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    Long time girl gamer, but new to football and FM2012
  1. Ah, had some idea one could do some jiggery pokery and manually update the files to a newer version if you'd already applied the update at the beginning of your save. Thanks for the reply Scarlett P. EDIT: Any info on this?
  2. Hi all Please don't shoot me for asking something that has most likely already been explained - I just worry rather too much about screwing up all my hard work! I've been playing with a previous version of Uncle Ron's (2.1); if I now update to the 2.3 release will I be able to continue with my save, or do I have to start over? I haven't been able to quite find an answer that makes me feel confident enough to go ahead, apologies again as I'm sure I'm just being blind here. Also, was it always the instruction to "Select 'Custom Database' and add 'Load All Players from Nation > England'" as I don't recall doing that the first time around. On page three of this thread, someone also says "It's "Add Players to Playable Teams" you need to tick when creating a new game" - is that now part of the official instructions for this pack? Sorry for being so confused. Other than that, loving this pack - my first season I won my League with Loughborough, and a couple of cups - so much fun. Thanks to Uncle Ron for this Scarlett P.
  3. Oh, all my friends call each other 'sir' at times, regardless of age! =) I'm done spamming this thread now. Thanks again! Scarlett P.
  4. Ishu, you're a bloody FM superhero, that's what you are. Many many thanks sir. Scarlett P.
  5. Gaming rig = good for FM then? I truly am clueless, I realise. What size database ought I to use? Thanks so much for the help Ishu - and, yeah, FM2012? /facepalm. I'll pack a few more into my TARDIS next time I'm out, will bring one back for you =p Scarlett P.
  6. Hi all, would be eternally grateful if anyone would be kind enough to let me know how many leagues and which size database I should select to run on my computer: AMD Athlon II X2 250 Socket AM3 3.0GHz 4GB DDR2 1066MHZ RAM ATI RADEON HD 4770 PCS 512MB GDDR5 WINDOWS 7 PREMIUM 64 I'm going to be using Uncle Ron's Non League edit so I can play my local team, any suggestions as to which other leagues/countries I should select to go with this? I was shown FM2012 by my friend, and, to my amazement, found it terrifyingly addictive. I bought the game for myself and my friends laughed, saying ''I don't think we'll be seeing so much of her this year...'' The only issue is, I have to admit, I don't really know much about football (yet!). FM2012 has got me into the sport, and so I need all the help I can get with league/database size selection. Apologies for the helplessness - I've been Googling hard for days and not found any definitive answers. Very confused as to which I set to 'view only' etc. I want to do this right! Many thanks to anyone kind enough to help a clueless noob =) Scarlett P.