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  1. It will be downloaded and applied automatically by steam if you're installing it from disks, if you download it straight from steam I would think you'd get a fully patched version the first time you download it?
  2. Hi, more info would've helped. Screenshots would've helped a lot. Out of 15 players 4 have ratings, but you didn't say how many games have been played nor how many players you've played, what kind of match they've played... but really screenshots since if you've played at least one game then you'd have at least 11 rated players and I don't think I've seen player not getting rating after a game and people would suspect either it's a massive bug or you're toying with them, screenshot of game played will give some idea of what might've happened. Another probable would be that you're showing the wrong stats... most probable you're showing players international matches instead of club's matches
  3. I think first of all you should find out if your two central mid playing too far apart actually not good for your team defensively... watch the game in extended or full game mode for a while and see if their positioning actually causes problems, I play similar to your formation except with 2 strikers instead of Striker/AM uses standard width and never seen a problem with spaces between the 2 central mid (one defensive oriented/one attack), aside from narrowing your width though (which play narrower should do) I can't think of anything else...
  4. Better A.I. is all I want, A.I. that can recognize player's tactical strengths and weaknesses, because right now players that have played this game enough will recognize A.I. formation's strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly, the same can't be said for the A.I.
  5. Actually it was like this a while back, in that you couldn't load game, and when you exit you have to save your game or forfeit all the games you've played since your last save... want to venture a guess why it was changed? There's one point I'm wondering though... I'm pretty sure you're not suggesting that this become the default save option because then you'll be forcing other players to save this way. If this is an option that you can choose in preference... Isn't it already YOUR choice whether or not you want to save or reload after a loss?...
  6. Honestly it doesn't matter that they ask an outrageous price, in the end of the day, there will be no team that would bid on him with his asking price so in a couple of years time you can offer him contract for free transfer... the A.I. is usually bad when it comes to giving young players games/loaning him out to keep him content in the club so I'd say there's a good chance you (and a host of other top clubs I'm sure ) will be able to offer him contract on the free when his run out
  7. Why does it matter , reload the final if you want, or don't... asking the forum peep to justify won't really work because you still know you cheat if you do If it were me I'd take off a few days before starting to play the game again, it will put things to perspective and made me realize that it simply don't matter, it's just a game
  8. Don't pay too much attention to these "confidence" stuff as it doesn't truly reflect what you've done in a game. Any win is good . That said I've got 100% quite a few times, usually against top teams and if i'm not mistaken what really push it to the 100% mark is the number of shots on target you manage to get against the opponent (after the high score too of course)... but really I don't think it's worth paying attention to, not when things like a back-up player that you sold one year ago still upset the supporters xD (granted he was my best sub, that I sold for the cheap because he only had 6 months left of contract, but one year of unhappiness caused by this? really?)
  9. Just the player that spoke out and I think it reduces squad harmony too... there used to be a dislike player/staff in player's info if I'm not mistaken, which would be useful in sorting out problems between individual players
  10. I play rotation all the time, and in my experience your player won't be unhappy if you're on winning runs and they get roughly 20-30% of all games available (consistently though, don't play them a handful of games and then left them out in all competition in the next month ) First rule obviously that your backup should be good enough to be able to take on league home game against bottom place team... if your backup can't even handle that then you shouldn't want to keep him anyway I have 2 teams basically, I play 4-4-2, Team A take on the top of the table team's Away and sometime home games, Team B take on bottom half teams home and at occassion away games. Look at your schedule and prioritize, see where your next break (where you have 5 days+ without a game) comes and then decide which team you should take on each game. The players that I designate to be backups HAVE to be versatile, they need to be able to play in at least 2 positions so I can have options on where to play them. Coming on as substitutes helps to an extent, so give them at least 15 minutes of sub time when you can but in the end it's about priority, give your backup player games on matches that you should be winning and let your first team take on the tough ones
  11. I never had an unbeaten season, there always seems to be that away game that the opponent has HAD to win, no matter what I do in trying to chase the tying goal xD
  12. Mine was back on CM... I think 99/00? (the one with crazy good sigporsson , and almost all of peterborough united's young players a future star)... I don't remember how long I played that but the addictedness rating hadn't change for a looong time lol... it was well over 100 days for sure... subsequent CM/FM never got close to that one due to uh... let's call it maturity... xD
  13. wuss! . Bravery affected their decision making... for example an ACM that you give instruction to run up with the ball to help create spaces might instead just pass the ball to his nearest teammate once he sees that hard tackling DM closing on him (while his braver counterpart might decide to take the DM on). It doesn't mean that the ACM will always cower from challenge, he might rise to the challenge at times, but it does mean that he's more likely to cower than someone braver.
  14. I upgraded my youth network every year (it topped out a couple years ago although to my disappointment haven't really made that big a difference in terms of the quality of youth coming in, so I guess it's still luck of the draw on regen spawn day ) so I guess it all depends on whether or not your board will approve your request... ?
  15. In my game: 27 May 2014 SAF retires 4 June 2014 Sinisa Mihajlovic hired 28 Dec 2015 Sinisa Mihajlovic Fired xD 4 Jan. 2016 Carlo Ancelotti hired 3 Jul. 2019 Carlo Ancelotti signed a 5 year extension (Current year)
  16. Is that game any good? I was downloading the demo then I looked up Youtube for some match examples... it looked to me the game very much looked like arcade version of FIFA in that the spacings between players seems very... weird... the players, every single one of them move at EXACTLY the same time, when the ball turned over, the defending side start moving back at exactly the same time making me feel like I'm watching 20 robots running around... like every single players on the field knows exactly what's the other players going to do... gave me the hibbie jibbies... stop watching the video and cancelled the demo download right then >.< ... or is it actually good and worth trying?
  17. Would like to see final game matches results too... wait is that burnley at #6 O.o
  18. I pick Pikachu!!! Failing that I'd pick Blanchard... Ortiz is probably the best combination of defensive/offensive DM of the bunch but I don't like his physical attributes as he is too slow to cover a lot of ground... one on one though he'll probably contain whoever he's marking. Blanchard physically a beast, very few players can get past him and he can cover a lot of ground defensively... unfortunately his anticipation on a low side so he's going to miss a few interception (although his speed might make up for it) concentration/marking and tackling also in a low side for a top DM BUT as I don't usually rely on DM to be my last line of defense, merely as harassers I think his defensive stats is good enough and I believe his physical attribute can make up for it (if he misses a tackle he can run back fast enough to catch up to his marked man). His high technique/passing and decent creativity means he is versatile and can be called upon to play an attacking role when needed... so yeah I'd go with Blanchard personally
  19. When it comes to keepers the only way for sure I could know if he's better than my current keeper is to get him and play him . But attributes wise B seems better
  20. In my games it's almost always Turkey, for some reason world-class newgens would pop out for Turkey and I don't even have turkish league active...
  21. A couple of days ago I rejected my player's request of a new contract for the first time! I offered him a new contract at first of course like I always do, but when the initial request ask for double salary, signing fee, appearance fee while he still has 3 years left on his contract I got pissed and just walk away xD. I was ready to sell him if he didn't back down... Now that I know I can make players to back down from their new contract requests I'll do it often... all heck will break loose in my team!!!
  22. Speak for yourself, I'm a geek through and through... If I can have an unlimited battery on my laptop then when the sun comes out I go outside too... with my laptop! And I have a hard time believing you stop frequenting this forum when according to your posts number you average 7 posts a day
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