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  1. After the new update, I start to suspect that a great portion of game is only an illusion. The tactics, at least, is a sham. You can't really change much. The program just runs regardless your instruction. I set the goal keeper's passing to the shortest and demand the team to play strict style. But he still kicks long goal kick. I set the team to cross byline, but no one crosses the whole match. I want them to run both flank and cross, but they just concentrate on the middle and long shoot, and so forth. I also did an experiment, controlling two team, one with upside down arrangement, with everyone but the goal keeper playing weird position, forward becoming central defender etc. But finally this weird team won and a central defender who doesn't know how to shoot scored a goal which the world class forward of the other team was not able to do it. Beside, a forward played goal keeper for 20 mins and saved one or two excellent shooting. Does any SA guy care to explain? What is the point of establishing all those detailed tactics instruction if they are ineffective at all and players just do not follow the instruction?
  2. surely made the game worse. you should consider undone the update. just stupid.
  3. 1. Players who sustained an jury of three months or more almost certainly become a useless player and would never recover. 2. Players' attributes become downgraded so easily to the extent that they start to become downgraded after they are without a match for two weeks or more. 3. Every time when you offer to buy a player for around 20 millions or more, he will ask for a wage of more than 100000 pounds a week. And if you don't comply, the player will prefer to remain at his club, even a smaller one with no hope of any glory, for 20000 pounds than to go to your club for 50000 pounds. But this doesn't happen for other club except yours. And in fact we don't see Mata, for example, has such a wage in Chelsea. 4. You will almost certainly lose one score back when you are leading and venture to change a player who has played well, especially the one who has scored. But we don't often see this thing happen in reality. 5. Not very seldem, my team shoots more than 20 times but with no score and only one of which is on target, and there are Neymar, Jovetic and the like on my side. 6. My much stronger team with excellent morale playing at home lost more than once to a much weaker team with predominantly "red" morale. 7. Tactics options seem to be ineffective at all. For example, I hate players shooting from afar, but they still do it often even when I set all players to "rarely long shoot", even for players who prefer to pass than to shoot. I suspect that the tactics options have no real effect to how the program runs the match. They are placebo and have psychological effects only. 8. As some pal already said in other thread, sometimes you can defeat a stronger team even if you form a team randomly. 9. Some keepers are ridiculously hard to beat, such as Paul Robinson, Robert Green and McGregor. 10. Even if my team is of more high work rate players, my team sometimes will lose because the opponent is "hard-working". 11. An opponent player with free kick attribute less than 10 scores a free kick which my world-class keeper cannot save while my player with attribute 18 does score one the whole season. There are surely more.........
  4. The request for first team football is too frequent in FM2012. Some rotation players ask for first team football only after being rested for three matches. What the hell is this?Only 3 matches and their last first team presence is only ten days ago! And there are certainly some backup players in each team who do not have first-team football often but still are willing to remain in a club. But I don't see any such loyal players in FM. Just annoying.
  5. playing FM12. Yes. That's true. But what I don't understand is that those players are listed as home-grown in the "home-grown status" list and are counted as home-grown in Premier League registration but not in Champion League. That's weird.
  6. 18 when I brought them, and now have been trained for more than three years. The point is that english premier division regards them as home-grown but champion cup does not. something must be wrong here.
  7. In my fourth season. Ganso left for Man City at the very beginning of the game and Neymar just went to Bayern this season in low price after he broke his leg last season.
  8. Players who have been trained in my club for three years and are regarded as home-grown in the "home-grown status" list are not regarded as such in registration for Champion cup. Now I am three players less. What the hell is going on?
  9. Can I punish a player for pointing finger at me and criticising me to the media?
  10. I expected SI would fix the problems about transfer and loan in the new update and started a new game full of expectation although I have alreaddy won the ECC in my last save. But you know what? Nothing changed. I can still hardly sell or loan players out who in reality should have no problem. I mean Welbeck and Hernandez and the like. You know how eager Sunderland wants Welbeck? And there is rumor that Real Madrid wants Hernandez? But in FM 2011, in the supposedly fixed version, no one wants them. What the hell. What they actually did for the new fix? It is extremely and bloody frustrating and disappointly and annoying and stupid. Could some of the SI guys explain this for me?
  11. Unstoppable long shoot

    Thanks pals. The one I am taking about is Rooney. He just can't stop taking long shots even I ask him in the private chat to shop, he can't stop it! Besides, he just likes to shoot even when another player is in a better position to score. Any method to ask him to pass in this situation? I think the real Rooney tends to pass when teammate is in better position. See what he did in the match with Blackburn!
  12. What are the top three absurdity you find in FM2011?
  13. Does anyone know whether Rooney is home grown player for Man Utd in reality? In every version of FM in the past I played, Rooney is home grown for Man Utd. Now, just because the utlra-strict rule in FM 2011, Rooney (and Rossi too) is no longer home grown for Man Utd. You say this is not a bug?
  14. Just another bug. Even when I choose "long shoot rarely", a player still can't stop shooting from long range and won't pass. Now, why the hell is that? What is the point of the choice?
  15. I just find out that after loan out young players just brought stop to be home grown. No such thing in FM 2010. Is it the real rule? or is it a bug in FM2010?