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  1. Hi guys, I'm just looking for a bit of advice on what defensive instructions to use. I'm finding watching the games very annoying because no matter what tactics I use my defence is a joke. So many times my fullback is beaten and it seems every team turns into Barca when they get into the final third (ie one touch football and within 5 moves they are through one-on-one. I'm playing as Southampton and generally use a 4-2-3-1 (control / flexible). I'll play with both CB's as DCB (def) and with my fullbacks as fullbacks (sup). I'll have two CM's, one as a DLP (Sup) and the other as BWM (def). Against the bigger teams I'd have the same but drop the two CM's to DM's with the same roles. I'm using a high line with 'less closing down' but it nothing seems to work whatever instructions I give for closing down. My CB's just wander all over the place when all I instruct is to hold position. I've tried with deeper and with high line and it gets the same results. Kinda puts me off trying to be this specific and I feel I might as well not tinker with stuff like this. What do other people use with regards to defensive instructions? I have a bit of a hard time matching up tactics and instructions and end up over-thinking what might be cancelling each other out.
  2. 3GB Update?

    I've peaked at 3.6MB/s! Unfortunately I've spent the most part at 20kb/s. Regretting the decision to not set it away through the night now. Thanks for the reply. I wasn't sure if it was a genuine update or like you said just the extra files as part of installation.
  3. I bought a hard copy of the game last night and have installed it this morning. For some reason Steam is forcing me to download a 3GB 'update' to the game already which is taking hours. My internet is good but for some reason it is jumping from 1MB/ps to virtually nothing. Obviously that part isn't FM's fault but has anyone who bought the hard copy had to go through this? It seems a bit ridiculous.
  4. Is this 4-1-1-3-1 possible?

    Yeh that's where I played him for my first two years. He still plays there now just on rotation.
  5. Is this 4-1-1-3-1 possible?

    Cheers, Wilko. I've gone back to 4-3-3 and I'm flying again so Hatem can sit and sulk.
  6. Get Kinnear Out!

    August 2015 Newcastle Utd Transfers In: Juan Fernando Quintero (FC Porto - £20mil) - A massive signing, and looks like he can really cross a ball. He will give me another option in the attacking third. Will Hughes (Derby County - £5mil) - I've followed him for 2 years now, and he's had great seasons for Derby. Eder Alvarez Balanta (River - £4mil) - Romeu's loan deal didn't provide a permanent move so I moved for Balanta. Looks a good player at CB/LB. Transfers Out: Vurnon Anita (Juventus - £20mil) Sad to see him go but I got a lot of money for him Pappis Cisse (Blackburn Rovers - £2mil) His days were numbered as soon as he got his bad injury. Yoan Gouffran (Reading - £2mil) - Another one I was sad to see go but I had better options. Predicted: 7th Europa League Draw: Newcastle Utd Real Betis Anderlecht Austria Wien Results An away opener to a newly promoted team is always tricky, especially with one harbouring my former striker. Goals fro Ben Arfa and Remy dragged me from 2-0 down to get a point. Remy struck again at Cardiff to give me my first win of the season, in an unkind second consecutive away win. My first home game went very well against a Southampton team boasting Champions League football. Remy with his 3rd in as many games and a brace from Rhodes saw me win 3-0. Rhodes is staking a claim for the number one striker position. I never expected anything against Barcelona to be honest. It was an even game in the end and 1-0 spoke volumes for how tight it was. League Nothing much to report as I'm just three games in but I've made a good start.
  7. Football Manager 2014 - Road To Prem

    Just try and enjoy it. I've had a career thread up and it doesn't get much attention which has also put me off doing updates. It's a shame because it's great fun writing them up. But don't let it put you off, just play the game. I've noticed the games that start in the lower leagues get more attention anyway so you should be fine!
  8. Is this 4-1-1-3-1 possible?

    Cheers mate... That certainly looks a lot less exposing. I think once I establish myself as a top team (if I do) I'll be able to play two flat midfielders.I just feel vulnerable at the minute
  9. Is this 4-1-1-3-1 possible?

    I agree with what's been said. I think I'm gonna go back to 4-3-3 as I think that suits my midfield more. I have some powerful players in Diame and Sissoko as a box-to-box. I was just overly keen to get Ben Arfa behind the striker. Nevermind... I appreciate the feedback, lads!
  10. Is this 4-1-1-3-1 possible?

