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  1. Although it's not in the vanarama North or south, instead in the national league Notts County is one of the oldest clubs in the UK. Recently relegated from the football league it hasn't been in the top flight for almost 30 years. Well in need of finding its way back to the top and with reasonably good facilities and finances for its level it could be a good challenge for you.
  2. Generally type #1... But I have a different system and overall career goal in mind for every save rather than reusing old formations and tactics. I try not to play at the same clubs in any of my saves to keep them unique. Each save I will keep to my system no matter what and keep/sell players on their consistency and effectiveness with my tactics. Not too fussed if that means selling big players as it just means more money to build the team that suits me.
  3. So after simulating past Brexit with York on FM20 (who I changed in the pre game editor to have based nation of Faroe Islands and also based in a city in the Faroe Islands - Do not change nation to Faroe as this will prevent the league from being able to be selected) I can confirm that they have Faroese regens. In regards to Brexit, in my save the following caveat was in the rules 'EU players already playing in the UK will be given special status to allow them to be treated as non foreign and will not require a work permit'. I presume because of this I did not have any problems with ren
  4. I have played past FM versions in denmark and norway and found the financial situation of norweigan clubs to be extremely low in comparison. There is much more room for improvement and challenging at top levels in denmark than in norway... If you built a team in norway that reached the quarter finals of champions league then no doubt you will be very capable of replicating that success in denmark. For england I think with FM21 brexit can still happen in different ways so luck would play a role in how you are affected by those rules. If you did change York to still play in vanarama but be
  5. At a glance it's difficult to say what level of the danish football system Foroyar play at - the division they are in (lower divisions) is the 5th down (however it is the umbrella league for all teams lower than div 4). That league contains over 350 clubs on FM20 editor so realistically if you were to start a game with them you would need to download a modded database with the full danish pyramid system. If you did this bear in mind you would have to rise through numerous (I imagine more than 5 promotions but can't find enough information to say for sure) before you reach the top league and th
  6. You will need to adjust it yourself via the pre game or in game editor. As Gazza88 said, there have been RCA listed in both editors in previous years so I expect that will be the same - Any changes you make will therefore display what the CA should be set at so it's as simple as changing the number to match the RCA. Any decreases you make similarly will lower the RCA of the player and unless you change the CA to match it those changes will not take place (instead the remaining attributes to reach the higher number will likely be randomly allocated to match position). That's why the
  7. I've had to reinstall Windows 10 today and have been unable to get FM 21 to recognise my Radeon RX 560 graphics card. Instead it seems to be defaulting to my intel graphics card. When I load the game up the manager man is blurry (not an issue as such but alerted me to the problem) and the star rating for the graphics capability of this PC is 1 star (it should be 5). I have changed the graphics settings both in Windows and the AMD control centre so that by default the computer is under gaming mode and that FM specifically should be under high performance and as such utilising the RX graphi
  8. Without looking at the editor I would say to change up to 8 attributes by a max of say 12 points would likely push the CA from 140 to 146-149. The increase all depends on the attribute in question and the players position, so changing tackling by 1 on a defender would likely see the CA raise by 1 also. Changing off the ball in contrast would likely see less change with each increase.
  9. Fair enough, just seemed such a small number for a second division side but good to know for sure. Thanks.
  10. That's a fair point, I haven't come across it myself but can imagine in some leagues where there is wide gaps between teams it could lead to such an imbalance.
  11. A really good guide but can I make a suggestion regarding a middle point between the two below setups Loading top 5 leagues and top 2 in South America playable and top 20 as view only with players loaded from the top 20 nations with the advanced-db option: Loading top 5 leagues and top 2 in South America playable and all others as view only with players loaded from all nations with the advanced-db option (ca 194k players): Loading top 5 leagues and top 2 in SA playable and in terms of the advanced database, rather than loading everything from all nations, loading only players w
  12. Slavoj Vysehrad have their stadium listed as 'Slavoj Vysehrad' with 200 capacity. According to what I can find online they actually play at Stadion Evzena Rosickeho (capacity 19032) https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/fk-slavoj-vysehrad/stadion/verein/18858 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Slavoj_Vyšehrad I'm not entirely sure if these links are accurate so correct me if i'm wrong? Just checked as it seemed 200 capacity was an error?
  13. A good way to ensure you get a good selection of players from across the world is to do a custom database with all international players, continental rep and national rep players for each continent loaded. Ensures the top players for each region are present as well as regens. That way you don't need the leagues themselves loaded so speeds up processing a bit. Combine that with any leagues you plan on playing in for that save (for me it's always different) and it works pretty well. Usually ends up at between 55000 and 65000 players.
  14. To be fair though it's not quite as simple as that. It won't just be one attribute that takes a hit, it would be closer to every attribute dropping by at least one. (checked in the editor for a player and it's actually more than that.) So it's a choice between a player who can make the most of his (lower) technical attributes but may not make as good decisions or read the game so well or a player who reads and responds to the game more effectively but is hindered by a bad foot. I'd personally err for the middle ground between the two but everyone will prefer something
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