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  1. Another disappointing torno for Rooney, Billy Crooks is looking a real gem though. Who is he currently playing for?
  2. Galatasaray won a UEFA Champions League? Never thought I'd see that.
  3. Hell, it's worse in real life. We just sold Baldock .
  4. Nearly banged out the 2015 league with Notts Forest! Managed to get us up to 6th in the EPL so far, won the Carling cup, semis of the Europa league and final of the FA Cup. Lucky me.
  5. Fullham chairmen sell up shares following relegation from the EPL. It may have been called late but in the latest AGM meeting the shareholders of the company, including unresponsive chairmen Jordan Payne have came to a conclusion that for the club to prosper a new chairmen would have to be installed and a new manager, in light of this. Chairman Jordan Payne, head of the Payne construction company which spans over all of Europe has given up his spot to Vincent Deegan for a projected £75,000,000. It has been on the cards for a while since his refusal to sack Man United legend Steve Bruce and the fans have called on his rope, Jordan Payne's time at Fullham has not brought them much success but he may leave knowing full well he has left a club destroyed within. ((I'm heading out of Chairman manager, to inactive and I think someone else could fill my position better. For now I'm out, had some fun and thanks Toony! May be back later.))
  6. Them computer specs are pretty old, 1.66Ghz processor won't do much but the 3GB ram is alright. A good processor is what you need because a journeyman career with them specs would be extremely hard and slow.
  7. Seems like my tactic of keeping the same boss is paying off, 3rd place suits me well so far ;D hopefully he can keep that up!
  8. Jesus, 70 million? Thank God he's English --> Straight into English squad I'm guessing? Doing well Crouchy, I'm trying to get up to around 2030 on my save currently 2016 8).
  9. LOL, Peter Winkelman loves the club, we haven't got a supporters trust either lol but rest seems okay, hopefully we'll get to the premier league in real life!
  10. Keep me updated with my lovely MK Dons please, want to see how they're doing .
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