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  1. graphics quality is set to low as default. I didn't make a difference/ My Windows resolution is set to 1600 X 900
  2. I did a fresh install on a different computer. Windowed or Full screen... same issue.
  3. No Skin yet, but i plan too. Viewing it on a Alienware 17" laptop. I tried changing the screen resolution, but it never gave me the 125% option. I'm nor in front of it now, but at least i know its possible. Thanks.
  4. First let me point out that i am visual impaired and i have always played the game with Zoom In at 125%. 2019 does not have that option. Just 100% and smaller. I have tried changing the Zoom Size XML file from 1 to 2. It does not give me any new options in the Interface but does increase the screen but the button calibration is off. Any new tricks to help for a guy that has enjoyed playing the game since version 2002
  5. Ogadia

    Irritating Flaw In Game....

    I have also noticed this. What I have started to do is wait for my team to gain possession before making a tatics change or sideline instruction, and never right before a freekick or corner. This seems to help me.
  6. How long will we have to wait for a patch to fix the defending, late goals, and long range goals? Feb 2010? Other than those problems I think the game is great, but with these issues it's simply not fun. I can't remember these problems with any of the previous versions.
  7. After I ask one of my scouts to give me a Report Card on a player, that player goes to my Short List. How can I come back later and look at the report card without asking and waiting for it again? thanks in advance....enjoying the game (except for the last minute goals). JAY
  8. I am in the US, and purchased the digital download from GamersGate for $39.99, but after hours of download it says it's the FM 2010 demo. Did I purchase a demo? It was advertised as FM 2010. Thanks in advance.
  9. Is there a way to customize a search for (other club) players available for loan? Or do I have to specifically search team rosters? Thanks in advance.