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  1. I agree with you on the strikers missing chances thing. Either they are on a streak and score constantly or they're knocking the ball at the keeper from 2 yards out 5 times a game.
  2. I've got 3 tactics set up so I'm not sure it would be that. Oh well, obviously I need to keep a closer eye on the performances.
  3. I'm 6 seasons in now and I'm doing pretty well, couple of titles, cups and a champs league final, so I'm used to ups and downs and have no problems at all in losing games. Generally I'm really happy with the game and cant really pick at any serious issues, its fun and far more balanced than previous FM's. One thing I have found odd is, without fail, one fixture between November and mid-January of every season I will be absolutely spanked by a team. Doesn't seem to matter who it is (I've been beaten 6-0 by Bournemouth, 8-0 by Liverpool and 12(TWELVE!)-0 by Wolves), but I will always get a tuning by somebody and it seems very out of place with the rest of the season when results are pretty much normal. I don't change my tactics, training, line-up or approach during these games but my side just falls to pieces, but then weirdly the next game its as if it hadn't happened and my team play pretty well again. Has anyone else experienced this?
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