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  1. another SI FLOP

    badum pum pshhh i got it for free anyway LOLLLLLLLL
  2. another SI FLOP

    for fm12 u jew
  3. another SI FLOP

    i can call them what i want when ive paid £30 for the game
  4. I hate the fact that i've just taken over Valencia, who's manager was sacked for being useless. But now every single press conference I have is mentioning about me feeling under pressure and close to the sack, and my players have "Lost faith in my abilities due to the underachievement of the team" despite none of it being my fault For christ sake i've won 3 of my 4 games in charge. if this carries on SI u aint gettin my £30 scums
  5. which keeper is better?

    massimo taibi
  6. Lack of Postponements

    hhhmm around december jan with blyth there have been more like 2/3 postponements games at one time
  7. i vud like to know if this patch 11.2 can be used with the russian version . thanks
  8. I thought Man Utd were in debt?

    lol @the fanboys backing that xavi decision just admit SI flopped it lol
  9. it doesnt matter if hes still finishing 23 goals in 18 isnt good enough for you LOL smh
  10. wat do u mean hes not a great finisher can you not see how much hes scored?
  11. [FM11] Messi? Nah...

    i wish i had the time u have
  12. [FM11] The Rise of the Spartans

    Quick Update- 1st in League 2 currently 19 points clear of Second Place MK Dons 34 games have gone... Gauthier Mahoto is a GOD what a genius been with me since BSN hes like my child... as ive mentioned full updates coming next week 16th december!!
  13. [FM11] The Rise of the Spartans

    hey mate yeh i will follow your career thread thanks.. im sorry but i have to disagree i think the team was weak only robert dale looked good but even he got released lol i suppose i shoudve given them a chance but i didnt want to hang about in the BSN and wanted to get it wrapped up pretty quickly thanks mate.. like Raware mentioned im in league 2 currently and it looks like league 1 awaits.. I have saved all the main screenshots which i need to include will post everything up next week when uni finishes
  14. [FM11] The Rise of the Spartans

    thanks i will update properly its just that theres so much uni deadlines i have to meet lol