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  1. My competing product does not exist. I'm not a software developer and to say you can't criticise a product, or aspect of a product, unless you're creating a better competing product is a ridiculous positon to take. By that logic nobody could ever criticise any aspect of anything unless they were doing the same thing better. Internet gone down? Start your own ISP. Power cuts? Build your own power station or stop complaining Food undercooked in a restaurant? You're not a chef so less moaning The media questions would not be a difficult fix though I'm more than open to being
  2. Or it could be viewed as laziness on the developers part if an easily fixable aspect isn't looked at? A major annoyance to me, alongside weird half baked graphics, is the media questions - often repetitive, bland, unrealistic and very often completely irrelevant. They have been for many years now with even the same daft unrealistic questions still being asked - When did you last hear a RL manager being asked to single out a specific opposition player as a weak link? Utterly stupid game design for what is the best football simulation out there and seemingly only in there due to some lack o
  3. Couple of quick questions Kimz. By this do you mean that I should tight mark and hard tackle every one of the opponent's outfield player apart from the DC? And I notice that the defenders in your tactic are set up to man-mark. Should I assign them to the opposition or just leave them as is? Thanks.
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