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  1. When i first started the game i had General Training on Tactics, Intensity V High and No rest after game. these setting were all Pre season in an effort to get Tactics upto fluid as quickly as possible. Two or Three games into league matches i read Post No 3 in this thread. Once my Tactics were upto Fluid (Getting to Fluid quicker seems to have improved since FM14) i then dropped General Training to Balanced, Intensity to Average and allowed Rest after Match. My only concern was that dropping Intensity to Average might affect the Tactics fluidity but fingers crossed 12 games this appears not to have happened.
  2. I think people need to look at their training methods. I like others was having a horrendous time with injuries (Training very high intensity/not resting after game in pre season). After reading a Reply from SI about lowering different aspects of training i find that the injury situation has sorted itself out. I still get injuries it is to be expected but none more that would make me believe that there is an injury bug. Post No3 in this thread.
  3. I have noticed that when you start a new game and take over a Team, in my case Newcastle, all the players who are away on loan do not have the option to recall them in their loan contract. I would really like to recall Ben Arfa and Mbiwa. Is this a bug or intentional. Comments please.
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