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  1. this is a first beta tester (patch 12.2): http://www.gamefront.com/files/21421652/4-2-4+Il+devasto12.2+prova+FINALE+OK.tac instructions are the same of "il devasto" is back!!!
  2. i'll try your tweaked version... thx Marcelo
  3. great result marcelo... p.s. have you switch only the position of the dmcr???
  4. on my italian forum a guy has the same results using colonia in the first season (2011/2012) so i think that i have to study colonia... http://www.fmpassion.com/index.php?/topic/5629-4-2-2-2-il-devasto/page__st__820 p.s. could you post your tweaked version???
  5. for underdog team try "il devasto" vd that you can find in crag's thread about "il devasto"... I think there are tactics which only work when you have available players who have certain characteristics and other tactics which work in general... what do you think about, Marcelo? had not yet tried this tactic?
  6. yes, final league table, average ratings, goals scored by right striker...
  7. yes, after 3 or 4 months, your team play a beautiful football...
  8. before using this tactic, what results did you have?
  9. cr7 right forward, Higuain left forward, Ozil left winger, Kaka right winger (in this position i buy Valencia or willian), Alonso left midfielder and Diarra right midfielder. great result 6-0 against city...
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