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  1. Joey after reading your long letter I still can't find a single line of WHY steam would be inconvenient to you, aside from your own disposition to dislike them, so I'd have to say that despite what you have to say, the decision was yours to make to not wanting to buy anymore FM, not one person can change so I don't understand your needing to complain about it here. I've had steam for... 3 years or so and have bought the majority of my games there, and I simply don't know why a lot of people complain about it. The game will still run even if you're offline (provided that you've logged in the past... um I actually don't know how long they save the log in cache for but I never had a problem playing due to not being able to log in). I don't need to save all the game boxes and dvds which is a convenience for me. The only problem I can see is if you use multiple computers and want to play from different ones from time to time... which is not a problem for me since I have only one comp . So yeah it sucks that you'll stop buying the game (we all will one day eventually of course) but this is your own decision
  2. VERY nice squad, must've taken you a long time to assemble those! Just my 2 cents, you have pretty good CDs already, but all your Backs are very defensive too, I'd suggest to get at least one FB/WB that can bring the ball up (high acc/pace/drib/cross/pass), and tell him to help with the attack, 2 CDs and one of your back should be enough to keep things safe in case your adventurous back stray too far up, and as far as I can tell, Ball playing back will do wonder with your offense (seeing how you get good strikers too), and the wide mid that goes inside the box when your back bring the ball up instead of him will cause havoc! That's how I like to play my 4-4-2 anyway and I think in your case it should help since you have really good attacking players, and maybe all they need is just an extra player running up from the back to help open up the opponent defense
  3. I think the game gets harder everyday (imo anyway), I remember back on CM3 when I could take a div 3 club to premiership in 5 years (losing on promotion playoff game both times) and then a few more year to win the premiership and win almost everything every year after... and this happen to most people that played CM3 (and its variations) I believe... Now the match engine is definitely harder, if you play with your own tactics, trying to make it work then you'll find that tougher clubs are hard to play against, while the smaller club still give you challenges... BUT if you get a "super tactic" from somewhere then don't blame the game if you win all the time... this is a computer game, 1+1 is always 2, and if one try hard enough to find exploit within the game then it WILL happen... The only problem with this game, and always has been is that you can attract players that's just a bit better than your current squad and in so doing making your club stronger bit by bit every year, and in the end, unlike in real life where teams go up and down in league positions, it's very possible to get your team to stay at the very top year after year because you're able to keep upgrading, or at the very least maintain, the class of players that it take to do that. (which Neil Brock acknowledged and maybe one day SI will find a way around this... at which point of course people going to complain in the forum and threaten to stop buying the game altogether ). In the meanwhile, the easiest way to not have this game too easy is... by not poaching the 15/16 years old prodigy till your team loaded with them xD, buy those proven veteran that costs you heaps of money instead, so now you're stuck with high budget, good for now but maybe not the future just like every other team out there
  4. Jedi-goalkeepers! The path of the ball flight obviously out of his reach but then using some sort of jedi power the flight path of the ball changes and it goes right into the keeper's hand :O, and it seems every GK in the game have a chance to use this ability... if only real-life gk can do it too!
  5. Just a quick question, in detailed match stats there are Passes completed defense/midfield/attack, how are they counted? Are they counted by the position of the player that make the pass (defenders and DM presumably? would fall into defense pass and such) or is it counted by the part of the field that the pass were initiated (so if a defender making a pass in the attacking third of the field it would count as attack pass?) I tried looking for it in a couple of forum as well google it but can't find the answer ... can someone help?
  6. This has probably been discussed, if so I just want to ask if this is common occurrences, last season I signed 5 players to bolster my first team, all of which are offered a back up role, which they happily took. But as the season progress, all of them one by one complained that they're not getting enough playing time and wanted more starting role... I can probably understand a couple of the players whose I play very rarely, but now the back up that I play the most (6 starts, 16 subs most of the subs were during half time too, to replace players that I need to be ready for the next game) are complaining that he doesn't get enough playing time either. What gives? I don't get it. The contract that I was giving them clearly states that they'll be back-ups, but now not even a season goes by and everyone complain about their playing time already... is this something that SI screwed up, or am I suppose to give my back ups more game? ...

    Backup players wanting first team?

    Just happened, I thought I'd share. My 18 years old "youngster" whom I already played twice in Euro Cup, and just recently returned from loan. His general happiness was he feel being loan will be good for first team experience (I don't remember the exact phrasing but you know what I mean then I play him on his first league game because I already win the league and want to give me young players game time, after the game his status changed to "Feels he is too good to be loaned out" ... Whaaaaaaaaaaat, one league game and you're already too good? .... sigh...


    From Library Tab, next to search is a pull down menu default at "all games" change it to "tools" and it should be in the list

    Passes Completed %

    Alrighty, thanks tom-mon-u-fc

    more manager depth needed........

