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    Argues with Officials

    I have a couple of players with this trait, both of them has low professionalism (9-10) and low temperament (5-7) (Used CMScout to see this) and both of them never gotten a yellow card from talking back to official although I have seen an opponent got carded for arguing so I don't know if it makes any difference. I believe that the chance of a player getting carded for arguing is so small that it really doesn't make any big difference if he have the trait or not
  2. "without limiting his attacking" This will be your problem unless he can teleport himself and be in 2 places in the same time it's not going to happen, if you want him to help out on defense (and CF is a good option for that since he's allowed to roam he'll run down to help out your CM/Winger in defense) then he's going to be out of position when it's time to attack... Playing him as AF might help a little as he doesn't need to hold the ball so he's more likely to run up once he get the ball rather than holding it first. But the main thing is just that, you can't have your forward running back to help out in defense and then expected to spearhead your attack

    Defending like Chelsea

    You can't do it, Chelsea A.I. cheated yesterday! Away game, 1 man down, penalty missed, 2 goals on 3 Shots on goal, 18% possession I'm telling you the A.I. cheated... or maybe it's Barca's tactics :O BTW I really don't think it can be done in the game. the formation you can do 5-3-1 playing contain, use a roaming striker so he'll help out on D, put everyone on easy tackle so there's less chance for penalty, but in the end the biggest factor is that it's home game. 45 minutes of defensive play, no matter how many players you put behind the ball, against a superior team's home game, you WILL concede
  4. When did this happen? :O I was just messing around looking at my club's financial itemization and when I point over "Non-Soccer costs" it used to say something like amount of money paid to non-soccer stuff... or something like that , now it's actually explained "amount of non-soccer staff salaries paid out by the club" ... and all the other items are explained as well now I actually understand what the costs are for... gj SI! Now if they can explain to me why the non-soccer staff get paid 36 mil pound last season, half of players' wage...

    Loan System Broken

    I don't have a problem with loaning out players... the key is to loan them out at the very first day transfer window open, the longer you wait the more your potential loaner get a loan from another team the less team will want to loan your players. This season I have 12 players out on loan (8 on july transfer window, 4 goes out on january), all but one of them play at least as a backup and therefore get at least half the games available to them, which is still much better than playing in reserves, the only player that's not getting playing time is my young GK and he already reach his potential so I'm just trying to get him games to attract potential buyer... so loan them out early, this seems to work for me

    European U19 Champions League

    Ty for the answers. I did loan my players out eventually, don't think I'm going to win this competition though since I'm already down 0-3 in 1st leg of semis... unless I cheat and send my senior players to play in reserve lol. Smith: You can praise your reserve team players after they win the competition? that would be cool . Always nice to have your youth players grow up to win the CL I bet!
  7. I just noticed this year my reserve group got into u19 Champions League, is it in anyway important? Does it add to my club's reputation if my reserves team win it? I wanted to loan out my youth players out that I thought could play some games for senior team this season but the race for premier league title has been tight, and cup draws have given me the big team so I can't play them as often as I would like... so I'm wondering if it's best loaning my youth players out or let them play out the reserves CL for... whatever it gives
  8. Agree with Hugo, having 2 poachers is pretty much redundant because their main job is either to run to the goal as fast as possible and get a shot off or run to the byline and try to cross the ball if he already have a team-mate there. With a 4-4-2 you'd need one player to hold the ball near the box to either wait until his strike partner and the wingers got into their position or as a passing option/an outlet to make plays between your more advancing striker and the midfields... Imo though most players could play either Poacher or DLF since those are the two less demanding role for a striker, as long as your player have enough on the ball skill to hold off a defender for a few second then play him as DLF to partner your poacher
  9. It's just my opinion but I agree with slich completely, Anticipation/Acc will be your CD-Cover main attributes here because his main job is to intercept those through passes, worst case scenario is this when your defenders can contain the attackers just outside the box and your opponent has to pass the ball around to find space between your defenders, in this case they'll try to go to their wings or have a midfield go up to help open up space and make that through pass. In this scenario your CDs and their strikers are pretty much on top of each other and when those through pass came, the player with the highest anticipation will (usually) the first to run to get the ball, so this is why you need your CD-C to have a high ant/acceleration... and concentration too of course (otherwise you'd find at times your CD just... stand there... even if he has high ant/acc xD)
  10. Loan him out for a fee with % of his wage paid, this is the best you can do until his reputation goes down far enough for him to want to consider lower wage... i guess...


