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  1. got this guy from Derby for 14 mil, release clause, has already got a PL hattrick, looks like could become a top draw..looks baby faced but physical stats suggest a monster in the making
  2. does anyone else other than Messi win world player of the year? in my game he has won it for 5 seasons in a raw, the most one for 2019-20 really annoyed me lol both 2018/19 I had Sanchez and Griezmann out perform him for goals, Griezmann scored 56 and sanchez as well as scoring 18 created 30 and both have hit double figures for 19/20 season as well. As a team won both CL and PL, still not enough to win world player. How does the game decide this? is it based on some hidden stats or just random AI choice? or a bug?
  3. I have played 4231 for the first 4 seasons and now considering moving to a 4321 as Ozil is coming to the end of his time and I want to find a system that gets the best out of Renato Sanchez and Kai Havertz and cconsidering moving to a CM 3. Both Sanchez and Havertz work best in support roles, my issue is about the 3rd player. Could I use a box to box player there without compromising my defensive side or would I be better off with Regista/ball winner. Havertz is deep lying playmaker, Sanchez is roaming playmaker. thanks for the input
  4. ive adopted most of this, however the players I have demand me make slight adjustment to roles and am contemplating for 433 with the 3 cm all in support role, 1 box to box, 1 Deep lying playmaker and 1 roaming play maker, is this likely to leave me short defending ? my prime candidates for DPPM are Kai Havertz and Ramsey with Rentato sanchez as roaming playmaker and a b2b or would I be better off with a regista instead of b2b? I will also have one inside forward in an attacking role on the left, normally I balance this by having full back on support duty, what do you think, could my idea of 3s
  5. this guy seems insane, moving for him in the next window
  6. Aged 18 in real life, already played and scored for indendiente. At the start of the game he is 17 so can't sign for PL clubs and might be harder to get work permit even when he turns 18 but if you can get him and use a feeder club (playing) to get him work permit this guy can turn into something very special. can play in the wings or behind striker though AMC as advance play maker seems to be the best role for him. At 20 he already has impressive vision, passing and technical ability and for an amc his physical stats are not bad at all, needs work on flair but I suspect that will improve
  7. yes for me both wide roles he is support IF on the left or winger on the right, if i play him acm i have him as attacking as he gets into box easily then from wide areas
  8. when I had him sanchez uptop he played left wing and was great, now I moved sanchez to left wing he is playing mostly in right wing and has done very well there too, think you can play him anywhere, same with Adelede both great options to have between then 2 they are like having 3 players
  9. 3rd season completed, won the league comfortably with 100 points. United stayed with me till about february but their main man lewondowski who had 30 goals till then picked up a big injury and they collapsed and ended up with 80 points. Griezmann got 56 goals in all competition, 36 in PL and 14 in CL went missing in the final though Buitink 21 goals, most in cup games but got 10 in the league ozil 20 goals with 17 of them in PL Sanches 17 goals with 29 assists Jeff Adelede , iwobi and Refinha also got 10 goals each Going into 4th season sold Kos for 5 mil and brou
  10. Not sure if this is a bug or not. I have just realised Bournmouth are ground sharing vicarge road with watford in my game from the 2nd season onwards. Im onto season 3 on the new patch. Is this something to do with stadium development of Bournmouth or is this a bug?
  11. may be, but Im getting work permit for south american players easily now, whereas before I simply didnt get work permit for anyone and had to pass on likes of Maximilliano Romero etc for that reason, I dont mind this to be honest
  12. I had the same, all European players who I started with like Ozil etc were not considered foreign, only player to become foreign was Sanchez
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