    The familiarity is about 3/4 the way up. But my familiarity levels drop over pre-season anyway, so they would have been the same for 4-3-3 as well. I agree with the instructions. I much prefer these than the sliders, but it does my head in at times worrying if one is gonna cancel out the other. I know some turn red to indicate it, but they should turn some others (like the ones you suggested) yellow, to hint that they might be contradictory.
  11. Hi everyone, just a quick questions on this formation. I just wanted to know if you thought it was realistic to expect much from it. In my last 2 seasons I have played a 4-3-3 with 1-DM, 1-DLP, 1-BTB and then two inside forwards and the striker. I finished 5th and 8th. But I signed Quintero and have him out wide and have wanted to play Ben Arfa off the striker and his best rated postion is the Trequista. I've tried this away at Cardiff and just lost 1-0. What are you thoughts on how it looks? I've thought about going with Cabaye and Tiote as flat midfielders, rather than Tioet sitting in DM but I hate the idea of not having a DM when I'm not one of the top top teams, especially away. I'm debating going back to the 4-3-3 because I can just see me getting paranoid every time I drop points. But I just wanted people's thoughts especially if they have used it. Note: Tiote is half a star better as a BWM than he is as a CM. The Screenshot has Ben Arfa in an advanced playmaker role, but he was a Trequista for the match I played.
  12. Get Kinnear Out!

    End of Season Review: 2014/15 Newcastle Utd League: 8th FA Cup: 4th Round (lost to Everton) League Cup: 3rd Round (lost to Leeds) Europa League: Winners Relegated: Reading Aston Villa Nottm Forest Promoted: Crystal Palace Brighton Blackburn Rovers League Table It was a very up and down season. We started slow and ended the same with a great period in the middle. Our tendency to draw is ultimately what saw us 13 points worse off than last season. I did have the Europa League to contend with as well so maybes that's to blame. It was worth it though, after a being the man to end our 44 years without a major trophy! It was a shame to see Forest return to the Prem and bow out at the first time of asking. I say that despite being the team to confirm their relegation with a stoppage time winner. Youth I'm excited by this bunch. However, unbeknownst to me, Corbalan (the Wonderkid gk) had only months remaining on his contract. I can't believe I nearly lost him but I've tied him down now and have already sent him out on loan to FC Twente for next season. Alen Moric is now playing for the Croatian youth team despite representing Australia in two friendlies. That's bound to have caused some controversy down under. I doubt very much that any will get in and around the squad next season but I'll certainly keep my eye on them. Corbalan has made two appearances for the club in the cup, while Moric has made one. *Player of the Year* It has to go to Loic Remy who stepped up and shouldered some of the burden left by Cisse's injury. He chipped in with 17 goals from Left Wing and rarely let me down. Debuchy would be next on my list, mainly because I've watched him make some brilliant crunching tackles all season. He's quickly become a fan favourite. New Signings Report Jose Luis Muriel - Got off to a slow start and picked up an injury. He got a bit of a run in the team and managed to contribute 11 goals. I will be hoping he is settled now and can give me something more next season, as he will be my starting striker. Jordan Rhodes - He was forced to start way sooner than I had hoped as I'd only bought him for cover. However, he scored 15 goals and can be pleased with his season. Oriol Romeu (loan) - He made 23 appearances for me and even stepped into midfield during the AFCON in January. He impressed me and I've noticed his contract is up. I might try and bring him in. These are the stats of the youngsters who played for the U21/U18 sides this year: Elsewhere: Kane Axten (winger) made 12 appearances for St Mirren, scoring 3 goals and making 1 assist. He helped them to 3rd in the Scottish Prem. Alen Moric (CM) made no appearances for Club Brugge. That's their last. Luciano Venturi (AM) made 10 appearances for Empoli (9 from the bench), scoring once. Henri Richardson (ST) made 13 appearances for Leyton Orient as they were relegated from League 1, scoring 5 times and making 2 assists. Jorge Castillo (Winger) made 25 appearances for Stade Brestois and helped them stay up, scoring 4 goals and making 1 assist. Aims for Next Season: To keep plugging away and making progress. I have no doubt that I will reach the top, it's just a case of gradually building. Season Team Position Acheivments 2013-14 Newcastle Utd 5th 2014-15 Newcastle Utd 8th Europa League Winners
  13. FM14 - Sticking Close to Home

    I'm shocked as well. They're running riot on my save and have just got top 4 in the second season. Unbelievable stuff
  14. Zlatan will be handing in a transfer request soon. Citing his desires to play at the top club in Paris.
  15. Get Kinnear Out!

    Thanks mate! I needed it after a stressful finish to the season! And thanks for reading.