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  1. Interesting discussion, chaps. Sorry, I didn't realise Gibraltar was the only official add-on.
  2. I'll be shortly buying a new laptop and FM16 (haven't had a new FM since 12 so I'm excited! Yes, I know, I don't get out much...) Looking ahead to installation, which of the official add on leagues would people advise downloading? Is Albania available? I've always wondered about managing there, plus they're on the rise with their Euro 2016 qualification. Cheers
  3. I'm not computer illiterate but my knowledge of processors stopped being up to date when the Pentium replaced the dear old 486 I used to play CM2 on... Is an Intel Core i3-5157U processor and Intel Iris Graphics Card sufficient to handle FM16? (the machine has 8GB RAM which I know is more than enough on the ram front...) What about an AMD A10-8700P APU with an AMD Radeon R6 graphics card (again, with 8GB RAM which doesn't worry me). Any advice much appreciated. I know the minimum specs recommend an Intel 4 or AMD Athlon 2.2, 2.2 ghz cpu and various graphics cards but have no idea how these compare to the above.
  4. Thanks for the tips, guys. In my game Peterborough have sacked Darren Ferguson and replaced him with Henning Berg, who's got them playing 4-4-2 so no joy there. I'm in season 1 so 4-2-3-1'itis has still taken over the football World, hence it's very difficult to find a 4-3-1-2 team to play against, even in Italy. Anyway, the tactic I devised was a sort of 5-2-2-1 with a sweeper, two attacking full backs, two DM's and two wingers. The emphasis was on wide play, eg, keeping the ball well away from the centre of the park where the 4-3-1-2 team have concentrated most of their talent. The game with Sampdoria went well. A 1-1 draw, we led most of the way but conceded the equaliser to a late set piece. Keeping the ball away from the centre worked. Sampdoria didn't have a full strength side out but not a reserve team either, the side they picked was still technically superior to my side - Goztepe of the Turkish First Division - so quite pleased with how things went. I know for sure that I'd be delighted with a 1-1 draw against league leaders Adanaspor, which is the game I'm preparing for.
  5. I have a "big" match coming up in the league against technically superior opposition who play 4-3-1-2 (three central midfielders and an AMC). The calendar has been kind to me in so far as the fixture has fallen just the right side of the winter break, giving me a month to prepare for it. I've come up with a formation and tactic which I hope will give my team the best chance of success but want to try it out against some teams who play 4-3-1-2 in friendly games. I've been through the tactics screens of all the teams in the leagues which I've loaded and only three Italian teams, namely AC Milan, Palermo and Sampdoria play this at the start of the game. No one plays it in England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Argentina or Turkey, as far as I can tell. Milan are too busy, Palermo don't think they'll gain anything by playing me. Sampdoria have agreed, but ideally I'd like to arrange a couple more games before the fixture I'm preparing for. Duisburg in Germany play a similar formation with no width but again are too busy to come and play me! So the quesiton is - does anyone off the top of their heads know of a team who start the game playing 4-3-1-2? Or a similiar formation with no width in midfield?
  6. I wouldn't really be interested in playing the games with the old databases - imagine the changes that have taken place in the football World over the past 15 odd years - playing on such an old databases loses all relevance to the modern game. What I've said ever since I first played FM2011 is that if you had a game with the "front end" and engine of CM 01/02 but with the competitions and player database updated to reflect the modern day game then I think the publisher would have a hit on their hands. CM 01/02 had a "warmness" that despite it's extra features, FM hasn't been able to re-create, in my opinion. As a game CM /01/02 was deep without being overbearing, which the modern FM games sometimes come across as. It would be great to be able to play CM01/02 but with changes in the modern game reflected, eg up to date players, expanded Champions League, Europa League, Chelsea and certain Russian clubs swimming in money, Spain actually any good at tournaments etc.
  7. To be fair this has been a problem as far back as CM2, but it really does annoy me when a player performs some feat which isn't reflected in his attributes. Example - just read a match report of a youth team game and was pleased to hear the 16 year old DC I took a punt on had made a number of crucial headers to distrupt the opposition attacks. Great, I thought, let's check out his heading ability..........5 out of 20! Granted at the age of 16 there is room for improvement, but still! It wouldn't be so bad if it was once in a blue moon, but it often happens, eg, a player scoring a belter of a long distance goal even though his long shooting ability is 7 out of 20!
  8. I'm about to get my first ever I-Phone and am quite looking forward to the prospect of playing FM on the go! Can anyone tell me the key differences between the I-Phone version and the PC version? A much smaller database, I imagine, but how many less leagues are there? Different match engine? Less options?
  9. Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediyespor (Istanbul B.B) in the Turkish Super League - they play their games at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium (Capacity 76k) due to being the team of the Istanbul Metropolitan Council and not having a suitable ground of their own. They were only formed in 1990, don't have a natural fanbase in a city with established three larger clubs and a host of established smaller clubs and as a consequence tend to play their home games in front of about 70 odd thousand empty seats! The only exception being when they play one of the big three Istanbul teams at home.
  10. Stupid question, but having downloaded the file, where do I copy it to in order to play the Soviet League? I'd like to play the league without effecting any current saved games. Yury, this is an inspired idea, the Soviet League was the most ethnically and geographically diverse championship in the history of football and the thought of managing in this epic championship has got me excited, probably too excited! I will probably have multiple profiles in this game, with one manager at a top team in Russia / Ukraine, another at a lower level team, perhaps even one at the bottom of the ladder in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan etc....I can't wait!! I will be the Soviet Alex Ferguson, Billy Davies and John Beck and all rolled into one! So, erm, sorry, where do I copy the file to, agan?
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