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  1. Its about getting an FA Cup run, raise your rep high enough to be poached from the division above
  2. Now you are shaping yourself up for promotion watch Hullbridge step in and poach you
  3. Looks like Adam could spend a long time at level 9. How have Ipswich got on since you left?
  4. Currently abroad, will do so in a few days when i return
  5. Game crashes every time i go to staff responsibility and try to change who is responsible for providing advice on transfers and contracts. This happens no matter what day i do it on
  6. Good luck, can't wait to see you with the u21s
  7. Looking forward to seeing your progress with these guys. Hope you give some of the other legends for you at u19 level game time in the senior team as well as the created players
  8. Do you know of any real life deal done like that? No club would loan players on that basis
  9. I think the stickys at the top need removing, they are so log out of date and inaccurate, it creates a bad opening impression for new people
  10. Also apologies to keep pestering but what do you think of this one relative to the others. http://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/a2-refurbished-acer-aspire-f5-571-50s0-intel-core-i5-5200u-8gb-1tb-intel-hd-a2-nx.g9zek.001/version.asp?refsource=LDadwords&crtag=LD&refsource=ldadwords&gclid=CjwKEAjwltC9BRDRvMfD2N66nlISJACq859157zlc2viXbNt5gYndacsVqnOMWGYB3yGiCN7HT5K5xoCpx7w_wcB
  11. Thanks for your help, I too was surprised, the old one ran FM so well, but this one is unusably slow and has been since i bought it. Which is more important for the day to day speed, and match speed, ram or processor . Just wondering so if i can save up a bit more I can see whteher i should be going for an i5 processor or more ram Also should say FM itself recognizes the new one as significantly worse. drops it to half a star performance with only one countries leagues loaded
  12. Computer 1: CPU - Core i3-4005U, RAM: 4GB Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics, Share Computer 2: CPU Intel® Pentium® Processor N3700, RAM: 4GB Graphics Card: Unsure Should computer 1 really be so much faster than computer 2? New Computer: Ideally Acer Laptop. Like 3D, career save up to 10 years, as fast as possible day to day. Budget: As low as possible seeing as I already bought a new laptop, max price approx £300
  13. Hi, I used to have a laptop Acer Aspire E5-571-304M which ran FM very well for me, 3D and fast processing (at least what I term fast). Unfortunately this broke so I went and bought and Acer Aspire ES1-531-P5SA thinking this was an upgrade. Unfortunately this laptop runs Football Manager exceptionally slow, taking me a very long time to run even a match, and I can walk away from the laptop going from one day to the next even if I really limit my leagues. Can someone offer me advice if the laptop I have bought is worse for FM than the old one or if its something else wrong. Also can someone please recommend an Acer laptop which will run FM slightly better than the original (I say it needs to be Acer cause I have a lot of spare parts (cables and batteries etc) which I would like not to waste). Please keep the price as cheap as possible as I only have limited money and want to spend as small amount as possible
  14. Please upload a save to the bugs forum, if you dn't do this the issue will likely be in next years game too
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