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  1. With that rush hour traffic london bound traffic on the 127 in the morning? No thankyou
  2. Thats fantastic, really useful to see, thankyou. Will be interesting to track wages as you rise through the levels (if you ever get out of level 9) Is it wrong that I'm hoping squires gate offer you the job? North West counties would be another 9th tier league to tick off
  3. Any increase on the wage of your contract? Would be nice if you could show your waage in your career history going forwards to, it would help us see how vulnerable you are to poaching (higher wage less chance of being poached)
  4. Has anyone seen southgate leave the job? I think it might not be working correctly as he is a long way past his contract expiry date
  5. Hi, In previous years the england national team results would come to my inbox, in FM17 this isn't happening despite the fact i am 'following' them. How can I get these results to my inbox please. Also things like squad selections would be good to
  6. Just guessing to be honest but i suspect there is a significant jump for first round proper. Winning the other cups probably carries little if anything in terms of rep boost I would imagine
  7. Its about getting an FA Cup run, raise your rep high enough to be poached from the division above
  8. Now you are shaping yourself up for promotion watch Hullbridge step in and poach you
  9. Looks like Adam could spend a long time at level 9. How have Ipswich got on since you left?
  10. Currently abroad, will do so in a few days when i return
  11. Game crashes every time i go to staff responsibility and try to change who is responsible for providing advice on transfers and contracts. This happens no matter what day i do it on
  12. Good luck, can't wait to see you with the u21s
  13. Looking forward to seeing your progress with these guys. Hope you give some of the other legends for you at u19 level game time in the senior team as well as the created players
  14. Do you know of any real life deal done like that? No club would loan players on that basis
  15. I think the stickys at the top need removing, they are so log out of date and inaccurate, it creates a bad opening impression for new people
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