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  1. I just get the game yesterday so haven't had much time playing it, and I know in the past Contract renewals done by staff isn't favorable since they tend to give out very unpredictable results (and I think I read somewhere that it also depends on the stats of the staff in charge, but it'd still be better if we handle it ourselves) Wondering if that changed in this season's game, or if it will ever change in the future. Something akin to 95% efficiency when resigning players done by staff (depend on the staff's skill of course) would be great (that means players that want to do it manually can do a 5% further savings, which is a lot for big clubs). I am getting sick and tired of trying to resign individual players, going through rounds of contract negotiations just for the player to be upset because it feels the negotiation goes nowhere. I simply don't have the time to deal with that kind of crap anymore, and I can't be the only one
  2. Update: Ah I forgot I archived the receipt lol xD, found the activation code on oct 18. too so it's all good now, thanks
  3. A while back there was a promotion started by... Neil Brock I think? where you get discount for early purchase of FM 2013 from a UK online vendor and on release day they send us the unlock code that we can use on steam, well I totally forgot about it and just checked my email, the steam release date was Nov. 1 so checked the dates from oct. 30-nov.7 just in case and there's no such e-mail, either I already accidentally deleted it or it goes straight to my spam box which cleaned regularly . Could someone please give me the online store's address so I can contact them xD Ty
  4. Wardog: They still have current players in the Scotland team but they're in sub role. SCIAG: Reading's taken over by a tycoon (isn't this true IRL too?... I thought I read that somewhere) so they have some of the highest waged player in the premier league. Unfortunately for them they kept picking up bad managers , their team talent wise should've been in European competition but their highest finish was 10th I think even after all these years signing good players. B. Moore, as in T. Moore the striker's brother?
  5. But they were also missing their best player, Charlie McGinlay's DM partner, Richard Henry If both player had been healthy with both of them a really good defensive player/deep playmaker, Scotland would've really excelled at counter-attacking game which is probably why they get all the way to the final
  6. All right so here's the Scotland team Not sure what to call this formation, is it 4-2-3-1? They used this for the whole tournament which I guess emphasis on counterattacking game Striker AML AMC
  7. Ty for the kind words . I'll post SS of Scotland team after I get back from work tonight. It is for sure a surprise though to see an all British final. (Wonder if anyone ever had a semis of all British though O.O that would be crazy). Messi: Wow that's some accomplishment taking out mexico, brazil, italy and argentina in knock out rounds!
  8. By the end of the quarter finals though I was pretty much can taste the victory... with Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Scotland left the tournament was mine to lose. Scotland won on penalties over Ivory Coast, while I won comfortably over Ghana Ivory Coast got third spot by a surprising lopsided victory The game against Scotland wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. England scored first early but Scotland tie it up before halftime and to make things worse they were actually the better team in the first half. Around 60 minute Jonjo Shelvey received a second yellow and my heart goes... thought I was going to blow it with the score still 1-1. Fortunately sometimes later Scotland scored an own goal, and a bit later England got the third goal to make it 3-1. At dying minutes Scotland got their 2nd goal from set piece, fortunately for me it was too late for them to get the tying goal.... whew.... Got the World Cup in my pocket though I'm not sure it was well earned
  9. Finally after 6 years of taking over England national team and got bounced out of 2017 Conf. Cup, 2018 WC, and 2020 EC, England finally won the world cup in 2020! The road to get win it all though was surprisingly easy so I can't brag of having win it the hard way xD. All the big team suffer shocking losses and I end up having to go against one good team along the way. Here's the break down of the tournament! There's no real surprise in group A through D. At this point Ghana is a very strong team overall so seeing them ahead of Holland isn't surprising. Turkey is one of the top 5 team in the world thanks to the super regens that they have been having. In group E Italy bow out of the tournament which is a real shocker since they could have easily top the group. My 2 world class defenders are on that team and they should've done much better than tying all three games. Group F's Spain was also a shocker as they have been in the top 3 all this time in the game, no idea how australia can place ahead of them... but good for me. No surprises on group G and H. In second round, Scotland beating Holland 2-0 is a surprise, I know holland lost their best striker (which happen to be my club's best striker) in injury in group play but they should've still beat Scotland. Mexico beating Turkey is a huge upset as Turkey have the personnel to go to at least semis if not win it all. France beating Argentina can only be good for me with 2 big teams beating each other In the Quarter finals, Ghana surprisingly beat Brazil (although I think by this time Brazil had lost quite a few players to injury) , ditto with Ivory Coast beating France. Portugal have some very good attacking players and I was antsy on going against them but to my surprise their defenders buckle under pressure fast and hard. (continuing on next post due to image posting limitation)
  10. Since I don't see a thread along this line, I thought I start one My latest signing that I'm hopeful for: Why: Because it looks like I finally find someone that can be at least a regular player in the team in the future, all my 3 signings in the past 2 years had been a dud, at best they'll be a back-up player, most likely will get sold when their contract's running out. Got him from RM for record signing 10.75mil, rated as 1.5 stars currently with potential of 3 stars although it was 3.5 stars when I purchase him a couple of months ago... so I'm kind of wary xD (the best players get only 3.5 stars for whatever reason) I'm thinking Quickness will be my priority training for him, and if he can reach at least 13/14 pace/acceleration then he'll be a serviceable DLP-S. Marking/tackling will be second order of business, and then hopefully his anticipation/concentration can reach at least 15. Will also train him as a CD so he'll be more versatile. Share your latest signing that you're hopeful for here
  11. Looking very good, I especially like the ball movements...
  12. Just to explain, CD-Cover is a your last line of defense, therefore he is responsible of covering players that have a good speed/anticipation/off-the ball skill (in other word players that's target for through passes). Having a high acceleration is crucial in addition to anticipation/positioning so he could keep up with the faster opponents. At top level I'd suggest you use acc. 14 or 15 as a minimum for any defender you play as a CD-C. As others have suggested CD-D would be where he's best suited at (he should be partnered with a CD-C though, imo you should always have one CD-C unless you're playing with deep defensive line). He's not very suited as a CD-X (stopper) either as CD-X cover higher up the field and his job is to intercept high balls or make the tackles on AM/play making forward that's paired with the faster poacher, as most CD-X have slower acceleration, he'll have very little windows of opportunity to make the tackle on his opponent, and if his aggression/bravery is on average side (like your CD is) he'll hesitant on doing that, and once his marked player get passed him chances are he won't be able to catch up to him until the damage's done. So yeah CD-D would be where he best played.
