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  1. Won’t be getting the game for another few weeks but let’s hope this thread is more active than the last few years 👍 Great opening and will be reading until I have something to actually post P.S. don’t sell Nuhiu!
  2. Probably won't be getting the game until Christmas. First save will be with Wednesday though as always. Really struggled last year and never once got promoted. Are the finances as hard to work with as they were last year? Great thread btw. It's a shame there doesn't seem to be many people wanting to play as us
  3. I had the wage budget go from the initial budget (which I don't remember but I know it was high) to 200k. I had rough starts every season but finished well. In the first season of my new save I am 1-0-2 and through to the second round of the cup.
  4. Got sacked after 6 years at Wednesday. Never got promoted and lost in the play offs three times. Chairman kept selling my best players and I was always struggling with recruiting. Think im going to start over again though and see what I can do this time. Any tips?
  5. Into the third season (lost in the playoffs first two) and in third after ten games. Board keep selling my best players. They let Forestieri go for 10m to Malaga and Hooper for 9m to Middlesbrough. This led to a switch from two strikers and a panic buying of Vydra who hadn't really performed in the first season and half at Derby. He's currently 18 in 23 for me 😀 The other two standout players for me are Stanislas who I got on a free (8 assists, 7 goals in 14 games) and Jack Lee. After tutoring Lee with Lees, Loovens and Curtis Davies, he has turned into my best defender and Davies c
  6. That's a lot of changes! However I set up pretty similar with the two big men up front. I would have one of the wingers on attack and the full backs on support, although I only do this because I play through the wings. Maybe switch the bbm and bwm (d) to a cm (d) and then one of the others, I personally have a bwm (s). I also find structured to work a lot better than fluid as well.
  7. Joao is overpowered in this game. Maybe the Portugal call up that did it . im top after 30 games, however forced into selling Loovens, Abdi and Forestieri in January. Promoted O'Grady and Hirst into starting team and only 15 fit senior players so I can't see me staying there too long.
  8. Started again now. Using a structured 4-4-2 which works pretty well home and away. Only signings are Akpom and Haidara both on loan. 3rd going into December but still having trouble with injuries. Semedo, Wallace, Bannan and Reach all out for 5 months although the only one actually playing was Reach
  9. Hooper was hit and miss for me. Joao is always good on FM though. Funnily enough, after I posted that I lost Westwood, Wallace, Fletcher and Bannan all with injuries 6 months+, went on a six game run without winning (dropping to fourteenth), then lost to Reading 4-0 and got sacked the next day 😂
  10. Nobody playing as Wednesday then? Got FM17 for xmas, so just started my first save. Only signing is Distin so far. Forestieri had a strop because I wouldn't sell him to Marseille. Trying out a 5-3-2 for away games and a 4-4-2 for home. Currently top after 15 games but three points seperate the top six.
  11. Got promoted after blowing an automatic spot and finishing in a play off spot. Didn't buy many players and went with my promoted squad more or less. Went into December with 7 points (10 points adrift of safety) and only Brighton below me in the league. Got to January and bought Kiko Casilla (GK), Calum Chambers, Gimenez (Both CBs from Arsenal) and Milik (ST) from Inter Milan. Into February and five points adrift with 22 points. Joao the only one who has really performed for me although he is now costing me £55k a week in wages. I started with a 4231 although that was quickly changed to a 4141.
  12. Well same again, 4th with five games left. Lost every game conceding 17 goals. Finished 11th. I even tried a more defensive tactic the last two games. I just have no consistency with the team at all. They either play like Barcelona or a Sunday League team.
  13. My tactical knowledge is pretty hopeless. But I use a 4231 with (hopefully) the ball being fed to Joao early and him playing it in to Forestieri (my AM/A) and Matias (W/A). Forestieri scored 17 goals and Matias 13 in the first season. It was defence where I struggled. But I think playing direct is the best way because I don't think the central midfield is strong enough to play with a lot of the ball.
  14. I have one going at the minute. 1st season finished 15th after being in playoff contention up until February. Second season. 13th at Christmas but now in March shot up to third. Not really made any transfers apart from bringing in Capel from Sporting Lisbon? (I think) and Tommy Smith from Ipswich.
  15. After updating to Windows 10 my game is very laggy and I wasnt experiencing this issue before. I have tried a few 'fixes' that I saw such as playing on windowed mode and putting the graphics quality on low (recommended is high) My game also updated around the same time so Im unsure whether it is a windows problem or a game problem. As far as I can tell all the drivers are the latest ones Any help would be much appreciated guys
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