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  1. I have much succes with this setup in my Parma save, and got a little bit curious about this Roger Schmidt. I just looked Roger Schmidt up in the editor and saw under general informations, that he likes to use following tactical roles. Sweeper keeper, wingback, ball-playing defender, wide midfielder, inside forward, advanced forward, false nine. I dont know if this is accurate compared to real life?
  2. Thank you for your inputs! I will try to add your suggestions to my tactic
  3. Hi everyone I am trying to replicate the way Juventus played the last season before being caught in the Calciopoli scandal. They had a great season, but Fabio Capello where known for using a rigid and defensive style of play and overall a nerve-racking type of football, as they tried to pull a narrow victory home. First of all I didn't see Juventus much that season- because I couldn't see them on television. So I am really looking for some help to set up this tactic, I have searched through various forums and pretty much whole google before I chose to post this thread My first toughs of the tactic: Formation: 442 Starting Strategy: Counter Philosophy: Rigid or very rigid? Passing: Default or short? Creative Freedom: default Closing down: Press more Tackling: Default Marking: Zonal Crossing: Default Roaming: Default I have too many ideas how to set-up player roles and duties that it would bee too inaccurate, so I really appreciate some help by some who saw Juventus that season. Sources: http://www.football-lineups.com/season/Juventus/2005-2006/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005–06_Juventus_F.C._season
  4. Hi Lovesleaper, great work as usual!. I remember you did the tactical Central & Insight '09, where you also made a set called "the Capello" http://translated.by/you/tactical-central-and-insight-implementing-tactics-for-fm09/original/?page=1, which I used quite often. Can you make/ explain The Capello for FM 11? Keep up the good work!