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  1. I think they should probably only count if they featured at least once in the Championship during the club's relegation campaign (King played 10ish games for Leicester in the relegation season). I'm not including players who were away on loan all year when the club goes down either. But any player be they regen or loanee, who features in the Championship relegation season is fair game as long as they're then featuring each year I think.
  2. It's a fair point, and the current rules don't really take into account the fact that transfer fees have been inflated. But I am also a bit reluctant because I want it to be challenging, Leicester winning the league shouldn't have happened based on finances and I want to reflect that in the challenge. If it's just done on net spend someone can sell a talented regen for silly money and go on a real spending spree and that's not true to Leicester's success. For the time being I'll up the limit to (I make it 95m?) as transfermarkt is probably going to be more accurate than the calculation I did i
  3. Through another season, absolutely gutted we missed out on European football. Went into Everton & Aston Villa away in the last two with a great chance of European football and got thrashed in both games. A win at Villa would have been enough. Still an okay season, hoping to get some better loanees in next season. Actually winning the title in the remaining two years feels like it'll be impossible, Moukoko and Haaland have ended up in the Prem, and as you can see, they're a bit good. Squad
  4. Fingers crossed you get a bit more luck next season! Things going ok in my second attempt at the Prem. Been on a bad run lately but hopefully things will pick up again after this Villa win. Transfers My favourite regen at the moment. Club captain Luis Uribe... I also basically can't spend any more money for the rest of the challenge so frees and loans from here on out.
  5. Looking good @franciscomd18 (hope you don't mind I've added you to the chart below). Won the Championship again, not as impressively as last time (had an absolute ton of draws) but just happy to get over the line without really spending any significant money on transfers this season. Squad Transfers (+ some additional transfers in and out at the end of last season) The journey so far... With three seasons to go I'm not at all optimistic but let's see how next year pans out. Interestingly you're following an almost identical pattern to Leicester so far Francis but fing
  6. Quick update, I've hit the half way point in season 5, looking good for a return to the Premier League. Really struggled for goals at the start of the season but tweaked the tactic a bit and they're flowing now. Hoping we can beat Huddersfield to the title.
  7. Looks like you've had a great start @franciscomd18 , really interested to see how you get on with Rotherham.
  8. Well through Rotherham's first season of top flight football, and though the second half of the season was better, it wasn't good enough to make up for the horror start, so another season of Championship football to prepare for. Squad sorted by appearances: Challenge Points Leicester at this stage: 25 Rotherham: -425! I think there's a very good chance I'll finish this challenge on negative points. Going to try to bounce back on a budget and then I'll need to start checking I'm not going to overspend soon.
  9. Looking forward to seeing how you get on Britannia, Stoke feel like a pretty good club to get. I'm at the half way point in the first Prem season with Rotherham, and it looks like we'll go down but I was worried it was going to be a Derby-esque relegation, given ourselves a little bit of hope with a good recent run. Transfers, not pictured £3m on Parrott. Mostly regens, none of whom are doing especially well yet. Results (I really thought we might do well when we were 2-0 up 20 mins in to the Liverpool game. Table
  10. Awesome, would love to hear how you get on! I finished up the season yesterday and it surpassed my wildest expectations! I'm not sure how I feel about going up this early, was kind of hoping to build a stronger side in the Championship before I got promoted, but hopefully this tactic will help us make some good progress in the Premier League to. This was my tactic and probably the most used 11, although for most of the season I was rotating a fair bit, especially the midfield three. Players sorted by appearances, Viktor Johansson was ever present. The two
  11. Through another half a season with Rotherham and we've taken to the Championship really nicely. I've messed the finances up a bit, but otherwise it's going nicely. Hoping for a play-off spot.
  12. Also, Jesse Lingaard & Ross Barkley just won La Liga with Villarreal with a game to spare.
  13. Season 2 done, wasn't perfect and I don't get any points for it, but out of League One at the second attempt and now it's time to start trying to build a squad that can take and keep us up. Would love to see some others give it a go!
  14. Halfway through Season 2 with Rotherham and still struggling in League One. I think getting into the Premier League in 8 seasons might be a more attainable goal now but still going to plod on and see how I do. New tactic does feel a bit better anyway.
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