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  1. Best thing to do is work out exactly what you're losing money on to be able to plan around it. Look at your expenditure tab in finances and see where the big losses are coming from. If you're in debt and paying back loans regularly then that may explain it, otherwise it will likely be a mixture of a low stadium capacity and higher than sustainable (even if below budget) player wages. Either way until you are at a point where your natural income improves you will likely have to consider relying primarily on free transfers and loans with low wages involved. Any players you sell consi
  2. Pretty sure if you change the based nation (must be based nation - not nation) for a team to the country you want regens to appear from then it will produce them in game - So hypothetically if you took a premier league team and made them based in spain - it would produce spanish regens. This can only be done in pre game editor - not in game.
  3. Thank you for making this skin, makes the game look so much better imo. Great job.
  4. If you're having trouble getting it to work via steam then an alternative I use is to copy the file and paste it into onedrive - provided both computers are signed in to the same onedrive it will then upload and can be moved across - just have to put it back in the right folder.
  5. I find that with hiring staff if you look to hire people with the same nationality as where you are playing then they accept lower contracts. As soon as you approach those of a different nationality the wage demands are much higher and almost always inaffordable for lower league clubs. Not sure if you've tried filtering staff members so as to only find those from Slovenia but that could help, even if attribute wise they don't measure up to the alternatives. (this being the case in previous fm's as well to my knowledge, no idea if it's worse this time around though)
  6. I know for a fact that if I attempted to load all leagues my game would grind to a halt - my game is as slow as I can tolerate (2 stars if I'm lucky) on 60k players so to more than double that would not be feasible for me. My previous post was not intended to dismiss your views or anyone elses but to explain why some would not agree with them. To play with all leagues loaded may solve the youth intake problem but for me and I am sure others it is not a feasible option. For me the game is not playable, nor in a good state for that reason. It is good that some people are not limited b
  7. To be fair if the game is broken for almost everyone who plays a small setup then that's a sizable portion of its player base. Not everyone has the computer specs to play with all leagues loaded and it is possible to get a good spread of players on smaller databases through the advanced options. In that sense and for all of those players the game is not in an acceptable state as it currently stands. I imagine it is those people who are the focus of this thread rather than those with the ability to load every league.
  8. That's completely fair enough and kinda what I expected. Hopefully SI do take note of the people who want that variation and release an official one but it seems unlikely. Thanks for the answer.
  9. Out of curiosity are you planning on a light skin for this too? Used the TCS skins in 19 & 20 and really liked them but find the default skins a bit harder on the eyes. Thanks for your great work
  10. Any scout reports for players will show the star ratings compared to your current players. Then you could look at your current players reports to see how they are judged to be in relation to the league you play in. That way if a player coming in is a bit lower or higher in star ratings than your current lot you can work out exactly how good they are in relation to league and if they are a good buy.
  11. Started my lower league save and have been turned down for some jobs in serie c and been accepted for a mid table serie c side. Seems reasonable enough to me.
  12. I haven't tested on 21 yet though I imagine it will work the same. Again just switch the based nation to Faroe Islands and you're set... That being said I hear brexit rules are quite strict this time round (though again letting players in the country be treated as non foreign I think - someone with better knowledge of brexit would probably be able to confirm that) For now I'm avoiding managing in the UK, and holding off on trying to get foroyar to be the dominant team in Denmark whilst I focus on making Ajaccio and corsican players the best in France. So many plans for saves and so littl
  13. Although it's not in the vanarama North or south, instead in the national league Notts County is one of the oldest clubs in the UK. Recently relegated from the football league it hasn't been in the top flight for almost 30 years. Well in need of finding its way back to the top and with reasonably good facilities and finances for its level it could be a good challenge for you.
  14. Generally type #1... But I have a different system and overall career goal in mind for every save rather than reusing old formations and tactics. I try not to play at the same clubs in any of my saves to keep them unique. Each save I will keep to my system no matter what and keep/sell players on their consistency and effectiveness with my tactics. Not too fussed if that means selling big players as it just means more money to build the team that suits me.
  15. So after simulating past Brexit with York on FM20 (who I changed in the pre game editor to have based nation of Faroe Islands and also based in a city in the Faroe Islands - Do not change nation to Faroe as this will prevent the league from being able to be selected) I can confirm that they have Faroese regens. In regards to Brexit, in my save the following caveat was in the rules 'EU players already playing in the UK will be given special status to allow them to be treated as non foreign and will not require a work permit'. I presume because of this I did not have any problems with ren
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