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  1. Spain 2008-2012: best team of all time?

    Casillas - Ramos, Pique, Puyol, Alba - Busquets, Xavi, Xabi Alonso - Silva, Villa, Iniesta Valdes - Iraola, Albiol, Dominiguez, Arbeloa - Martinez, Fabregas, Thiago - Navas, Torres, Pedro Reina - Juanfran, Nacho Monreal, Botía, Enrique - Javi Garcia, Arteta, Bruno Soriano - Cazorla, Soldado, Mata De Gea - Azpilicueta, Botía, Montoya, Capdevilla - Beňat, Valero, Parejo - Adrián, Llorente, Muniaín Four Spanish XIs. All of them are quite good and I still had to left out some players like Negredo, Raúl, Jurado, Reyes, Leon, Canales, Albeida and probably couple of others.
  2. Change his squad status to "key player", you will be able to offer him more money. Also use the "lock" for salary if it's still not enough, he will make other requierement instead.
  3. Technical - Rivaldo Mental - Xavi Physical - Adebayor
  4. Inigo Velez (Xerez) is the man you are looking for. I used him as my substitue target man (because I wanted someone physical in the box when Llorente was out) in FM11 and we was quite good there .
  5. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    It isn't. Čech won't fly to the Czech Republic until Wednesday so he couldn't train in Czech jersey. btw
  6. All from penalties (but I use him as my free kick taker too) IRL he has 56 from free kicks and 44 from penalties.
  7. Did you see something like this before?
  8. Roy Keane becoming the Man Utd manager an winning the Premier League straight away. Rafa Benítez replacing Mourinho at Real Madrid and failing to secure Champions League spot with them.
  9. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    Delač will start as second choice keeper I hope he won't spend another season on the bench...
  10. Llorente is 35 now but still quite good for me Before I started managing Bilbao I hated target men (they always performed horribly for me) but I just had to learn how to use Llorente at Bilbao
  11. Chelsea 2011/12 Thread

    Here in the Czech Republic transfer window closes at the end of September.
  12. 941k p/w wage bill with Athletic Bilbao. I won Spanish double with them last season.
  13. Unrealistic Chelsea

    Currently in year 2020. Ancelotti still in charge and won 5 premiership titles in 9 seasons+one Champions League title. In the last season they didn't make it to top 4 but are leading the league right now (january).
  14. Oh sorry, my fault. My English probably just isn't good enough to understand that joke
  15. I can't have lower domestic player bias. I can buy only Basque players with Athletic Bilbao and basicaly all Basque people are Spanish. Some of them are French but I have only two French goalkeepers because there aren't any good French Basques in the game.