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  1. I think you didn't change it in the steam workshop and it might be game-breaking, at least my save seems to be done - german leagues don't transition into 2nd season. edit: It was East Germany by the way (i guess that's what the one who initially found it meant).
  2. @Jimmy Wong Am on a different save now, but can confirm that I passed the crash date - thank you!
  3. Thanks Jimmy, I'll try to fool around with it, maybe find an old save where i can effectively remove MLS before the crash date(s). // Yeah well, that won't work, I'm screwed.
  4. Hey Jimmy, thanks for looking into this! Since you were able to ascertain that custom database changes are the reason for my crash, is it possible for you to see or roughly guess which .fmf is the likely culprit? I'm asking, because the files used are very popular community-made ones and I would want to feed this back to the respective authors. Cheers
  5. Hey Guys, my save seems kinda scuffed. I made it past a crash date in July by getting in the public beta, but now it cant get past the 14th of August 2024 - with or without public beta and with or without the graphics folder present respectively (ofc cleared cache, rebuilt skin, restarted game). Please help me, I'm a one-save-kinda-guy // Uploaded it as "crash2 dooro23.fm" FM 2019 v19.3.4.1206437 (2019.05.14 02.37.11).dmp FM 2019 v19.3.5.1220667 (2019.05.14 02.30.44).dmp
  6. I'm bound to buy the regular FM rather sooner than later anyway. But just out of curiosity, if i set-up a FMT game on PC with more than 3 countries, can I play that save on my iPad?
  7. Hey guys, I intend on buying FM as well as FMT (ios). Is there any smart way to do it together, or does it not matter? I know the FM/FMT(steam) thing, but that ofc doesnt apply here. Cheers!
  8. Is there an easy way to change all the background boxes' transparency? Has someone eventually done the work and is willing to share it? In my case, i'd like to have less transparency to be able to read text/numbers better. Next time I have some free time to sink my teeth in, I will try to work this out myself if noone answers.
  9. Can't see it working for me, still all greyed out.
  10. Can any of you control the individual training of your B team players? Supposedly it got fixed, but for me it's still greyed out.
  11. Absolutely not. As long as an effort is made by SI to fix it. This is ridiculous.
  12. Patch out for 2 hours and SI still hasn't fixed the custom skin crashes? How dare they! No respect for the skinners! No respect for the community! And they don't recycle! Seriously, that must be a new level of artificial outrage. Unbelievable.
  13. Last few years I noticed an AI issue that haunts players who are natural only in positions, which aren't available in their manager's tactical formation. Started noticing when over many different saves always the same names popped up, after their non-inclusion for a national team match. Especially Götze's fate is sealed many times, as he's only natural as AMC. Seems like "accomplished" isn't favoured too heavily by the AI when picking their squad... Anyone else noticed something similar?
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