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  1. Read the top post: v2 is the last release for FM15 unless there are major bugs. And yes, Limburg is in it
  2. Could you change the thread title to V2 released? http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/423020-FM15-Belgium-8-Level-Tree-v1-Released?p=10243079#post10243079
  3. V2 has now been released and the top post has been updated. - 5 provinces - period championships - other goodies Read the updated top post for all info
  4. Update: the fixture plan rules as described in my previous post DO work. The cryptic error was caused by league schedule period that was to short to allow the four matches to be played. So another Advanced Editor trick down.
  5. Thanks for the help. The "Group stage fixture plan" list only contains options to play teams in other groups, not in your own group. Anyhow, I found how it should work. Create the group stage, here 4 groups with 16 teams. In League Settings set the Number of Rounds to 0 (also note the 50 for max number of games) Use Fixture Plan Rules in Group Settings to have them 4 teams in the same group Unfortunately, when you run the tester, you get the following error message Which is weird because we set max number of games to 50 (note: it also doesn't work if you don't set a maximum number of games) What is even dumber is that when you have them play teams from other groups, it actually works. (note the switched numbers in the "Other Groups" column and the validated mark top right) There is something seriously wrong with the match generator module in the Editor Validator. I have already posted it when trying to add Period Championships, where the Validator also generated way to much matches.
  6. Is there a way to set up a group stage in a cup where you don't play all the teams in your group? I want to recreate a regional cup where all teams are divided in 8 groups of twenty. They don't play against all the other teams (19 matches), but only four against randomly selected teams from the group. After four matches the top two of each group qualify for the knock-out stage. I sort of fixed it by creating groups of 5 teams, but there is always a team free and you need five dates instead of four. I know there are a lot of 'specific' fixture schedules you can set up with the Advanced Editor, like MLS style matches against other groups. But I can't find one that allows an 'incomplete' schedule. All help welcomed.
  7. Technically you could combine them with the advanced editor, although it isn't straightforward. The reason I never did it, is that with all 9 provinces you get about a 100 leagues which makes the game unplayable if you load the lowest level. I don't know whether I'll do more provinces this year, as adding the teams is a lot of work if you want to do it right. Antwerp and Limburg are probably the easiest, but Hainaut has a crackpot league system at Level 8. So those are the first candidates. If someone could fix the period championships, I'd very much appreciate it. I can't get it past the Test Rules in the Editor and without verification FM no longer allows the files to run.
  8. Hi, I just released my Belgian 8-Level Tree update, see here. Despite all necessary switches available, I haven't succeeded in adding period championships*. For some reason the Editor Test Rules then insists on creating double fixtures for the entire league. Which in turn leads to the dreaded 'League not finished in time for Season Update Day'. So to prove I'm not insane and it's actually the Test Rules tool being broken, I challenge the editing community to add period championships to any of the leagues (level 4 or down) AND getting the file through the Test Rules. The award: co-credit for the next release. * Period championship: oddball system in Belgium and The Netherlands where play-off participants are decided on team performance in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd thirds of the regular season. Additional play-off teams (if the league champion has won a period for example) come from the final table.
  9. dustShadow's Belgium 8-Level Tree for FM15 Current status: V2 released (06/05/2015). Download here. A lot later than usual, thanks to SI completely screwing over the Belgian league in FM15. But also this year you will be able to play in lower level Belgian football competitions. V1 was released and contained only 3 out of 9 provinces due to lack of time on my side. V2 now contains 5 provinces in 1 file. For the first time ever I also succeeded in adding the period championships for most leagues. There is also an extra file which contains a 'skeleton' structure of the four unfinished provinces.I'm still not very fond of the one-file structure, because it makes the file way to complex. But plenty of people asked for it, so... Please read the notes. V2 is very likely the last version for FM15 (if there are no major bugs) as I'm moving on to other things. If FM16 allows me to re-use the database I'll probably release a complete version next year. THE LEAGUE STRUCTURE - The Belgian league is a straight pyramid with the 16 teams in the Pro League at the top. It features 8 levels, divided in two groups of four levels. - On top are the four national leagues: Pro League, Second Division, Third Division (2 groups), Fourth Division (4 groups). - The other four levels are organised by the nine provincial entities of the FA. Each province has four levels with a Provincial First Division on top and a varying number of Provincial Fourth Divisions at the bottom. Luxembourg province only has three levels. - Champions always promoted to the next level, other promotion places are decided by play-offs. - The Pro League has a very complicated structure featuring three play-offs. The top group decides the championship. PACKAGE CONTENTS - Two FMF