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  1. Just as a slight insight mate, I recall Southampton waiting something like 10 years and looking at around 2 or 3 area's before finally being able to build St Mary's Stadium which funnily enough is in the St Mary's area of Southampton lol Was a nightmare as we really needed to get a new stadium with a bigger capacity and it seemed that every corner we looked around the council put a massive no on it!
  2. That's nothing guys, I witnessed Torres scoring 4 yes I repeat and spell FOUR goals in 1 game! That is just scandalous! At the rate he's going it'll be more than his entire league record this season in just 1 game
  3. Hello guys, I am completely stumped on this! All I am trying to do is move the position of the boxes on the main screen over to the side a bit more, I have managed to put my own picture to the main screen and want to move the boxes so you can see more of the picture! The picture I have chosen makes the guy stand out alot more and I feel it would look fantastic if I can move the boxes over a bit to bring the picture out a bit more
  4. Legends/All Stars Teams

    I believe a Legends db has been released on the forum, can't find it right now but will keep an eye open for you mate
  5. 1995-96 Downdate (FM12)

    If I could get a copy of the db they had started I would consider tryin to finish it after I finished my Hampshire regional db! Unknown Hacker, good luck mate! Looking forward to seeing what it is you do and will be happy to help in any way I can with Saints (depending on how far back you go)
  6. [WIP FM2012] Hampshire Nation

    I completely overlooked that part of it, how silly of me lol
  7. [WIP FM2012] Hampshire Nation

    Reserved for McRichie for future use
  8. Hampshire Premier League - 8 teams - play each team twice then the league is split, play each team in your half twice for 20 games. Top team are champions bottom team are relegated, following 2 teams compete in a relegation play-off. Hampshire Division One - 10 teams - play each team twice then the league is split, play each team in your half twice for 28 games. Top team are champions and promoted, following 4 teams compete in a promotion play-off, 2 bottom teams are relegated Hampshire Non-League Divisions - These will be split into 2 divisions and named Hampshire West and Hampshire East. Top teams win promotion to Hants First Division following 4 teams compete in a promotion play-off Hampshire Cup - All teams enter straight knockout. Hampshire League Cup - Top 2 divisions straight knockout. Hampshire Non-League Cup - Hampshire East and West clubs compete in a straight knock-out Hampshire Super Cup - Winner of each cup and top 2 from first division enter in a mini preseason tournament with a group stage and a final. Version 1 will only include teams I can find in the database, in time I may decide to create other clubs but due to other commitments this will not be spoken about just yet. I have set no deadline for completion of this project as it will be done as and when I have time (Due to being unemployed at the moment I do have a bit more time on my hands than I otherwise would) although I would like to release a final version of sorts by the end of the year. I stress this is a personal goal and not a guarantee! Please bare with me on this as it is the first time I have done anything as big as this and so far am really enjoying it. Also I thought I should mention that some teams have come out of extinction to bulk out the numbers! COMPLETED SO FAR Create Hampshire Nation (with help from nine_iron) Change city nationality (with help from nine_iron) Change person nationality (with help from nine_iron) Create Hampshire Premier League Add clubs to HPL Change clubs nationality Created Hampshire Division One Add clubs to HD1 Created Hampshire West/East Regional Created Hampshire West Division Created Hampshire East Division Add clubs to HDW/E Sorted English Leagues so England is playable
  9. 43 Games Unbeaten

    Coming from another Saints fan, which ever way you look at it Hudds are on a good run! We got REALLY lucky last season to nick 2nd ahead of them considering they didn't loose in the whole of 2011 to the end of the season! To say they never lost or maybe even only lost once in the whole of 2011 I think ANY team would accept that, any team from Hudds to Saints to Man City! Regardless of whether the Play-Off Final counts as a loss in this run it's still an excellent run
  10. Non-Football Costs?

    I remember reading about this in the past and I'm sure someone said it could be stupid things like electric bills as not alot of it would be footballing costs. I know it sounds a little stupid but would make it a bit more realistic to have an estimated bill due to 2 things. 1, It's something owners have to take into account when running a club and 2, most bills are estimated anyway so it sounds VERY realistic to me lol
  11. When I get scout reports I usually check the stats before actually reading the report itself and make an educated guess, then I go on to read the report and see if my eg matches in anyway to my scouts report
  12. Is Pirating a game ever ok?

    It sucks to be you and in all fairness mate your running on a VERY fine line here. Talking about Piracy can end up in your account being deleted. Slightly on topic the only way I have ever pirated anything in my life is to make a copy of DVDs, Music etc... so my original copies stay in there box and in good condition
  13. Question about takeovers

    It's the same as in Spain really, they elect a president of the club so in theory they can't be sold which is why I think they can only have the promotion from within. I'm not 100% certain with the whole presidential election thing but I'm guessing you need to have some kind of job within the club to be entitled to run in the election but someone may be able to correct me on this
  14. 1995-96 Downdate (FM12)

    Real shame if it is, have been looking forward to it but understand it's a massive amount of work!
  15. Coming Soon: A New Country!

    In all fairness going by your opening post it sounds alot like England lol