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  1. What are your rules behind quitting, if you get stuck in wales too long you could always try becoming unemployed
  2. Was almost expecting a last minute winner there, such has been the fairytail
  3. Champions league, your havin a laugh. Well done, very suspenseful reading through those posts. Now watch a tier 9 side poach you
  4. both the final games kicking off at the same time? Would be nice to see it done minute by minute match of the day style, build the suspense
  5. Its been a while since you had a proper setback, Bangor could be the making of you
  6. are you starting pre season early and hard, could be that even with rotation players are too tired
  7. I hear Barcelona often recruit the welsh premier league manager of the year, i suspect the job offer is in the post
  8. No champions league agaiun, such a shame. Still Europa League ain't to be sniffed at, just need to win the comp and get direct entry to champ group stages...
  9. What are the exact conditions that trigger being able to offer a testimonial to a player
  10. Restoring that welsh co-efficient, have TNS kicked off their european campaign yet?
  11. Where i can only see the player with the absolute most, can't see the one with the most out of your current squad like you used too
  12. Time to rest players in the league to concentrate on the cup i think
  13. I wasn't saying he should be able to have one, I was asking when he would be able to. As the only condition i know of is the ten year rule, do you know what the other condition is ie over 30 years old (or 32/24 etc
  14. What are the FM conditions to be able to offer a testimonial, i know about the ten year thing, but there must be others involved (see example below) I am Aston Villa and still have Jack Grealish with me in year 2023/24 According to his career history he Joined the club in 2011/12 made his first appearance for the club in 2013/14 spent some time out on loan in 2013/14 Is currently 27 year old So he has been at the club over ten years, and it has also been over 10 years since his first appearance, yet i still cannot offer him a testimonial. When will I be able to do this?
  15. How long has their manager been there? Are they regularly changing due to the manager getting better offers, or is one guy camped in position
  16. 14 years without a trophy now, could do with changing that soon, throw everything at a cup next year?
  17. not a bug but why would it mean your screwed, same rules for all teams
  18. Really? cause i have looked through you post history and you have never reported it. If you had seen a bug many times why would you not report it?
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