files: one with the five complete provinces, the second includes the other four in their incomplete status. - Graphics package containing logo's for most clubs and provincial badges for the competitions. - LNC files to translate the competitions in Dutch, French and English. FEATURES - Five out of nine regions with their full pyramid: Limburg, East-Flanders, West-Flanders, Hainaut and Luxembourg. - A complete Belgian Cup starting in the First Round - Period Championships (finally !) for all applicable leagues in levels 4 to 7. - The Provincial pre-season cups, the Advanced editor finally allows a to create a very decent representation. - Complete play-off schedules for the lower division, including the elusive Inter-provincial Play-off between levels 4 and 5. There are a couple of dozen different play-off types, I tried to reconstruct them as faithfully as the Editor allows. - All teams have correct stadium names, hometowns and kits. - There is some attention to keeping teams in the correct regional league, using both the Regional Leagues tab and league boundaries. That doesn't stop FM15 from screwing up sometimes. - A number of additional media sources. LIMITATIONS AND ISSUES - In real life, if more than two teams from the same province relegate from the fourth national division, there are additionnal relegations in the provincial leagues. That way there are always 16 teams in the provincial leagues. You can't simulate this in FM15. - There is no qualification from the Provincial Cups for next year's Belgian Cup. This might be my fault for not checking the right boxes, but the Editor is also pretty screwy on this. - 4th Provincial Leagues (level 8) don't have Period Championships. They tend to conflict with the fact that not all those leages have the same number of teams in them. - Several B Teams are seriously overrated if the A Team play more than one level up. This is because the Editor auto-resets the reputation based on that of the main team, and creates new players with abilities based on that high reputation. INSTALLATION AND NOTES - Go to 'My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015' - Place your selected FMF file in the map 'Editor Data' - Place the map '(000) Belgian 8-Level Tree - Graphics' in the map 'Graphics' (if these maps don't exist, then create them) - Place one of the LNC files in \Football Manager 2015\data\db\1303\lnc - The graphics will only work correctly when 8-Level Tree is the first dbc file to be loaded, hence the (000)-name - Use this update with the following checkboxes when starting a game > "Don't Add Key Staff" OFF > "Add Players to Playable Teams" ON > "Disable First Transfer Window Transfer Budgets" ON - Database: make sure you load all players based in Belgium and/or with Belgian nationality - These files have been thoroughly tested, but I can't guarantee this file will work with all other league modifications. RELEASE HISTORY - v1.00 (23-03-2015) Initial release: no Period Championships, only three out of nine provinces - v2.00 (03-05-2015) Second release: now with Period Championships, five out of nine provinces
  10. I agree with using in-game testing, but how can you use an Advanced rule file in the game if the rules are not verified? FM2015 will only allow me to use c-verified leagues. Also I had to modify my first post: there are NO faults regarding missing teams or so The issue seems to be that the editor (and the game) preserves fixture dates for 'Period' games. Periods are a Belgian/Dutch system where play-off teams are selected on their performance in the 1/2/3 third of the league. These periods are created as a Group-stage but they do not require any extra games.
  11. Since the last update (can be an earlier issue), there seems are issue with the Test Rules function in the Advanced Rules. I constantly get messages that one of the competitions is not finished before the season update day of June 20. The odd thing is: the final match is a play-off final, on the 20th of May, and there are faults regarding missing teams in one of the stages. Has anyone else noticed things like this?
  12. In real life, nations like South Africa would only field players contracted to African clubs for these local tournaments. As they are not FIFA-sanctioned tournaments, players from European clubs are not called up. I wonder if there is any way to include this in the rules?
  13. Be aware that the Belgian play-off system between D1/D2 and D2/D3 is bugged as hell in FM2015. To the point that D3 or D4 teams will randomly qualify for the D2 play-off. It's well documented in the bugs forum. So far SI have been unable to fix it completely. Which is weird as it worked perfectly in previous versions.
  14. I haven't checked your file, but the reason is probably that the leagues you have selected can't provide enough teams. When this happens, the Italian teams with the lowest unique ID will be added to the cup. Example: if your require 10 'First Teams Only' for the cup and that league only has 9 first teams (the others being Reserve or B), the game will add a Serie A team to the cup.
  15. I have a very large dbc-file with additional data for Belgium, mostly Clubs, Cities and Stadiums (also a couple media and people). This file does NOT contain nation or other rules. If I run a game with this dbc file loaded, it always crashes at the evening of July 9th. However this crash only happens when the player is managing a team and not on holiday. If the player is unemployed or on holiday, there is no crash. It's a yearly issue: if you go on holiday in 2013, it will crash in 2014. The yearly update date for Belgium is June 30th. There are no cup draws on that date. So what happens every year on the July 9th in Belgium? If someone can analyse the memory dump, please ask.
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