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  1. If you are carrying on this save after i would just start again with A and work your way back through but restrict it so yu can't go back to any of your previous clubs. I think i speak for many when i say we'd love to see you at Real Madrid
  2. use the search function it has been asked about 10 times in the past two weeks
  3. Wasnt much money to be made anyway. Talking of which, I'd like to cash out after my wins, how can i pick up my winnings Paul?
  4. there is a section of this forum for stories, post there, not on your site
  5. fingers crossed for you. Although it would be pretty interesting seeing ou in the championship next season, absolutely dominating
  6. minor error, i have placed two bets won two, not placed one won two
  7. Key for me is he said the manger had been sacked, not left. That rules out QP. Gonna Say £10 on QPR
  8. looks like the title is slipping out of reach. How is the Q watchh going?
  9. use the editor put them into a league with a small amount of teams no quick way to do it
  10. That'll happen when Real Madrid keep their next manager for 30 seasons
  11. Reckon this stay at Porto could end up being a good few more years yet
  12. He said to make it harder, they will all make it easier
  13. only use players from the youth academy. never buy anyone. Same for staff members, they can only be players in your team becoming staff
  14. Upload a clip if you believe this to be the case
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