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  1. I apologize as this might be an obvious answer but cannot locate. How does one view live draws for competitions you are not a part of (World Cup, Champions league, etc) or already knocked out of? I am subscribed so I get the news but want to view the live draws. thank you in advance!
  2. I believe the latest update caused this wonderful file not to work. I am getting a crash at the manager target level. I use in conjunction with your England file but works when I uncheck the NA file.
  3. How long before the key code email comes? It's been 12 hours. Thank you
  4. I'm using correct version and 11.3 patch. I do have other dbs loaded
  5. No, I tried a few other teams and the only competitions showing are the fa cup and carling. In looking under England, none of lower competitions show and hyperlinks in team history are disabled for those competitions.
  6. Having an issue with v4. Starting as Chester using the version with cups enabled. When I load the game, none of their league's cups or the various county cups are showing up. I have other db changes loaded but I've used these same ones with previous versions with no issues. I tried the no cc version as well thinking that maybe they were switched but had same result. Anybody else having same issue or if not, anything you would recommend?
  7. The v5 file gives quite a few error messages and will not load.
  8. First off, great file! I'm enjoying playing Chester and moving them up through the ranks! One question regarding kits. I downloaded the SS kits for these expanded leagues and they show up fine on the information screen. Problem is that they are not all showing up in game. For Chester, I get the home kit but never their away kit. I tried preexisting leagues that I downloaded SS kits for and they work fine. Is there something I need to do with the database to have them appear? Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated!
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