    Seeing as how all the press conference right now is the very same thing asked over and over again I would NOT want one , because it will be the same question asked over and over again everytime you get fired/resigned anyway. It has no effect on the game at all aside maybe boosting the gamer's ego . That's just my 2 cents though

    Backup players wanting first team?

    rich: ouch, I'd be pissed too if that happened to me xD

    Injuries after making all 3 subs?

    I haven't play fm 2012 long enough to make this kind of observation BUT in the almost two seasons I manage my team I had this kind of injury twice when I used up all of my subs. Now I simply uses two subs and keep one just incase (or if I do need to use the 3rd sub I usually wait until 75th-80th minute).
  13. to fire their agent / change their agent? One of my key player demand a new contract (which he deserve in my opinion) but his agent is a real hard!@# and demand a huge wage and agent fee which for my barnsley team just entered my first premiership season just isn't an option. My player still have 3 years left on his contract but isn't happy because I simply can't afford his wage unless he willing to go lower which of course his agent won't do. I'm thinking promise him a new contract but won't actually offer it to him (again since his agent won't lower asking price) then he'd be pissed and ask to be transfer listed, but at least he'll stay with me for 2 more years without being pissy all the time and I can sell him a year before his contract ran out... unless there's a way I can tell the player to get a new agent , or maybe hire assassin to put down the greedy !@#$

    Is there anyway to force player

    Just to add (from reading one of the thread here I forgot which one but it suggest to give silly clauses to lower wage demand), the initial demand by the agent asked for 96,000 per year which I couldn't afford, I add a clause of minimum fee release if I ever get relegated of 1,000 pound and uh... his wage demand drop to 46k which is fine with me.... so yeah problem solved thanks to a very very silly thing...

    Is there anyway to force player

    Allrighty thanks. So far (and I've only played a couple of seasons so there isn't much to base on) I've only seen when player demand something they'd get pissy, ask to be transfer listed if their demand not fulfilled and the worst part I guess that he could riled up other players too. He is a key player for me but yeah I guess I'll ride it out since there isn't much I can do aside from that.

    Worth £16.25million?

    Best bet in my opinion would be to have all your scouts rate him, if most of your scouts highly recommend him (4 stars+) then go for it, he at least have the potential to be a great player. (that is if you have good scouts to begin with ).
  17. Regarding to 3D match engine, GK just saved a shot, the ball bounces toward the opposite player but he's still some way apart from the ball, the keeper could EASILY run to it and grab it but nooooooooo, he saw his defender racing with the opposite player for the ball so the keeper just wait. The opposite player got (even though the keeper could've had it seconds before!) and shoot and score while the keeper... still... standing... yaaaaaaaaaaaay.... not...

    Need help with "name" column

    Hi, it's just the 'i' that disappeared (I think it's actually in the same column with the name). I tried reloading skin but it didn't work. One thing that worked temporarily though is I go to the default tab (like general info under opposition instruction) and then I clicked one of the player and went back THEN the "i" reappear and I can go to my custom tab and it will still be there, but when I get out of tactic screen, and then come back again it disappear again and I have to do the click name and back again to make it appear... I'm thinking it's a definite bug, I'm going to report it. It got triggered when I use the "auto size this column" option I think. (btw the name column is long enough
  19. Not sure if this is a bug or not so I'll just ask around first maybe someone can help me with it. So usually on players name just to the left there's an "i" button that lets you see their abilities real fast (which is a real convenient, kudos to you FM team definitely a huge upgrade convenience wise). Last night while I was adjusting overview and opposition instructions adding columns to make it easier for me to see relevant data the "i" in both of these tab just dissapeared :O. All the other tabs still have them only these 2 that are gone. I tried messing around, resetting stuff and adding columns that I thought might bring it back, but no luck... Does anyone know if this is a bug or if there's a way to fix it? It just the two tabs I know but those are the main tabs that I need for adjusting tactics, and without the "i"'s I have to open every single player link going back and forth wasting a lot of time... Ty for any help

    Fernando Torres' Loyalty Rating

    If someone would call and ask mr.torres what his loyalty/ambition should be in FM 2011 that would solve the problem . Failing that there's always the editor to customize the data to your liking
  21. Hi I've a question about how to change the setting for... uh... I don't know what it's called but when you continue the game there's a window box with matches played at it's left side and a competition stats (goals/assists/what have you) at its right side. I'm playing 13 leagues but the windows only show for only league so far. How do I change the right side windows so it would rotate stats with the other leagues too? thanks
  22. Indran, ok thanks. I was hoping it would but I guess not
  23. I didn't mean the country setup Dune (and I know my post is confusing to say the least ) When you continue from day to day there's a processing box windows, and in that windows there's a certain league statistics (in my case PSL) like their goals from IFK or ground sellouts, the statistics rotate but only from that league only. I THINK in the past the statistics rotate from league to league, I'm not sure if there's anything I can do that make it do that, because I want to see how the other leagues doing also while waiting for my comp to process the day's other games thanks for the reply though