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  1. Shouldnt this thread be deleted now, everything is out of date.
  2. 5th round - Montenegro Qtr final - Georgia semi final - Georgia final - Netherlands Winner Argentina
  3. It is now my lifes ambition to get Gibralta to win the WKC, hopefully others join me in the cause
  4. looking forward to the next interactive question. Can i ask a question, is Gibralta included in this?
  5. dominating win for burkina faso there, can they make it further though
  6. Dont be an idiot, the match engine cant distinguish between you and the AI
  7. but that one ws never really completed, I would like to see what the scene was like after 20 years. How many make it back, how many conference clubs still in the tp league
  8. What if all the premier league clubs were in the Conference and all the Conference teams were in the premier league
  9. Maybe you have your players in bad positions in the set piece creator, come up with a better system there
  10. 20 year is a fixed rule, either you lost track of time on your experience or you are entirely making it up
  11. Look at the dates, that was an older version of FM. However if you think you have a bg post in the bugs forum (clue is in the name) not general discussion
  12. I can get it to work during a game, just not outside of a game looing back on previous matches
  13. Can't work out how to get it to show average positions for previous matches. When I click select all, and choose overall (or any of the other options) nothing happens. Doubt it's a bug so put it in general discussion as its most likely me being an idiot
  14. Hi, When i try to select a new position for my player to be trained in i can't as the option is grayed out. This is the same for every single one of my players. How can i fix this?
  15. are you using a high energy tactic, such as very high tempo, as that will naturally reduce condition quicker. Or it may be that the players you are signing just all happen to have low fitness, try signing fitter players even at the expense of better skills
  16. no you can't rearrange the match an hour before the start of the match, supporters would be very unhappy
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