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  1. Or Italian, I think every third brazilian that has left to play in europe has found an italian relation somewhere in their family tree to get an italian passport
  2. Hi the thread I recently opened about the youth structure dbc can it be shut please as I have just figured out the problem and have sorted it now, cheers
  3. How about the option to go on a course to learn a new language? say for example I have been managing my whole career in england but decide that I want to go manage in france it would be good to be able to have an option to go on a course to learn french (or what ever language you require) you could have the media ask you a question about it matchday or a rumour appear that 'x' has been taking french lessons fueling reports he is primed to take over at 'french club with either no manager or underpressure manager', lots of ways you could go with it as well. Imo its the little things that make a difference, my only other suggestion is that the media interaction is expanded, instead of 5 answers have say 7 options.
  4. Get the player in question on loan to an affiliate, then go into contract and change the start date of the loan to a retrospective date ie: from 23/6/08 to 23/6/05, the player in question will then show up as being at the club for the required time, and is eligible for the duel nationality, the only problem you may incounter is that he may have to stay on loan for a few extra months so he can learn the language as that is a requirement for the dual citizenship.
  5. Hey ruci, great work as usual, just noticed that the new prefered moves you have added dont show up in game when added via fmrte, is this a bug or does fm not show those ones in game, I think it is the latter as the moves you added are not in the official editor either.
  6. Figueros, easy way to do that is to go into the contract section of fmrte and add an 'unhappiness' go for the wants to move to bigger club one and bobs your mothers brother
  7. Just found a new trick for work permits, once you have sent a player on loan to somewhere to get that nationality (other than adding ti via relations) you can back date the loan, ie: loan starts 01/07/2009 till 30/06/2010, change the start date to 01/07/2007 you then have 3 years worth of living in another country for your player.
  8. read the first post or better yet do a search in the thread
  9. Just to throw this out there, in fmrte to get a new stadium all I did was increase my av max min atendances by 50% and put in the expansion capacity to '0', when the new season kicks in (june 1st) the board announced that it was gonna build a new stadium that would cost 320m with 80m coming from the sale of my old stadium, my club now has a loan of 200m but also has a stadium sponsorship that covers a further 150m, all this and I never even asked for it I didnt edit any money for my club, If you go here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=107788 there is a way of changing the name of the ground if you get a name you dislike or just want to change it.
  10. Cheers ruci, one little suggestion, could you add uk and ireland to the nation continent screen, I know we are not a continent but it would make it easier to search for players from this region.
  11. http://www.rapidspread.com/file.jsp?id=0niiss7da7 its out
  12. dasilva9 it is so that you can track player development easier, not sure how you use it as havent done it myself.
  13. New editor out today at some point according to ruci on his site.
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