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  1. Hi, I've been using the 'Custom Start Date for FM19' t's a great add-on, but it seems that the 2019 data update has an error. The xml file 'Reduced Player Contracts', has all staff contracts set to end 30/11/32766. Can this be fixed somehow without having to change them myself one by one? And any idea why it is like this in the first place? I'd really appreciate some help.
  2. I've tried many time and many different things, still havent been able to remove or reduce the title bar height. I'd really appreciate it if someone would provide a solid method to do so. Thanks
  3. Hi, I'd really like to be able to change the colors of the attributes. I have a decent knowledge of fm resources and how the game process files. What file in the skin handles attribute color and how do I change it? Hope for some help from a kind soul...
  4. gotcha, think you are right on money
  5. "Note that you will need to source your own replacement textures." What does this mean exactly?
  6. I'd really appreciate it if someone would help me out with this? Tried so many things, but apparently I'm missing something.
  7. I cannot get this to work. I've read this thread 3 times, and I cant find a straight answer to how this works. I might be stupid on a level out of the ordinary, but I'm top $ confused. This shouldn't be so difficult. I've placed the pitch pack from this thread in user/documents/sports interactive/fm18/textures/pitch - cleared cache, reloaded skin. Tried all kinds of other suggestions that this thread has to offer, but nothing works. I'd really appreciate it if someone could be very clear on this issue. Step by step, where does the pack go, do I need files from the extracted simatchviewer-pc, etc. I hope for some help.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a skin that has that wonderful pre 2007 vibe. I don't suppose it currently exist out there? Obviously I'm stuck in the past, but I'd so love to recall the old school vibe, in a 2018 game, whatever it takes.... Hopefully there's a kind soul who know what I'm talking about... If it does not exist, and on the off chance, that someone might be willing to create it, I'll be happy to assist. Hope for some help....
  9. Hi, Can anyone suggest the best and most describing guide on how to create a skin? I have never used photoshop or worked with XML before. Basically I'm looking for the easiest and most realistic way for me, to convert and FM12 skin into a FM14 skin. If it means I have to learn a few programs, then so be it. I Hope for your help.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Would you be so kind to link to some of these threads? I have no knowledge of using Photoshop or XML. Sounds like quite a project to learn.
  11. Simply becaus FM doesnt have any value to me without this skin. I'm not the only one feeling that way about this very specific skin though.But people a different. A friend of mine has played for years, never uses facepacks, logos, backgrounds etc. and still he enjoys the game. I could never do that. To me its about a certain feeling I get when playing FM. Without this skin, that feeling is completely gone. Do you need knowledge of FM in order to create a skin or will anyone familar with XML and Photoshop be able to carry out the task ?
  12. I'm curious why nobody replies to this? Can only imagine that many people in this forum must hold an answer.
  13. Could you please link to these posts? Like to know exactly how incredibly difficult this would actually be...
  14. 2007 skin is a must! Please, someone, make this skin! And please make it right.... Havent played FM since 2012. Unfortunately the creator of the skin, has stopped making it.
  15. Hi, What skill does it take to make a skin? I need to have a very specific skin made and I'm trying to figure out where (what profession) to find people with the skill it takes to set up a skin based on a fm12 skin. I'd really appreciate any suggestion in this matter or maybe another/better forum to submit this request in. Hope for your help!
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