for the teams belonging to the same "Sport Society", e.g. Dinamo, Trudovye Rezervy, SKA, etc. But that will be just a small feature. As for Euro cup qualification through national cups - that feature obviously could not be supported, so the teams qualify only through their league standing.
  6. That was due to the fact that last year I didn't update my championship to 12.1.1. This year's version is sure to be compatible with 13.3.2. patch. The league fixtures will generate properly.
  7. Hi, Comrades! I submit to your attention the USSR Championship matching the teams from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other former Soviet republics. It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?pdhzb8u8vn626b9 Here is the table for the Soviet Premier League before the beginning of the new season. There are four competition levels, with three regional divisions at the second, six at the third and tvelwe at the fourth, altogether 22 competitions uniting 498 independent clubs. This is represents any team with a sizeable roster of players in the post-Soviet space. Here are the start tables of tier 2 divisions: Please note that the borders between all divisions have been thoroughly defined and tested, so the geographic distribution will remain as much correct as possible in the subsequent seasons. Furthermore the teams can participate in 5 domestic cup competitions. This year I've made special arrangements for participation in European competitions. Each country will delegate its teams corresponding to its rating and these teams will be taken from the USSR chapmionship correspondingly to their places taken. Let's see this at the example: here CSKA and Zenit qualify for the Champions league as top Russian teams, Shakhtar and Metalist as top Ukrainian teams and BATE despite being only 12th in the final stand also qualifies for the Champions league from Belarus. The representatives for other countries are taken from lower Soviet leagues. This update is being developed and improved for three years already. It contains tons of data about supporters, stadiums, city locations, derbies, etc. for all 498 featured teams, so you can choose and play any of them being sure that your income corresponds to your stature. I do not play FM now myself, but I've put a special effort into testing and making sure that it is fully compatible with the latest 13.3 database version. Political Disclamer: I do not anyhow dream of resurrecting the Soviet Union or deny the right of any post-soviet teams to play in their home competitions. It is only true that the united championship is much stronger and interesting to play in than any of the united championships apart.
  8. Dear comrades, thank you for your appreciation. It is really inspiring. Yes, it does. The latest update version has been designed for FM12.0.0 I believe that it works with FM12.1.1, which I've not tested myself because I've not played FM for several months already.
  9. SRKI, Booooom, you are free to use my USSR Championship in your projects. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/243654-USSR-Championship
  10. Dear Comrades! I've updated my USSR Championship update to FM 2012. It can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire.com/?pdhzb8u8vn626b9 I remind that this is the most thoroughly polished and complete USSR update ever released. It currently includes 462 clubs in 22 divisions on four tiers of championship pyramid + 6 cup competitions. The data about each club has been checked using all relevant sources and stadium capacity and attendance numbers have been corrected. For FM 2012 version: The leagues have been revised to reflect the real world changes (several teams ceased to exist, about 40 have been added to regional divisions (fourth level of the club pyramid)) I've also added a great number of small changes to improve the playablilty. See the top divisions before the beginning of the championship: The Soviet Premier League: The Second League - West The Second League - Center The Second League - East + 6 divisions of the Third League and 12 divisions of the Regional League, all and each team in them fully playable.
  11. Thank you, CCSUltra, your gratitude was a great stimule to continue working on the update.
  12. Dear Comrades! I've updated my USSR Championship to version 11.3 The main changes compared to my previous version are: 1) The cast of leagues rebalanced to match 11.3 changes. 2) Added the League cup (Premier and Second div.) and Regional Cups (West Central and East). 3) The championship is now played from spring to autumn (with Russian weather playing from autumn to spring is not fun because of extra-long winter pause). The USSR Championship for FM ver. 11.3 can be downloaded from http://www.mediafire.com/?6wxiu345v8j2kal
  13. No. It is not the point. The fact is in the default DB a lot of teams have zero money and zero attendance. So, I've fixed this and input veritable attendance figures for all professional teams. At each competitional level there is minimum starting money, which the teams get and which allows playing for virtually any team/ Nothing will prevent you from building a new stadium for DK. As of the previous year (before Gazzaev's devastation) DK was the leader of the USSR, winning one championship after another and not being anyhow hindered by awkward stadium. Of course, there are prises and TV money for all championship levels and the cup in the update. So, you gain money by winning.
  14. No. All 15 national teams are playable, clubs and players keep their nationality. They only all play in the same championship.
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