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  1. If you play in South America, it's not unusual to see players who are 100% owned by their agents. In real life this happens and basically means the players are technically loaned to each club, in FM it means you have the players contracted but when you eventually sell them, no matter what the transfer fee you won't see a penny. Pretty annoying when it is a young star and you could make 5m+ for him with a European move.
  2. Valencia have just gone down to the Liga Adelante in my game (2021-2)
  3. Try out South America, most leagues run twice a season and they both count as full championships! Unfortunately in FM15 Argentina has reverted to one a season, but before you could play two league seasons, the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and Copa Argentina all in one year. I'm sure a few clean sweeps would see Sir Alex sweating before too long! If not Brazil is a good one, with the State Championships and National. Mexican teams too can enter both the Libertadores and CONCA Champions League, and there are two titles a season. Those leagues would be good starting places.
  4. So you wouldn't have had the money to bid for him anyway with a total fee of 28m, plus I'm guessing an extra 2,3m in signing on fee and agent fees? It seems like you and Manchester City were pretty much on equal terms with the bidding, you put in a bid of 21m and they held out for 38, knowing that a counter-offer would most likely give them around 30 as it did with Citeh. You should have gone one more round of negotiations, although with the new minimum set at 28m sadly it looks like you were priced out. I've never seen any bias towards AI managers in terms of transfers, and there are always bargains out there.
  5. Tell that to the coach of my team, last weekend our striker went down after clashing with the keeper, took a knock but was allowed to carried on. Went on to score a goal, but after the game it turned out he tore a cruciate ligament. Extreme case but I'm sure coaches have to make those decisions in pretty much every match.
  6. I usually load about 20, 25 different countries (80 leagues maybe) and have the engine absolutely crawling, because I just can't enjoy the game with only a handful of places to go. Sure, I might not coach in Venezuela, Costa Rica or Honduras this save, but I like to have the option of doing so should I choose
  7. I play with a similar line-up, and also experienced issues with scrappy play, more than anything in the middle of the pitch. I decided the issue was with the DLP who slowed down play too much around the centre circle, while the wingers and forward moved away and were out of reach for a short passing game. This led to sideways or backward passes, and little goal action. The step I took to remedy this was putting the CM A as an advanced playmaker, with the former DLP attacking as another holding man in the middle. That meant my AP now dictated the tempo, playing the ball through from the final third and picking out the front 3 runners. It's a small switch but an example of how fine-tuning can revitalise the team. You always have the option of going back, too, if the new set-up begins to struggle.
  8. I had one save featuring a 42-year-old box to box midfielder, who could still produce the goods every now and then.
  9. Sadly the league is absolutely correct in structure, each team plays once for 29 games and then they play the derby rival again to round up to 30. This one we can't pin on SI, but it means I won't buy FM15 cos of AFA's craziness!
  10. Couldn't have answered better myself, it's probably the main reason I haven't bought FM15 and I'll most likely wait until the AFA sort it out before buying again. Not SI's fault of course, we're suffering in real life too! The Boca issue is an interesting one, they do tend to dominate. I guess it's hard to replicate a league where two teams (along with River) should win everything like Barca and Madrid due to fanbase, finances, attendances etc but for whatever reason are pretty well-matched in real life. FM15 players, does the league structure change at all after 2015? Or are you stuck with 30 teams for eternity?
  11. I also never play in England. Still on FM14 (mainly because in 15 the Argentine league is messed up) and had a great save building up Real Sociedad from down in the Adelante. Also had a fun run with Danubio in Uruguay, who have a brilliant academy, and in Argentina managed success with Atlanta and now Racing. I've got a few Central American leagues loaded, what I'd like to do next is move to a giant in Costa Rica, Honduras or Guatemala. It takes all sorts...
  12. I think the costs are quite negligible. But something related, have you been upgrading the junior coaching and youth recruitment? These do suck your finances hard if you are on a small budget, at one low-income club I managed these were excellent and it was actually my biggest expense each month.
  13. Exactly, what no coach in their right mind would do is set him loose to stop the man in possession alone, with the instruction to go in hard.
  14. If Medel does a better job winning the ball and with less cards as a CM D, what's the problem? What's so important about using this particular role that you'd rather play with 10 men every other match? It's not gamey, it's common sense, the best coaches Medel has had have all made him play in a way that tempers his wilder streak, such as Bielsa playing him in defence so he could not dive into hopeless 50-50s in the middle..
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