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  1. I enjoyed this more when you were scrapping for points, what are you playing at haha?! You’ll be loaning out your young newgens to Leeds in no time.
  2. Same happened with me. Lost 3-0 with my keeper dropping two clangers and ended with a 5.0. I warned him over his last performance and I was told I was talking rubbish and to check his stats as he's in the form of his life. He never played for me again.
  3. I love scrolling past a set of fixtures seeing nothing but green then literally the next screenshot is nothing but orange and red haha. It's typical of this game at times.
  4. Mine suggested closing down a specific player known for being deadly at crossing. His crossing was 8 😂
  5. On the shortcut options screen I just attach 'w' to the Go To World - Transfers page.
  6. I could do with getting rid of this as well. He suggests replacing players with lesser players just because 'they are comfortable in that position'.
  7. I used the 4-4-2 Diamond with the preset Gegenpress tactic and some good success for the majority of a season before a collapse. I dunno if the collapse came about because of the tactic but I changed it anyway. But anyway, I played with an anchor man then the wingbacks providing the width. I went with this because I was in the Vanarama North and couldn't get a decent tune out of any winger I brought in so abandoned them altogether. And although I say 'good success', I had way too many high scoring games and it felt unrealistic because I constantly got punished for the high line. It seems
  8. I create a shortcut to World - Transfers and then click the youth intake drop down option from there.
  9. Surprisingly well. I had tough first season where I was expected to finish bottom of VNN and managed 19th. Second season I sneaked into the playoffs but lost the final (which was frustratingly away from home rather than neutral). I then won the league at the third attempt and surprised myself but winning the playoffs in the VNL. I now find myself in League 2 with a nosebleed. I've started well in this league also. I dunno how I've done it mind haha, chopped and changed tactics more than I care to.
  10. That definitely makes it more challenging. I'm playing with Blyth and can only imagine the struggle of using local north east players
  11. Great read so far and good luck with the run-in. I love reading career updates that have a bit of a struggle thrown in. Reminds me of my own and feels more realistic.
  12. Glad it's not just me haha. Every single year!
  13. I was offered interviews at a couple of Championship clubs and Brentford (Prem) while halfway through my 3rd season. I was top and doing well but not enough to warrant a crack at the Prem haha.
  14. I'm the same with newgens. I get more attached to them and enjoy the game more when they start coming in.
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