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    If cartoons have taught me anything in life, it is that slapstick violence solves any problem, oh an
  1. The Official FMRTE 2011 Thread

    Or Italian, I think every third brazilian that has left to play in europe has found an italian relation somewhere in their family tree to get an italian passport
  2. I'M a grown 28yo man

    27 years old been playing since cm2 way back in 96 on the amiga, so over half my life ive been playing this great game, im also married for 6 years (been with her for 9) with 3 kids my wife knows full well that I love the game, so while she watches the soaps I can play fm to my hearts content, at the moment she tends to go to bed early (half 9) as well as our youngest is only 4 months old so I can literally play fm from about 8 through till when I go to bed mon-thu, and yesterday I had an unexpected operation on my knee that is going to keep me out off work for at least 2 weeks every cloud eh
  3. Hi the thread I recently opened about the youth structure dbc can it be shut please as I have just figured out the problem and have sorted it now, cheers
  4. Cant find it anywhere and cant remember who made it, basically got a small problem with it and wanted to ask a question, for some reason man utd's first team takes the place of chelsea youth team and I cant figure out why, other than that works perfectly.
  5. Netbook Installation Question

    instead of the illegal no cd crack why not run a virtual drive? runs fine via demon tools
  6. Metal_Guitarist's Football Manager 2011 11.2 Database Update

    Great update only thing I have spotted is matic isnt at benfica, he moved as part of the luiz deal
  7. The Official System/Specs Thread

    Making a new build especially for fm11, going with the phenom x6 1055t then oc it up to 3.5-4ghz, 1 tb western digital hdd, 4 gig of corsair 1333 ddr3 (dual channel) memory hoping to get up to warp speed on getting through a season
  8. The Official System/Specs Thread

    Ok simple question for fm2011 what is better higher clock speed or more cores? im making a new build with either the phenom II x4 965be or the phenom II x6 1090tbe, would fm2011 make full use of the 6core processor as im pretty sure fm2010 didnt make full use of the 4 core processors it only used 2 cores as far as i was aware.
  9. Youth Academys [WIP]

    Please upload it when your happy with finished file would be intersing to see how it pans out in the game after a number of years.
  10. Oliver & Paul Collyer - M.B.E.s

    Congratulations, cant think of two poeple in the games industry more deserving
  11. [RELEASED] GillsMan's New Injuries Model

    Lovely will definately be downloading this, prefer to have a more in depth analysis of the injury on screen seeing as it is the club doctors telling you about said injury and not a newspaper.
  12. Making American Newgens better?

    That would be because in general american footballers are of a lower standard than that of their european/south american counterparts, if you want to make them better you would need to raise the league profile nation profile and league standard, even then it might take a while
  13. The Official sortitoutsi.net Update 2009

    Set the leagues you want to play in and make sure the swedish league is in there, have the start as the swedish league (feb 09) then go on holiday till june the first, retire then start with who ever you want.
  14. FM update v.2 released!

    markutdfan - the update gets put into a folder named 'db' inside the fm09 folder in my documents, if there isnt one just make a new folder and name it 'db' place any updates in there and hey presto, your good to go. If you want to edit it feel free everyone does it the thing about an update is when it comes to how good a player is rated it is subjective, I personally make essien a monster as I think his technical skills are severly underrated, its fine to edit databases by posters on here as long as you dont upload the editted version (forum etiquite) and pass it off as your own.
  15. How about the option to go on a course to learn a new language? say for example I have been managing my whole career in england but decide that I want to go manage in france it would be good to be able to have an option to go on a course to learn french (or what ever language you require) you could have the media ask you a question about it matchday or a rumour appear that 'x' has been taking french lessons fueling reports he is primed to take over at 'french club with either no manager or underpressure manager', lots of ways you could go with it as well. Imo its the little things that make a difference, my only other suggestion is that the media interaction is expanded, instead of 5 answers have say 7 options.