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  1. Hi I also forgot to mention the graphics card is a Geforce 940MX 2GB GDDR5?
  2. Hi, I've just bought http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-17-7779-2-in-1-laptop/pd?oc=cn77903&model_id=inspiron-17-7779-2-in-1-laptop and realised it's a 2 core processor 7th generation i7. My current inspiron is a 3rd generation i7-3630qm 2.4ghz quad core processor. Would I notice any difference in performance with a quad core to a 2 core with a game like fm? I am assuming the spec of that laptop is more than good enough to play fm anyway? I also wanted to ask if the graphics card is good enough to run the 3d match engine at the highest settings? Thanks in advance.
  3. What have you changed your player roles to? Are you still using a much higher line?
  4. Your making good progress. You won't get any decent money though until you have an fa cup run or something. What attendances are you getting at Brunton Park whilst your stadium is developed?
  5. Hi, I've been playing as Workington and my board started to build a new stadium after first season. This has now been expanded to capacity(28k) which I fill every week and have done for about 6 years. Won 4 champs leagues back to back...in 2027 now (stadium is 12 years old). Is there any chance I will get a new stadium soon or does the 20 year rule still apply on FM 13?
  6. This happened to me too. Change to a diff currency, exit the game and restart it. Then change back to the currency you want after the restart and it should work. That's what I did with mine.
  7. Great run in the league that. Shame about opening 3 games but top with a game in hand and unbeaten in 15 league games can't be bad!
  8. Yeah but if your trying to be realistic there is no way a Penrith manager would ever get the England job would they without higher level experience?
  9. There's something fundamentally wrong with the game if you take the England job whilst managing Penrith....do you have it on International for you manager history?
  10. Nicely done. There's a lot more money in the FA Trophy than the FA VAse but will be a much more difficult tourn to do well in. You going to do this save until you reach prem/champs league?
  11. Hmmm. Strange one although I think you'll find it hard to effectively man mark the opp's holding mid with urs because they will very rarely get close on the pitch. I'm really not sure then. It seems to work fine for me I play 4 (2 fbs and 2cbs)-1(AncMan)-2 (dlp sup and adv play attack)-2 (2 wingers)-1 (advanced forward as lone striker). I dominate most games with that. And I use the shout hassle opponents (have you tried this) and max pressing and my players always press and hassle the opposition.
  12. King of Pilot - "You can probably do something to change this but as you said - you do not want to change formation or push your line further up which is understandable, your midfielders should close down oppsition in these areas no matter what kind of formation you use. I have same issues, for example i set my hardworking DM to close down and tight mark opp midfielder yet this rarely happens. Hope this will be fixed. " It could be that ur dm is tightly marking the more advanced players and not the opposition midfield? I'd say that ur telling ur dm 2 contradicting things there. Telling him to press but also mark. If you press someone they have the ball. If you mark someone they don't... so he won't press the ball whilst marking someone who doesn't?
  13. Does anybody know how to train a gks aerial ability or if it is not possible? I have searched a fair bit but can't find a definitive answer... Is the stat affected by multiple stats such as handling jumping strength etc or is it a stand-alone stat? Thanks for any feedback.
  14. As I said it isn't perfect but it's a solution. And i do agree that in terms of pure pace they don't leave defences for dust but if you watch people like Ben Arfa or Hazard closesly irl they ghost past pretty much every full back no matter the ability of the full back. I'm also assuming that most people watch matches on key highlights. On FM13 key highlights only show clear cuts and really good chances. Chances are if you watch the full match your full backs would be in a better position more often or would stop the winger quite regularly but because most people watch key highlights the only highlights they see are generated because the winger has managed to beat his man or w/e, so it in effect it looks like they are being beaten every time but in reality they aren't. Or as Immanuel suggested putting an amazing cross everytime but the ME won't show the poor crosses on key highlights... This gives a tainted view of the ME IMO...
  15. A huge number top teams now play an anchor man to cover full backs and protect the back 4 IRL. I'm not making excuses, only offering a potential solution. I know there are problems but the players he chose to outline the point are pretty much worldclass players and wingers don't track back..if you play wide mids or defensive wingers they track back a lot more...still not saying its perfect but it helps.
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