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  1. I actually play Cook as defensive DLP + Wanyama as BWM is good enough midfield.. i think BTW, my FM save is really bizarre.. in 2018-2020 Norwich, Aston Villa and Leicester are top 4 sides.. playing Champions League and all.. and theyre doing so without any decent players. Meanwhile Arsenal and ManU fighting for the place in top 7. Really strange.
  2. Its only January but finally in my 4th season im fighting for the top4 spot. Only lack of quality right inside forward stopping me from challenging the title.. Tried to sign Bale, but he joined Chelsea instead already had an agreement with Domenico Berardi, but he got injured for 5 months so canceled the deal.. my biggest prospect is out for 9 months! and all my current players are crap in AMR Signed Odegaard in January, so I hope im done with that position.. My current team: Interesting January fixtures: Btw Bayern offered 60m for Cook
  3. He refused to even negotiate a contract with me and joined benfica instead
  4. Wow, what an amazing deal. I've been trying to sign him from the start of the game and he always refuses to join me He's the only player in the game that I desperately want in my team.
  5. Had a poor first season in the PL, finished only 8th.. no Europe means that half of my squad wouldn't get enough playing time. Season haven't started yet and players like Ben Arfa, Wilshere, Tielemans and Wanyama already moaning going to be a tough season. Some of you bought Mammana, is he world class? I agreed a deal with him, but now I noticed that I can buy Romagnoli, who looks amazing, but a bit pricey ~ 40m..
  6. Nope, sorry. I only have a save game from one day after the final..
  7. My (Leeds United) star player (Wood) and main goalkeeper (Dragowski) missed championship playoff final cause they were out on international duty. Wood joined his New Zealand squad to play in OFC Nations Cup starting a day before my final - its kinda understandable, but I dont think Leeds would allow him to miss MOST IMPORTANT game in clubs recent history in real life. But Dragowski is even more strange.. he missed it for his NT friendly game, where hes only 3rd choice GK.. I had playoff final on may 28, and Poland had a friendly only on june 1! Thats 4 days later, and he was still unavailable..?! I dont know if its a bug or not, but really strange nevertheless. Good thing i won the final, otherwise Id be fuming
  8. Yeah, kinda annoying though.. that would never happen in real life.. Fairly cheap, all wanted out and Lukaku was transfer listed Lukaku - 13 Barkley - 15 Stones - 19
  9. Everton got relegated, so..
  10. Great find! Trying to get him on loan. Gained promotion in the first season, although lost last 4 games and dropped to 4th, but won the playoffs quite easily. Encountered a bug though.. in the playoff final, my star player (Wood) and main GK were away on international duty was planing to moan in the bug forum, but won the game so whatever Just finished building my team for the first season in the Premier League.. aiming for Europe. Have some doubts about Taylor, but going to give him a chance anyway.. well, at least until January..
  11. Preferences > Confirmation Dialogs > Reset Resets ALL though..
  12. Yeah, but my other player got exact same injury and his pace slowly declined by ~0.5 in 4 weeks, not in one day.. And my star player was out for 4 month with broken foot and also slowly declined by only ~1.. Meanwhile that guy had his almost all attributes go up (green arrow a bit up) while his pace gone down by 3 in a day (straight red arrow down), so its very unusual.. And he did not recover. But if you say thats normal than I have no problem with it, just never seen this before. Thanks.
  13. Don't want to create new thread, so ill ask it here.. Is it normal that my players pace (nothing else) dropped from 15 to 12 in one day after injury (strained knee ligaments for few weeks)? Playing FM for 10 years and never seen this happen..
  14. Its random and was happening in all FMs. Sometimes it goes back to the top, sometimes it stays where it should..
  15. Real world moral dilemma in FM?

    Antonio Puerta was my team captain, best player and club legend at Fiorentina.. Uninstalled the game after his death