  13. Just finished the season and I have one major decision to make before the next season start, and that is to pick one of the two poacher available to me next season and wondering which player you guys would've pick. My team is already at its 25 men registry limit and with no one coming or going next year I pretty much will have the same squad... except for one poacher position. So here are the players Pierre is the poacher I've been using the past 2 seasons, he is as pure a poacher I have in the club... Positives: A very good combination of physical, skills, and mental skills make him a deadly poacher. Can appear from behind the play, latch onto the loose ball and smash it into the corner. In his very first full season lead all the strikers in league goal scored O.O Negatives: Can disappear from games at times. When he is hot, he is HOT, but then there are consecutive games where he just can't score... midway this season he got hit by random event that kill his determination. It went from (I think) 14 to a paltry 4... the in game difference is big. Before the change whenever he's intercepted by defender he'll fight for possession and sometimes comes away with the ball which usually ended in him scoring. Now when defender muscle the ball off him, he just stood there, not doing anything until the ball is cleared... he loses the ball a lot more now when the defender manage to get on him. Bottom line: Still a good poacher, can still get into excellent shooting position and finish them well, but where before he can also run with the ball and create spaces, he's now pretty much one dimensional finisher as he's a lot more likely to lose possession if he runs with the ball. Paulo Moniz has been on loan at PSG for the last couple of seasons. He's done a great job of challenging for first team there. Came in as a 4th choice striker and now he has established himself as a first team striker. Positives: Grows his abilities A LOT this season while on loan at PSG. Skill wise he's almost on par with Pierre with a bit more room to grow I think... not as good a poacher as Pierre though as he is a more rounded player. Negatives: Haven't play him at all the last two seasons, despite looking good abilities wise, I simply have no idea if he'll fit in. In addition there will be the 6 months+ that he'll need to adjust to the team Bottom line: Look very promising but that doesn't guarantee he'll fit into my system... and the adjustment period is also worrying since I'll need him to be a reliable scorer once he's in first team... So that's the choices that I have. Only one spot available between the two strikers... I could of course loan out Pierre next year and let Moniz take his place but I'm hesitant to do that as in the past I've observed whenever I loan out players that's already reach his PA, there's a good chance that he'll decline even if he plays regularly. So which would you take?
  14. While the reasoning in the posts above surely make sense there is one thing that really bother me about this game and that is while it absolutely make sense that some players prefer to be able to play in the first team (and sacrificing some money in the process), I really doubt that there's too many case out there where players willing to lose at least 3X potential income (which he would've gotten even with SteveDM's initial offering) as a back up... The amount different is too big, and as much as people want to rationalize it, I believe the fault in a large part lies in the game it self.
  15. As far as I know they do not need to stay on consecutive days. As long as they reach the days needed to apply for citizenship then they can apply. Another thing would be as WP's qualification often depend on players reputation it is a good strategy to try and give them a new contract after a year or two abroad and playing as a first team, I've done this in the past and many times because they play first team their rep rises high enough for them to be granted WP as they sign the new contract (of course it's up to you to decide if the new, improved contract, worth bringing him to the club)
  16. Haha nice find! ... sad for them, but nice fact finding still
  17. I rather SI doing something to the opponents ability to compile a good squad for their team, A.I. teams ability to develop their players both through in-club trainings and loan-outs, the A.I. ability recognize human players' tactics and adjust accordingly to make the game harder and things like that... basically things that would make the game more challenging... But since the first time I played the game in CM3 these things haven't change much (it did change a bit and it is a bit better, but if after 10+ years the game still can't figure out how to compile a good squad for themselves then I doubt it will ever happen...)
  18. Thanks , yeah I guess it's only on the newer ones... I played FM2010 and 2011 too, never had that happened so I guess it's introduced in FM2012? No idea... I hope the det can raise up again too... Anyone can tell me if this could happen?
  19. One of my striker just got a (random?) thing where off-the field event affected him and plummet his determination (which is now 4 xD). I've read that this could happen before but never got it until now. Is there anything that can be done here? He's 23 so he can't be tutored to get his det up. Will his determination slowly go back up or is he stuck at this 4 :|. Should I sell him (as I do have a younger player that while not as good yet, the potential is there) or wait and see if his det can go back up??? Thanks
  20. Never get any of the high profile players, main and easiest reason being the wage they ask (plus to get those players you need a high profile team which I don't usually take)... I rather take younger player with low wage demand and develop him. That being said the highest profile player I've ever get in FM 2012 is probably Shinji Kagawa (25k per week wage) and Gylfi Sigurdsson (15k per week... and while he may not be high profile at the start of the game he usually will develop into quality player)
  21. "was offered to me for 20.50 mil!!!!!" I'm not sure how else to phrase it because when I read that my understanding is that the player was being offered to me, by Man City (as in I didn't initiate the bid) for the sum... if I did phrase it wrong then please correct me
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