    Yeah and I would especially like to see some sort of filter implemented to see players that are eligible to tutor, right now I have to check every single one of my older player (I use the age sorting that make it a whole lot easier) to see if they're able to tutor (or more importantly if there's a young player that plays his position so he can tutor him) every month or so

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    Is there a conflict of interest when you manage both a National and club team? You be the judge (Me as England Manager) Mmm so Blackburn want me to play their CD Scott Dann for only 45 minutes in the upcoming friendly? Well that's fine he's only a 2nd back-up anyway not sure if I'll pick him to the reserve either http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531777889578/DF8F547EF89F62165EFA2812A00F817B91064205/ (Me as Barnsley Manager) But lookie here :O, I have an away league game against Blackburn 3 days after the friendly :O (and I just lost my last away game and not too happy about that...) so um... http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531777888441/977441AB31208FB593DA190EA6150A1257132C6E/ (Me as England Manager) Oh... darn I forgot about the 45 min instructions, Scott Dann played full 90 min and now his condition is only 59% after the game... guess he'll have to miss his next league game... that's too bad http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531777887397/AB5496851B9EDA32E1C0EF3B9086FD2C656BE5F8/ ... U mad Bro? LOL http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531777886583/5AB68B914F9FF41258B16AC3589C0309015382FD/

    Agent Fees

    "The worst experience is when a player refuses a contract that an agent already agreed to because he feels that the agent deserved more money" Thankfully I never had this happen to me, I'd probably be very miffed... probably going to transfer list the player if one ever pull that off . As far as Agents fee goes I think if the player's 'very interested' in signing a new contract with you then after you give an offer that you feel acceptable and it's acceptable to the player too, then lock everything except for agent fees and play low ball... sometimes I get the agent to bite the lower fee, others I won't and I just renegotiate sometime later (I've read somewhere that agents can be fired by players too if they got what they asked for but can't sign a new contract because of high agent's fee... never that happen to me though it would be sweet )
  14. I like the way it is now actually, I don't have any player in reserve, what I do is make my u18 players that has potential to be able to play in reserves and players from my main squad that isn't going to be starting the next game in reserves too, this way I have complete control on player fitness... like it

    Game stuck at Halftime (Team Talk)

    There's a thread about this a bit earlier, I never had this problem but post #7 might be the answer for you, good luck http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/304657-Nothing-happens-when-I-press-play-at-half-time
  16. Oh just do what you just found out (your post right above mine), the only thing is if you set on auto you'd notice the coaches will be given 2 or more assignments by the A.I. usually, try to give only 1 assignment to 1 coach to maximize their star ratings if you can (but make sure the workload is still at 'light') Edit: Beaten to the post, I type too slow
  17. While I think it's fine to have your ass man handle the training (your player will reach their potential a little bit slower than if trying to maximize their training yourself, but they'll reach their potential just the same as long as other things are optimum) but I would strongly recommend you do coaches assignment manually as automatic assignment tend to overlap coaches duties, reducing their star rating because the A.I. assigned them to too many categories


    mmm... not sure, I know I had a couple of players that tutor last year when they were 22 years old though, while their same aged compatriot can't (I have a bunch of 21-24 years old right now xD)

    Database still saying 12.2.0

    The latest database IS 12.2.0 12.2.2 are the patches/fix/whateveryouwantocallit Your game is fine, that's what everyone's database would say too


    "3. Age (Tutor must at least 24 years old, Tutee cannot be older than 21 years old (as of date of birth). I'm quite sure this applies to all positions.)" They might've changed it, because I know I've had a few of my 22 year olds tutoring, and for whatever reason players have different min. age for tutoring, some of my 23 years old can tutor, some can't. I'd check each year just to see if my younger players able to tutor yet. If you have a hard time finding a club tutor consider signing an older mentally good player in free agent that you can sign cheaply for tutoring purpose if you have good prospects because until you can give them steady back up jobs/loan them out, tutoring is by far your best option on developing them

    is the game sentient?

    Hahahhahha! You got it all wrong... It's your missus that has the telepathic ability and able to even communicate with machines. Everytime she walks by, she alters FM's A.I. so no matter what was happening the opponent would score on you just to **** you off... or maybe it's your tactics... take your pick

    FM 13 for 64bit. Is it possible?

    I think the problem would be more of whether or not SI feel the majority of their customer already uses a 64 bit OS to make the switch... I'm hoping they would too though

    Richest Clubs

    In past FM Man U was at the top usually, don't know when it changed into Barca/RM
  24. I never use the tight marking/closing down instruction in "opposition instructions" section simply because it applies to every player that was on that specific player and you simply can't predict who is going to be on the player... for example, if you use close down on a slow but creative AM and your fast CD happen to be the closest to him, then he'll charge toward the AM, leaving his slower partner behind, then opposition poacher run up (which your fast CD supposed to be on), opposition AM make a through pass as your fast CD almost on him, now only the fast poacher and your slower defender contending for the ball... if you're lucky your defender can get a sliding tackle on the poacher before he can get a shot off, if not the poacher will get a clear cut chance... It's better IMO to just use the marker on player instructions
  25. I've been meaning to ask this for a while but always forgot, Under the players' stats tabs there's a form sub-tabs, and in the form tab to the right side there's Team/Competition drag-down for game by game stats (which is awesome btw) BUT to see these 2 drag-down buttons I actually have to for tab first, then back to playing stats tabs, then back to form again... it doesn't show the first time I open up the form tab, is this a bug or is it intended? O.o... Here's some pic because I think my post can be confusing Going to Form tab the first time http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531698311931/E2635D5F460F81633967A101A263360EC9423FBF/ Form to Playing Stats back to Form http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594716531698311411/A4AA7B46D479F386BB47A5B097A5D482D309DAD1/ Voila the drop down menu appear... what an odd design... or bug?